Don’t Go Back To Sleep


“I woke up to see that all were still sleeping, so I went back to sleep,” said the sage. The sentence is attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, a great initiate before the Lord. We only lend to the rich. It’s not just him who could say that. How many times have I woken up too, how many times have I fallen asleep?



We are the children of fire, born from the light and forever we will shine. But we are also kneaded in the mud, plunged into the darkness of matter, confronted with suffering, pain, negative emotions, or worse, deprived of food and water, confined to villages of canvas and cardboard, or homeless, to the wind of cities. Whatever our fate, as tragic as it may be, we have the supreme choice. A mutilated, abused, violated body does not prevent the soul from living and loving. It is his role, the soul fills the body and it survives, it flies away and the body decays. The soul is the shield of the warrior, the inspiration of the artist, the light of the lamp.

Fireborn we are, and our time has come. The merchants of fear and sellers of anguish tear the dollars come from the country of children, Europe repeats the Miser (source)Jacques Brel, ça va le Diable in a blood color decor. Fear of invasions, fear of others, fear of change. But life is change.

Who does not change, dies. And his corpse continues the cycle of transformations. While the soul is moving, while it is still changing to be reborn again. Do not be afraid. It’s not hate, it’s fear that’s the opposite of love. Fear, first enemy of the warrior. Who can love in fear? We do not live when we are afraid. Stand up the loved ones of the earth, standing the forces of the finally. Let’s put down the vengeful hands. Let’s forget our mistakes. Let’s find each other. Love is created as we give it. Every evening, at 9 pm, a few dozen people, citizens of the world, meditators volunteers, give the earth all the love that it lacks. This world needs them, you, us. He needs our love, not our fear. Fear only leads to death, only love gives life.

The human bomb, you hold it in your hand. You have the detonator right next to the heart. The human bomb is you, it belongs to you. If you let someone take control of your destiny, that’s the end. The end. (source)

Each of us does not weigh heavy, you say. It’s wrong. Turn on the gas, your body is a racing car, your energy is that of a screaming comet. You do not know it. Assume, become who you are. Wake up without going back. Get up and walk. Soon to recognize us, as soon as we unite, our addition multiplies us. The importance of the task is not a reason to refuse it. May our union not be that of the weak. Assume your divine nature, and the world will turn rounder. Be the flame that sets the world on fire. Love is the oriflamme, the rallying cry. He gives himself, he receives himself, he weaves the great web of united hands. May his strength be with you!

When we have only love For unique reason For unique song And unique help (source)


Awakening for all

If by accident in the heart of the accelerator I meet a particle that drives me mad, I hope I won’t explode. (source)

Megacities, all the major human settlements where most of the world’s population lives, have not been designed to promote individual growth, and awakening even less. The leisure we are offered, TV, video games, sports competitions are stultifying, demotivating, and despite appearances, tightly closed. They incite us to indifference, or to strengthen the ego. Both are catastrophic.

In spite of this pessimistic diagnosis, the awakening progresses in the world population to a high rythm. We are all called to the big feast of open people. We all want to understand what is happening, to decipher the matrix, to live in peace, in respect, in love. But it’s hard. More and more hard. We have the impression that everything is done to divert us from clairvoyance. And it’s not just an impression. So, inevitably, a large number of awake ones are discouraged. Nicely, they go back to sleep. They end up getting tired of watching over the flock. Why watch, they tell me, it’s useless. It depends on each of us that enlightenment is sustainable. Ours as that of others. I know it’s hard, we say that personal interest does not justify the amount of effort to swim against the current, but it is an illusion, a false perspective. For the TRUE meaning of the current is that of the awake, not that of the sleepers. We are warriors, warriors. Let us arm ourselves with love. We are light diffusers. Our light illuminates the world, always higher, always stronger. Through your bright eyes the sun of your child’s heart radiates and vibrates the earth. What can you do again? Keep your eyes open. Keep your heart open. Keep an open mind. Keep your arms open. Do not go back to sleep already, when the awakening is in range. Or worse, when he is there. Keep your flame alive so that it will light. Let it filter through your eyes, so that it illuminates. And let it pass in your voice, so that it warms up. The goal, as much to say it, is the awakening for all. How to save the world if humans are asleep? No one of us should feel alien to the call. Awakening is your goal, and mine, and his. We only have one.



Everything that is matter will return to the dust, including our ego, especially our ego. The immortal soul will join its place, carrying in it a being awake, able to interact with the powers of the world that is coming. This is the only goal. To awake here and now, in the name of tomorrow, in the name of tomorrow.


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
Albert Einstein