The Matrix Mould


There is in Castaneda’s work an extremely disturbing passage which he calls the human mould. I devoted an article to this question but I was not satisfied. Since the light came to me. I read the works of castaneda regularly, which gives me the opportunity to have a flash.


So I get a glimmer of genius that clears up the most opaque points. That’s the case with this absconse notion. The flash comes. Intuition enlightens me. Then I just have to check using my personal chronoscaphe – ie my ability to travel along the timeline. It helps.

The warrior who travels all along his timeline is a wall-pass that shows us the way to go. (Lao Surlam)

Divine genomes

I have devoted many pages to explaining our animal and divine origin. The terraformers of this planet designed and realized in the lab the genotype of our species. Those I call the former gods used the enormous resources of their DNA data bank to do so. In the bunkers of Hyperborea they had brought myriads of genomes, enough to populate a hundred thousand wild planets. And they made clones out of assembly lines.

Keep these notions in mind to approach the reading of a whole other case: the training of a warrior apprentice in yaqui witchcraft in the 1960s. The apprentice is Carlos Castaneda. The Nagual Don Juan Matus is his benefactor. In my clan, the Wolf Clan, he looks like a passerby — ie a being through whom it is possible to pass to get to another world. Call him a door to the Elsewhere. Here comes his explanation — less convincing than others. I feel that for once Nagual Matus does not master his subject. Which alerted me.



Yaqui matrix

Don Juan Matus explains to his apprentice what the mould of man is. It is a “model of energy that is used to imprint human qualities on amorphous balls of biological matter.” This mold resembles a gigantic matrix that continually cuts human beings that come to it on a conveyor belt intended for mass production. Don Juan mimes the process “by hitting the palms of his hands very hard against each other, as if the matrix molded a human being every time the two halves of it clicked on each other. (source)Carlos Castaneda, Le Feu du Dedans, Gallimard, p.247

Don Juan goes on to explain that “each species has its own mussel, and that all individuals of each species have the same characteristics, those their own species.(source)Carlos Castaneda, Le Feu du Dedans, Gallimard, p.247

According to the Nagual Matus, the ancient seers and mystics were able to see the mold of man but not to understand his nature. Over the centuries, mystics have given us moving accounts of their experiences. But their beautiful accounts are misleading. Mystics have believed that man’s mould is an omnipotent and omniscient creator. Likewise the ancient seers think that “the mold of man is a benevolent spirit, a protector of man.” (source)Carlos Castaneda, Le Feu du Dedans, Gallimard, p.247



I think I understand what they missed. The mould of man did exist in these remote times when the gods walked among men, according to the consecrated formula. This mold was a matrix, or rather a line of matrices capable of reproducing the typed human beings. I have explained several times that the reproduction was genetic and in vitro, limited to a few types of clones all the same. Made in the same mould, you might say.

This mould, this matrix, had the shape of a human body, that of a sarcophagus. And not the rectangular shape of a coffin. The Egyptians of antiquity had no memories of these prehistoric times. In vitro reproduction was probably unthinkable for them. But they learned their lesson. These life-giving machines would be ideal for keeping the body in the other life. Since the former gods could keep pharaohs in life after death, the Egyptians believed they could imitate them. They copied the shape of their matrices. As they ignored all about divine technology, they only copy the shape of the ancient matrix, ie sarcophagus.

It couldn’t work, but they didn’t know. Egyptian priests found that if the viscera were not removed, the body would rot. They therefore placed them in canopy vases, so that even in pieces all the physical body be present in the secret tomb, hidden, hermetically sealed. Thus the chosen one was preparing for the great journey of the spirit, wandering without his body on this beautiful land, these forests, these deserts, these meadows, these seas which he had loved so much during his lifetime. Thus still some of the ancient seers survive.

The decline coming, and the original meaning of these practices being forgotten, the clergy of the pyramids filled the tombs with treasures and usual objects. Then this clergy leaves room for that of the mastabas. Decline was here to stay. Whereas originally only the pharaohs of divine status enjoyed this privilege. But the essence of the mystery was lost, replaced by meaningless rituals: fictional everyday objects, furniture, even food, either real or imitated. The symbolism proliferates on the ruins of High Magic.

Egyptian priests found that if the viscera were not removed, the body would rot. They therefore placed them in canopy vases, so that the whole physical body would be present in the hermetically sealed tomb. The decline, and the original meaning of these practices being forgotten, the clergy of the pyramids leaves room for that of the mastabas which filled the tombs with treasures and usual objects.

This evokes Chinese practices, paper objects and hell bank notes from Hong Kong and Macau where I stayed in the seventies. No chance: these practices come from the same source. That of the creator gods, that of the aligned matrices, that of the mold of Man.



Astral checkup

In the above image, I have depicted this human cloning matrix using sarcophagi. That is exactly what I saw when I went there at the time in question. Astral travel does great service. For those who wander the time line, this getaway is child’s play. No kidding, I bring it back, but that’s what I saw.

And I freaked out.

Lots of information has come to me from the depths of time or the present. Several SF films show cryogenic, surgical, hibernation etc. boxes in the form of a sarcophagus. These matrix batteries with their characteristic shape are engraved in the collective unconscious. This is our origin, after all. Or rather above all… I also thought of these phony phones decorating an Egyptian harp, obvious imitations of real phones that were in use with the former gods. Here the same process is implemented.


The tool of a creator

But the Nagual Matus is wrong when he mocks the elders who believed that “the mold of man is a benevolent spirit, a protector of man.” (source)Carlos Castaneda, Le Feu du Dedans, Gallimard, p.247 It is not the mold of man that is a benevolent spirit, but those who put it into practice, the ancient gods. The following formula, always of him, is happier: “the mould of man is not a creator but the model of all the human attributes that we can conceive and others that we cannot even imagine.” (source)Carlos Castaneda, Le Feu du Dedans, Gallimard, p.247-248

The mould of man is not a creator, but the tool of a creator. The fact that it can be “the model of all human attributes” perfectly evokes the vast resources of the genetic database from which we come.


Moderation? Disbelief?

Don Juan adds that “the new seers are the only ones who are provided with the moderation necessary to see the mould of man and understand its nature. (source)Carlos Castaneda, Le Feu du Dedans, Gallimard, p.247

Ah no. Missed the moderation. Whatever Juan Matus thinks, the new seers have not understood the true nature of the human mould. Besides, they don’t really have an alternative explanation. Don Juan gets lost in a kind of symbolism that suits him badly. And the reader remains hungry. The new visionaries could not imagine the version I propose. Unbelief, conformism, they followed the dominant line of thought, which is not their habit. Ultimate failure, the nagual’s conclusion:

“The mold is our God because we are formed by what he imprints on us, not because he created us out of nothingness and made us in his image and likeness. Don Juan tells me that in his opinion, kneeling in the presence of the mould reeks of human arrogance and egocentrism.” (source)Carlos Castaneda, Le Feu du Dedans, Gallimard, p.248

Wait. If we’re trained by what he prints, doesn’t he have a bar on us? Isn’t he our father, and to some extent our creator? Except that no one needs to kneel before a technological matrix, or even before those who designed it. Worshipping the former gods as some still do, that “reeks of human arrogance and egocentrism.” But can they refrain from doing it?



“Jesus said, be passers-by.”
Gospel of Thomas