Stars Watchers


They came from the stars many eons ago, and were constantly watching the sky. They looked for the slightest sign from heaven and prevent men from future disasters and events. They were the mainstays of the world and the stars had adjusted their course on them.

 As Alan Moore et Dave Gibbons, the Book of Enoch refered to the Watchers, Guardians or Watchers who wore this cute nickname because they had a habit: to paste a look at some crystal tubes and observe the stars.

From their methodical observation, they were drawing consequences on the progress of the seasons, the importance of crops, the risks of drought or other biblical plagues, like locusts, rivers of blood, tourists and chikungunya.

watchmen-cover-200poThe tablets of Assurbanipal do not tell anything else: “When a halo surrounds Sin and that Nergal lies inside the halo, a king will die and his estate will be reduced; the King of Elam will die. Though written in a prophetic twist, it is a real fact: in Elam, the country east of Mesopotamia, a king died shortly after that the conjunction of the Moon and Mars was seen through a lunar halo, and it was assumed that this combination of events could happen again.” (source)J.M. Greer, Atlantis, 2009

 It is indeed one of the things we can deduce from stargazing, but this is a trivial form, marking a sharp decline compared to the astronomical and astrological science of the first Stars Watchmen. A bit like if Nostradamus thought he was Edgar Cayce. Some authors think the Watchmern wera mazed by the big changes happening on earth and in the sky.   will be careful not to take the Watchmen for a tribe of bucolic and contemplative preachers, that is to say morons, for they were just the opposite.

Why would the great cataclysm of -10,500 have traumatized them, since they had foreseen it? They had great knowledge in astronomy supported by tens of millennia of celestial observation. The intimate knowledge of the stars and their movements is crucial for the space travelers that they were.

Did they come from elsewhere? Originally, who knows? But the Watchmen who created us were the previous occupants of the Earth, their planet. Before the Deluge, the civilization of the Pyramids, to which they belonged, lasted 150,000 years. It had grown to become worldwide, hyper-scientific, and yet inner and magical, using a single language, using sciences that we do not know, Vril and lightning energy and supraluminal vessels carrying their colors through the galaxy.

Stars explorers

After the last ice age, a great cataclysm has ravaged the entire planet, but this cataclysm was a luck and the dawn of our species: there was the great debacle of the glaciers of Würm and Wisconsin. The entire planet was a cesspool of mud and loose soil, watered and fertile, smoking under the sun. A desert land… The spirit of the gods hovered over the waters in their flying machines but they did not have four arms. Were missing many gardeners to cultivate the garden of Eden. The case was urgent.

Then they got the cloning machine work…
Ecce Homo. Here is the human.


And the anthropologists, who have not understood the scenario, are still wondering why agriculture began all of a sudden, 12,000 years ago, in different parts of the world … We have the striking impression that all these great movements of civilizations are like the waves of the shore, which overlap each other. The impression that all these movements are conditioned by cycles that fit into each other and make your head spin.

The modern age is probably the only one to consider time as a line drawn from the past towards the future. The antiquity and those before antiquity knew thanks to a very ancient science that time is cyclical, and that at regular intervals the same repeating causes produce the same consequences. This very ancient science is that of the Watchers , their astronomical scientific calculations and their working drawings on the nature of time. The same science is found in the Mayan calendar.

And the spearhead of fundamental physics finally reconciles us with this cyclical view of time… To know if the Watchmen are still protecting us, have a look here.

All that is pure is undrinkable.
Paul Claudel