Tomorrow Human


When the wandering gods arrived, they had a mission: to make this planet an easy place to live. This might take some time, because everything was such a mess! As if no one ever cleans or makes any tidy business.

This wild planet was in serious condition at the time. Exploded. Water was  flowing  and pouring everywhere, swamping plains, gullying coal mountains, melting ice and mud. Piles of trees with excessive trunks decomposed, emitting a putrid stench. Tower-high ferns pierced the magma that served as a ground. Sneaky and poorly defined beasts were swarming, crawling, swimming, spunning, gulping, devouring and shitting garbage heaps and not one to clean at the door. Shame.

Towards the end of the reign of giant reptiles, see the inventory. The dinosaurs were not very focused on the vacuum cleaner.

They heckled, jumped up, splashed mud all they could, it froze, it has thawed, it has refrozen without ever a single sweep. Seemingly it hurts them all to wash their claws before eating. They messed up all thoroughly before dying of shame. Then it was the turn of the large mammals. Came tumbling some woolly mammoths, saber teeth tigers, giant bisons, super anacondas and hyper hippopos. They changed the dump into bedlam. Thereupon rambling gods arrived in their spatial world with a mission: to put everything back in working order. It is their job, they are made for.

But in this case, measuring the extent of the disaster, they hesitated. Their leader said, “Should look for another planet, right?” Everyone yelled, we are sick of space traveling, now we are here, we stay here. Rotten or not, this is the chosen planet, so we land now, enough is enough.

The gods did not land the mother ship, nowhere there was enough room for the huge vessel. They remained stationary orbit at a safe distance from the wild planet. An exploratory mission was sent to the ground in a shuttle.

The shuttle Argos hovered on the surface of muddy water. On board, two gods and three giants were mouthing. Given the job, they needed all kinds of help. They turned incubators. A bunch of more or less clever animals have emerged. Now their assistants the giants enjoyed to have fun at work. They wanted very large animals for hunting becomes a real sport, they were sick of too easy slaughter. The gods leader was a devil of a god: he made tyrannosaurs and triceratops to distract the minions. Full marks! The Giants had a good laugh. They are not angels, quite the opposite.




Having accomplished these great things, the gods wanted to eat vegetables. But the Giants had no gardening aptitude. So the gods have devised a new devoted being, smaller and lower thus subject, clever but not too smart, and a fairly short life to avoid rebellion. From a naked ape they found there, the gods made a gardener. They gave him a soul, okay, but virtual. On a smaller size, this manikin was slanted powers and a life of 120 years max. And the former gods had vegetables on their plate.

What they bridled, we can unleash. It is time for us to dance in chains of DNA. Genetics and bio-cybernetic claim that human beings are made to live several centuries. “We want to offer you forever!” trumpets California which refines the future 100% synthetic, bionic, hygienic, ideological and telescopic human, made to last forever.

Human being or inhuman nonbeing? A Russian billionaire has the same project, supported by the Dalai Lama. After all, the former gods did the same. And so we have been created. Now there is a way to regain the power that belong to us, why not use it?

The whole issue is there. Should the destiny of our species be in the hands of one or two multinationals? If they are sincere, our new benefactors are sure to introduce into the program their aberrations and their own limitations. This is exactly what the former gods did. And see the result.

It is first important to guard against arbitrariness. The new Adam and the new Eve will be supreme masters of their thoughts, of their dreams, of their ideals and of their destiny. No control or espionage system must be inserted into the human bionics program. Under any circumstances, even humanitarian.




In this perspective, any plan to collect personal information without the applicant’s knowledge must be systematically outlawed. We do not compromise with the total independence of mind that requires free will. Some physician claim implant RFID chips under the skin ;it’s part of the projects that should be avoided.

Similarly we must outlaw all mind control modes. Including the systematic collection of personal information by web giants. The big data is not an innocent way to satisfy all your desires. It is the gateway to mental control through the ultimate intrusion of advertising right inside of your dreams.

The solution will emerge, it’s always timely … by chance. Until then, stay alert, do not encourage bad practices, and take time to breathe the fresh air away from the big cities and free from all electronics.

Visionary Peyo was right: we will soon create a race of Smurfs to whom we entrust this world becoming too small for us! The Ancient Gods, our teachers have done nothing else. We are their successors and happy Smurfs.

They led us roughly because they had very little time to provide us with the wealth of knowledge and expertise that  their vast civilization had accumulated.

They came from the stars to terraform this savage planet, they selected and genetically improved an advanced bipedal. Keep cool, it is part of their job, nothing to take offense.

The former gods are fucking real, their power is infinite, the missions they carry out are extravagant and their failure rate is less than 1 / 10,000.

What wonder if they appear unscrupulous, selfish, rude or even cruel? All leaders are, it is part of their impeccability. They mind the aim only, and it was to rebuild the world. What they did. What we did. Now that we are on track to reach the age of reason, our species needs to wake up as a whole, and stop worshiping images: remember all the gods are only images. Facing the rise of religious fundamentalism, it seems more timely than ever to put some order into this mess. Our unique god is rather countless. Our creator is a creature. All these so-called Gods were usurpers.

This does not mean that the One does not exist. Faith is as useful to man as the air he breathes. Nothing great is done without faith. 

What faith? First, faith in the greatness of the human being and respect for the sanctity of the human person. Then faith in your own greatness, and willingness to comply your actions, your actions and your words in this quest for inner greatness.




But faith in gods before, no thank you! I have no doubt of their existence, I doubt their humanity. These people are not like us.

When they return in their UFOs, those kings of genetic manipulation and weapons of mass destruction, will we have the stupidity to throw us in their arms like we did? For they make us slaves to their good pleasure, as before? Opportunely, Rael and his clones show us the path not to follow. Kind of a compass pointing south.

Will all those fragile heads sing Halleluya once again? “Gods” have “created” us to serve them, and they will return, as they promised. And when they return, operations will resume. Business as usual.

Did it really end? It is high time to wake up “for fear that thieves will take advantage of our sleep to steal our crops.” (source)Gospel of Thomas In recent millennia, religions have disseminated propaganda. A perfect brainwashing. The principle is good – to feel connected is a good thing – but the content sucks.

Looking for the Living, needless to look outside. His true chapel is in the secret of your heart. The only path that leads to Him starts inside, yet He is everywhere. Those who take for him are the worst forgers. “If you cross  Buddha in your way, kill him”, say a Koan. “If God you cross your path, kill him.” This is true as well. If the One is inside of you, how can you meet him outside? Destroy his temple, refuse his religion, kill his useless priests. Your the only priest of your inner God. His only temple is your inner silence. When your noisy mind get quiet, He is here. And when he starts smiling, his smile is seen on your face.

“If you meet Buddha on your way, kill him”, say the Buddhists. I would say, “If you meet God on your way, forget it.” The Source is in you, how can you cross it? Destroy the temple refuses religion, ignore unnecessary rites. The only temple is your silence.

The Source is in you, but you’re not the Source. A drop of water is not the river.

Faith is as useful to you as the air you breathe. Faith in self. Faith in the importance of your presence here and now. Faith in your role, in your capacity to love, to shine the light that is yours, so that everyone benefits.

Faith in the importance of the issue, the trust you put in, and the certainty of success.

Faith in the greatness of human being, who is Light born of Light, who was a god, who is angel and demon, capable of the best and the worst, incredible human being who so often came close to disaster and always get through

If God exists, atheism must be less insulting for him than religion. (The Goncourt brothers)




A person often meets destiny on the road taken to avoid it.
Jean de La Fontaine