Seven Times Alive


I did not know what it was to be alive before I met you. You unlocked something in me that day, something I had forgotten about. I knew that nothing in my life would ever be the same again. For ever you have transformed me. You did that. Who can say that he knows the seven lives? Cats have nine, humans seven. That’s our number.


Who knows the seven lives? There is a way of living barely, while believing yourself to be good living. One can live sparingly, carelessly, atrociously. Badly. Basely. Falsely. Stupidly. What’s the buzz? will you say. What matters is to be alive.

Mind! There is life and life. If you are not seven times born, what do you claim to know? The essential is hidden in it. Have more dessert, eat another piece of life, help yourself my friend, it is included in the package. Eat. You will taste a second layer inside.

Your life has a double bottom.You may ignore it, or use it at will. It’s up to you. By dint of taste change. Eat. Eat again, take it back, I cook it for you.


Life 1

The first way to be alive each receives it at conception, when a male gamete penetrates the ovum. I can not say that there is the intervention of the mind at this stage, which is sure there is life, and as long as there is life ..
There is hope ?French proverb : As long there is life, there is hope

Please! Take pity on my ears. I could never sing that catchphrase. When there is life, there is energy. So conscience. With or without brain. Whatever the nature of the wave, its propagation is accompanied by a transfer of energy. Any transfer of energy is accompanied by information transmission.

The spiral of incarnation entails the eternal and omniscient spirit in the very heart of the mother matter, mater materia. His race takes him to where and when Spermato fertilizes Ovula. Poof! The spark of the grounding. The fine point in the spinning spiral of incarnation. So begins the first life. Only six more.

Before this first life, there is already consciousness. The eternal being travels through the lives in the hope of an incarnation. A fox on the surface, he watches for the glimmers of love of couples who unite. One of the lights attracts him, irresistible. He begins the descent in a wide loop that closes on itself. It’s a golden spiral. Regular, the turns are reduced. Precise, the spiral aims a point. The ovum that stands in the center of the tender love glow. At the precise moment when the loving spermatozoon reaches the ovum of desire, the organic life starts and the consciousness accompanies it.

Contrary to the belief of physicists, consciousness is not a by-product of organic life. It’s just the opposite. Without ubiquitous hyperconsciousness, no biological process would have the slightest chance of success.



Life 2

The second hatch, of course, is the biological birth. An initiatory rite. A test, could we believe. Not really. In the many cases of intrauterine regression I have encountered, I have never audited a birth engram. I have known prenatal, intrauterine or other engrams, engrams of the primal cry, various engrams of the infant, but never at the moment of birth, which is only a test for the parturient. And again, rarely translated into engram. Do not they say that it’s pretty bad, as soon as you forget it?

Life outside the womb coincides with the end of the fetal life. Do not think that this extra-uterine life is prolonged until the death of the body. The third life can only begin after the second death. The same goes for each of our lives. No cumulation possible, it is necessary to die to start a new life. This is the lesson of the phoenix, the magic bird that is reborn from its own ashes. It is necessary to die to oneself to regenerate oneself. The awakened one goes through seven initiatory deaths which are so many births. So many achievements.


Life 3

The third way of being alive is also the first way to be dead. This is the original fracture, not the original sin of Christians, but the brutal separation of the little being and the living cosmos, teeming with positive emotions and well-being.

The child gives birth to himself, and it is always in pain. The original fracture is the name that Flornoy gives to the basic engram. The most frequent age for this initiation rupture is 3 years. From there, the earthly paradise disappears to give way to ordinary madness. Welcome to the world.

On this basic engram will develop various engrammic lines that will seriously burden the supernatural faculties of the subject. On the other hand, the curtain of oblivion immediately falls on this engram: on its circumstances and causes, on its context and more radically on everything that happened before him.

The little child does not remember what he experienced before this fracture. That’s why she is original. But the source of the origin is well before it. To achieve this, the seeker of light will have to work in his depths the great spring cleaning of the arcanum XIII, live the exhilarating catharsis that leads, descend to hell to better ascend to heaven, before eradicating this original suffering and to see all the pains she has caused to fall from your body like dead skin.

The door of the inner world rests on well oiled hinges. It opens in silence on dizzying vertigo. If you have known the third way of being alive, it is already a great chance. Many people only know the first two.



Life 4

Your fourth life will be thanksgiving. A great forgiveness, for you and for the world, and an even bigger thank you, Thanksgiving from the open heart. This song of thanks you will sing it with the Star. You will devote yourself without counting your pain to the realization of the great work, because such is the soul of this step on the path of light. It can continue until the end of your days, you will still pursue the Star inaccessible while your way of life will have led you further than She. Do you ever forget? The Mother Goddess Mat?

So I lived it. Life 4 is song, dance, music. The close recognition of my uniqueness with all that lives and dies, sorrow, happiness, desire and fear. And then, overcome fear, digest clarity. Do not become a slave to the powers received, as others are slaves of fashion, the latest gadget, smartphone or other connected object. The more you connect to the Great Octopus, the more you lose your subtle connections and how to use them.

The more you feed the big black clouds of the Omniscient Cloud, the more you take away your intimacy, your identity, your intensity. Here you are diluted on ten thousand screens, your name is nothing, your mind still less, remains of you only silly grimace that an ex has seized the flight on your pale face. This icon becomes better known than John Lennon. You’re screwed, it was written from your first smartphone.

Progress has robbed the inner clock by providing us with watches and clocks. He stole the transmission of thought by inventing the telephone and all telecommunications, including internet. He confiscated our sense of direction by rediscovering the compass. He had shorn our power to fly by inventing the wheel. He had zigzzled our culinary sense and our taste for fresh produce by marketing cooked dishes. Potted shit, that’s what it is.

The man is really a naked monkey, but not for the reasons put forward by Desmond Morris. Naked because robbed, raped, stripped. Naked as fucked. And monkey because it’s eye-opening. All these powers that are ours since the dawn of our species become gadgets of matter and electrons. We are dispossessed of ourselves by a virtual world. I mean even more virtual than the virtual world in which we wander like sleepwalkers.

Life 5

Virtual for virtual, as much to choose the great adventure. The fifth life will begin only with your explorations of the astral world. Most often, they will lead you down. The past, the underworld, the underworld of the Celto-Latin world. The descending path is the easiest. The ascent can be tricky. It took me twenty years to go through all phases of The Moon.

The astral begins at the corner of the street, we meet it at all times of field, still it is necessary to desire it. To feel like it. You will have to die once and for all to the desires of the matter, to lighten up a little more, to go beyond the naked monkey to reach the naked angel. Meanwhile the archangel erect.

Sexual magic, seventh heaven, seventh orgasm, tantrism, muzzled desire, use the inner sap to open the upper chakras … Blow the orgone cannon of the genial Wilhelm Reich. The Great Reich is him. The fifth life resembles the landscape of the XVIII arcanum The Moon, with a little of the erotic passion that measures the arcane XV The Devil.

Life 6

The Sun of Austerlitz rises on the first morning of the world. You are born again, you are naked, new. You are a Neo who leaves his Matrix. At last you look at your double in the eyes. This is the image of the arcane XVIIII The Sun. The big sun shining high and clear. That also burns, once again, all that must burn for the ascension to continue.

Sixth life, my boy. I wish you long and hard, but short at rest, like that of Zeus. This sixth life that begins for me promises to be a magnificent portion of eternity, with triumphant energies, exhilarating, where everything becomes easy, especially renunciation.



Life 7

The seventh life is the last. The Mat. What can I say about myself who does not live it? Two arcana still separate me, if I have to walk the path of tarot in its long version. Shortcut lovers do not wait for The Judgment to Matter. Neither the world to disintegrate.


Like a blazing comet, I’ve traversed infinite nights, interstellar spaces of the imagination, voluptuousness and fear.
Antonio Tabucchi