The Terraformers And Us

The “terraformers” of this planet have made the first humans by cloning. They wanted to control the genetics they had developed. Each man got his scheduled function before cloning, eugenicsthe science of improving a population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics. was total.

Depending on requirements, the giant gods made farmers, potters, builders or warriors. Contrary to current practices, it seems that cloning was then producing adult beings, this is what emerges from the study of the genesis according to Sumer.

These newborn adults needed to be taught everything, how to stand up, walk, eat, bathe, poop … The giant gods have trained special trainers to face the problem. Without doubt, the individual deaths had little importance. The first clones had no soul, they were unable to cultivate the land. Were they Neanderthalians ? Perhaps yes, perhaps not. 

Never mind! The genetician gods have made many trials before success: here we are! They have created other beings with a soul: they were smarter, more sensitive beings. When the workforce was missing in the mines or in the fields, the giants were running non-stop the incubator, and the trainers had only to refine flocks of half-witted adults.

As I said, the first humans did not reproduce, however they were sexed and as the distractions were very rare, slap and tickle did not frighten them. Neither to angels, besides, who were eager to mix with the riffraff among simpletons.

This is how they called us. 

The mythologies tell us that the first Adam was cut in two parts to separate the female half from the male half. Since then, we carry within us this incurable wound: we will miss always, willy-nilly, the opposite sex. Today’s lifestyle evolution tries to fill the void left by the absence of the other. Thus, many of us lean toward homo- or bisexuality, in a desperate attempt to achieve the lost unity.

No chance: if we are gregarious, it is primarily because we are incomplete. The gregarious instinct is that of the flock. The human seeks his complement, his lost half: the sex he does not have. The goal is to have both, not to change! The majority of humans live an artificial sexuality, even virtual, while loneliness and fear widen the gap between the sexes. Will we have to return to androgyny, the “pleasure of the gods”? Why not?

In this area, taboos are very recent. Sexual liberation brings original solutions. Does the perspective of a new golden age explain the global progress of homosexuality and bisexuality? The only rule here, as elsewhere, is tolerance and respect. Notice to fundamentalists: the gods are bisexual! How could you punish anyone for sexual preferences?

Finally, the fallen angels have given us priceless gifts. They brought the wheat of Osiris, the corn of Quetzalcoatl and the rice of Vishnu.

They taught us many other wonders: astronomy with the art of space observation, astrology with the science of astral influences, makeup with the art of seduction, metallurgy with the art of forging, transporting large stones with megalithic architecture, mathematics with the use of zero, numerology or the science of divination figures, agriculture with the art of domesticating animal species… and many other treasures. (source)almost all ancient traditions worldwide

Under other latitudes, in the still unknown America, that same divine race, with fair skin and blond hair, has brought to other primitive peoples the same degree of development and civilization. Quite disturbing to become credible.

Ultimately, the fallen angels are gods civilizers! Why would anyone have a grudge against these poor devils for having spoiled us so much? Why would we reproach them for having copulated with our women? Because of the awakening, which was brutal… The giant gods are gone when gravity became too great. Their offspring the Nephilim, that giant brood, felt the end was coming.

Out of any divine control, the giants did spread terror among men: terrestrial conditions became less favorable to very large bodies, following a sudden increase of gravity. The Nephilim designate the last giants, enemies of men, occasionally carnivorous. These are those degenerate giants who served of model to the devil and his demons. Man-eating giants, ogres deevouring children, werewolves eating girls…

What a mess! Are gods devils? The truth is out there, as always. We must go back to a mysterious story: the ladder of Jacob … The Nephilim of the Book of Enoch, race of predatory giants, and the Elohim of Genesis, race of giants benefactors, are two names for the same species.

They were not evil, they have become … As long as the giants could withstand earth’s gravity, they were gentle and caring. When the living conditions became unbearable for them, they have changed dramatically , and understandably so. This is why there is the God and the devil, angels and demons. What has become of them, these last demigods, these ogres, these giant demons? They went down further and further in the lost forests. They went down deeper and deeper into forgotten mines.

Over time, they eventually disappeared completely.

Well, not quite …


It is easier to blew an atom than a prejudice.
Albert Einstein