Stone Giants



We all know the natural wonders that are shaped rocks animal. They are said sculpted by erosion, I believe less natural. I can already hear skeptics shouting pareidolia.

A pareidolia (from the ancient Greek para-, “beside”, and eidôlon, diminutive of eidos, “appearance, form”) is a kind of optical illusion which consists of associating a formless and ambiguous visual stimulus with a clear and identifiable element, often a human or animal form. (source)

roquefort-les-cascades-js-200poTo see identifiable forms in the clouds, it is certainly a pareidolia, unless to believe in the fairies and the elementals.

But why reject the idea that some rocks could have been carved by distant ancestors? I leave you judge, friends readers.

This is a fantastic bestiary zoomorphic rocks, such as the forest of Fontainebleau, or those of Ploumanach and Perros-Guirec, France.


Or so many others around the world. They are so familiar, it was repeated so that their shape is natural, we do not even look at them, their ancient magic fascinates anyone.



For most – if not all – these masterpieces are not due to the magic of a blind nature. Robert Charroux holds for prototypes, sketches a creative nature have sketched before embarking in achieving genuine animal species. Like this elephant rock, which is all but natural …




This is the view of a poet, though I doubt he was. Like the dolmens and menhirs, they testify to the protohistoric civilization of the Great Stones.




Here strange hands hold up a trophy, it looks like the globe. When nature wants to make figurative art, would not we say that it does it best in the world?

These rocks are found in Bolivia, New Mexico, Mexico and many other countries in America and elsewhere. Do you know others? Send me the pictures and the location at this address.

These works in danger are a precious testimony of which I open the catalog, for all intents and purposes. It will be completed with your shipments and discoveries, my dear friends.

Well no, I do not believe that nature is able to carve all these masterpieces. I am certain that a clever person with an artistic sensibility and a great talent as a sculptor has worked all these rocks. He and all his band, because a single man would never have succeeded, was he a giant.






There is another category of figurative rocks, perhaps most troubling. As animal rocks are found in the world. As megaliths, they are a forgotten category. These are the giant’s statues.




In my view, these rocks are the work of our ancestors, giants themselves or worshipers of giants. Most are very eroded, or at least they have suffered serious depredations.

Next picture shows The Two Companions at Croquelien, Britanny. They don’t look like humans anymore, they’re still standing strong anyway.




It is not rare that people want to destroy the effigies of the previous civilization idols. All invaders have done so — except Rama who met the Shaiva beliefs when he invaded India.

These works are endangered valuable evidence which I opened the catalog, for all purposes. This will complete over your shipments and your discoveries, my dear friends.




France is not left with this magnificent giant profile that looks at the sky. You will find it in Corsica, near Piscia di Galla. Next photo shows La Cadireta, Catalunya, Spain. It is also called The Dragon’s Eye.




Rocks or ridges cut in the shape of human profile can be found in many countries of the world. It is as if the former giants had wanted to leave us this signature. It was a hobby for them, no doubt, they had plenty of time to indulge in the sculpture of the peaks, since tradition teaches that they spent hundreds of thousands of years on this planet. If not millions!




Below, facing the Channel, this ancient giant was sculpted on the rocks of Cap Frehel Erquy, France. This particular coast is full of sculpted rocks with carved profiles or silhouettes. There I learned to admire them, there I spent years to discover their immobile secret.




Your photos are must welcome, it’s more fun to participate and bring your own stone to the gigantic building.  Giants were living here long before we came. With your help, you friends from every little place of this beautiful planet, with your photos the evidence will be brought. And the light will shine.


There are only two things that are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. But for the universe, I have no absolute certainty.
Albert Einstein