Welcome Home



Are the worlds overlapping? Yes, they have been for a long time, remember. Are the worlds separating? Yes, yes, and this is new. We’ll have to choose sides, comrades. Or not.

Welcome home. Coming to cheer you the cohort of old sages, the chosen people of the giants, the powerful mob of former gods. What they have been, we will be. What they once were, we are. Their immense knowledge is yours, help yourself, everything is open, but the cashbox is closed. Here gold is no longer valid, except heart of gold and gold of time. Here everything is more sensitive, more tenuous, more moving. The heavy world runs after.

In this new world where you are now, the food is unnecessary. I am sick when I eat. You can drink, yes, all you want. But avoid alcohol, coffee, and above all, refuse tobacco, meat, dairy products. Smelling a flower feeds more than eating a fruit. We must relearn everything, it’s great !! We have with us an ideal teacher: our inner healer. It never leaves us, even if we rarely listen to. Yet in this new world, no need to rely on doctors or healers to heal.

We can no longer rely on anything but the inner healer. Do not worry: it works all right, otherwise you would not be here with me. Listen to your body, it knows. Not everyone will enter this world where we already are. Others will join us, but the main troop is already here, hard at work. The separation is taking place, here and now, before our eyes. Objects disappear and reappear, landscapes are completely bent, the clouds are alive and keep talking to you, the flowers – oh the flowers!

The flowers emit radiation that makes their color so vivid, so vibrant, so real, that it seems you have never seen flowers before. Walking barefoot, slowly walking in the bright light of living flowers. Those who remain in the other world will make us loads of crap before letting us go. Ifever they notice what is happening, them busy to campaign, to sank, to sunbathing, to parade, to trick, to sell, to buy, to give and take, to help each other, to care for, to kill, to heal, to read the tarot cards, to get born and to die.

Do not think they will be able to go on quietly. They too will have to change if they want to survive. The world sets the tone. It has already changed so much that those who do not see it are already screwed up. These upheavals are salutary, this old world was stifling with stupidity and malice. Deep in your heart beats the heart of the new world. Listen to it, let it be amplified, it is like the wave running to beat the dike, one day it will overwhelm everything. And this day is not far away.




These empty actions characterize the old sick world you have already left. Morality and religion are among the vices which you must heal. Do not think that doing good is better than doing evil. Good does not happen, it is, it always has been. The point is not to act right or wrong, but to be impeccable. The Indians tried to leave behind no trace of their passage. For them, it is the minimum respect that human beings need to Mother Earth and our father Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit.

You must rejoice to be where you are, and to experience this unique period in the history of our species: the great passage. Say goodbye to ridiculous dreams of the ancient world. Say goodbye to all those and all those who will not accompany you in your new quest. It is a total separation without the possibility of return: for us, a leap in the dark, with lots of brand new powers; for them, the heaviest and most lethal routine, the relentless routine of men and machines.

It’s time to gloat. We should rejoice, laugh, cultivate cheerfulness, not surprised at anything to be able to marvel at all. This world that opens is a world to laugh, to love, to never die. All those who have ever lived are awakening at this time. They join us, without fear or regret. The doors open. The channel sing and applaud. End misleading beliefs, religions late, late superstitions, that the kingdom come freedom reine.Dansez my friends, dance in chains until they fall forever.

Other children will come, other laughs. The undefeated sun rises over our dreary plains, spreading the joy of love, dispelling the vain anxieties.

Don’t worry. Be happy.

Rastaman vibration yeah positive !
Bob Marley