Poles’ Shift



We learned that the Earth’s axis has shifted from a few centimeters, probably as a result of the earthquake in Haiti and Chile. Following this, we were told that this discrepancy resulted in a slight reduction in day length of several microseconds. A worldwide phenomenon, they added; what is a scientific blunder. The shift of the poles is one thing, worldwide reducing the length of day is another. 

It implies an acceleration of the Earth’s rotation. The news was echoed everywhere, with astonishing variations, where the poles were shifted several hundred meters, a reduction of the day ranging from several nanoseconds to several seconds. NASA engineers got into a bigger mess, telling us very innocently that it was not the first time, the phenomenon is well known, since every major earthquake causes a slight shift of the poles. Wow ! The world is shocked while the experts don’t give a shit.

Nowadays, engineers are tasked to observe such fine shift very carefully, but it was not so in the past. This “minor” shift wasit happening before? The phenomenon that NASA engineers are taking usual could it be the beginning of something else? The earthquake reflects an internal change in rock masses. This new distribution of weight is sufficient to slightly unbalance the big blue spinning ball, which shifts slightly its axis of rotation.

As for the slowing of the rotation, geophysicists rely on “the skater effect”. To slow the skater spreads his arms, which provides wind resistance. At the same scale, if the land had “open arms” we would have seen growing volcanic masses of several tens of kilometers high; ie higher than the largest volcano in the solar system, Olympus Mons on Mars. And then, why support that the earthquake is the cause, though it could well be one of the consequences? Why refuse to admit that we are far from understanding the whole picture.

Internal displacement causes an earthquake and damage the surface, that’s the truth, much less explicable than the experts say. Not more than NASA engineers, geophysicists do not have sufficient perspective to say conclusively, “Pfft! This is only the skater effect! It is well known, it has always existed.” Perhaps they know. Sure they study it. But something they have been observing for only a few decades cannot be said to have always existed. To infer that is a serious leap in logic.




And to make us believe it constitutes an abuse of their own dominance. Long ago, the “former gods” spent their time scrutinizing the stars, to check alignment. They inferred a lot of things about the times ahead. Who says that our astrophysicists have reached the same stage of knowledge? They say so, certainly, but shall we believe? It should be borne measurement and modesty in the face of phenomena observed and accurately quantified for barely 80 years, which in geological terms, is barely a second.

On the one hand, there is a shift of the Earth’s axis; on the other hand, a faster rotation. The combination of these two phenomena suggests still some disruption of celestial mechanics, which was long considered a kind of infallible clockwork, but apparently we are far from knowing all the laws. If laws … It seems that a process is on, which meets exactly Cayce’s forecasts. We are in the thick of it.

This gives credence to the rest of his prophecy, particularly when he added: “You will need several years to realize.” Such as stars watchers from time ran away, let us watch for new signs announced by Cayce, starting with the violent awakening of Vesuvius. In some time, California should be wiped off the map, as everybody know by now. New York and Connecticut will be next. Now we are aware. We do know that the countdown has truly begun.

For us to be vigilant and prepare for coming changes. Without playing the naive nor pretending to know better.

And in term of prophecy, let us never forget that the future is not written, and that at any moment the present can change the possible futures.


Kindness to ourselves helps us be kind to others.
Brene Brown