Before they managed to create us, our fathers did many trials and a lot of mistakes. Starting with human-animals, details of which abound in all mythologies.

 In Egypt, the Pantheon has a wide variety of animal gods, beside Horus the falcon or Anubis the jackal; in Greek mythology, there are the centaurs with the body of a horse, the satyrs with goat’s feet, the Minotaure of Crete, not to mention the gods who take animal forms; among the Dogons in West Africa, Ommo or Ummo, the civilizing god, came out of the sea with a half-man half-fish body; and the same thing occured among the Chaldeans, with Oannes.

 In the Mahabharata and other texts of ancient India, the very rich pantheon comprises numerous animal gods, such as Ganesha the elephant-man or Hanuman the ape-man. Ganesha is the god of spirit and psychic powers. Could he be the confused recollection of a time when man had the strength and the memory of an elephant? Hanuman is the god of monkeys and the ally of Rama and Lakhsmana, who are giants with divine powers. Are these hybrids metaphors or genetically engineered monsters?

Our creators did other tests with no result: the dwarfs, the giants, and numerous human machines created for their service. We have kept them in memory under various names: Homo erectus, yeti, Homo habilis, sasquatch, orc or Neanderthal. Then, by a new genetics hocus pocus, our designers transformed the primordial androgynous in a man. Then in a woman. Remember Genesis, the story of the rib taken from Adam, it is true. 

Behind the image is a scientific truth. The XY chromosome pair has one “rib” in less comparing to the XX pair. This rib – or rather this missing side – is simply the segment which is missing from the Y to become an X. Thus were born Eve and Adam. By genetics. Yet for centuries, we have understood literally this legend which was a disguised scientific explanation. An Italian surgeon has even been burned at the stake by the Inquisition when, after a dissection, he provided evidence that men had no lacking rib. 


So man and woman were created by flying androgynes, gods and goddesses descended from the stars. Alright. Considering that, a man called Vorilhon thought our creators must have been very talented extra-terrestrial geneticists. He once dreamed that he met one of these aliens. He called himself Rael, the prophet of scientific creationism. Interesting. But shameless and not very honest. Let’s have a closer look at it. A technological civilization would have created man in its image.

So it was a human civilization. Wait a minute! Men who create men? And what about them, did they create themselves first?

Let’s sum up. Geneticists would have created the human species. But the human race already existed, since our creators were also men. So let’s ask ourselves: which mankind are we speaking about? The age of modern man seems so great, just think, millions of years! Pretty enough time to forget our roots … Even if we suppose that Homo sapiens appeared only 150,000 years ago, can we conceive that the memory of our creation has been transmitted through floods and cataclysms for 150 millenia?

It is not the creation of mankind that the myth of Adam describes. It is a recreation, an improvement of the pre-existing species. Alright, so who created these first species? Vast question, which demands extensive answers. Our purpose is more modest: to show that the biblical creation was not out of the blue. If we compile the different mythologies, we can see that our creators did multiple experiments in genetics that often resulted in nonsense.

Among all these failed attempts, among all these chimeric or simply unfulfilled species, ours wanted to survive. And here we are!

The following species, our species, was it the best, the most appropriate, the most intelligent one? Not necessarily. It seems that Neanderthals had a brain capacity larger than ours. But in truth, the debate remains unsolved.




Was our species the most pugnacious one, the best in struggling for survival? Did we impose our species by fighting with our claws and teeth? Not even sure. It seems that the use of technology kept us on top of the hierarchy. Technology and peace, not war.

Everywhere is found the trace of tragic genetics experiments tried by our creators. They had fun while we had to cope with these monsters. The following painting come from Les Heures De Charles d’Angoulème, circa 1475 – 1500. We see how our ancestors Homo sapiens managed to get rid of these intruders.

My father was like God: busy elsewhere.
Winston Churchill