We are on earth to progress. All. Living away from the world is the surest way to waste this incarnation to come back again and again, until the evidence pierces your heart. Right now, we find enlightenment in the footsteps of a horse, say the Tibetans. At other times, it takes 60,000 lives to get it.



Enjoy this time. This end of kaliyuga is all about money. The reign of Mammon, Elon Musk and Scrooge Onc. The few lunatics who sulk him receive a shower of graces. If you choose spirituality over money, you will receive more gifts than a bishop can bless. Does he even bless any? I’m afraid he doesn’t have enough power. Neither he nor his counterparts of other faiths. That’s why I’m talking about spirituality, not religion.

Religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell, spirituality is for those who have already been there. (Lee Stringer)


Here I am addressing the little ones. You come to help us. The old world is too tired. The envoys are in large numbers to incarnate. Around me, the babies I see are all new auras: indigo, crystal, rainbow. Their light shines for nothing. No other human can perceive it. Everything happens as if the new auras were out of reach of the old ones, the blue auras and the golden auras.

Free love

Young friends, saviors of the world, I speak to you who have so many assets. Do not hide your light under the bushel. This clarity that emanates from you, do not let it corrupt and fade, the old world needs it so much. I know that it is hard to stand alone against a system that is totally foreign to you.

Unite. The banner of free love is already floating on a few. The sweet scent of the seventies reaches my vast nostrils. The spirit of sharing of the travellers without luggage that we were makes his come-back. Without him, no salvation. We will end up forgotten, like our humanity, like this arranged planet.



Some of us – very few – have come here on a mission. Such is your case. The Goddess needs your actions. The duty of a warrior of light is to act. It’s not enough to act for yourself and your family. Act for those close to you, for those you love, even if they sometimes horrify you. That’s already better.

Act also for those you frankly dislike, those you’ve always hated. This is where the gift of self begins. It prepares you to act for the human race, for those sisters and brothers you’ll never know, but whose hearts you can feel beating in unison with yours. And like a bud in the sunshine of your heart, you’ll open yourself to unconditional love.



The immense being

United in one body, we are but one being. I call him the immense being. Are there many of the kind? A huge being with black skin, another with yellow skin? A huge being for kangaroos, another for each animal species, or vegetable? One for all humans, but one for each type of alien?

These questions have no meaning, no possible answer. They cannot be understood with reasoning. Normative and discriminating science has no place in this field of stars. Our senses also deceive us in this matter. Because matter is not. Spiritual, and embodied anyway. The spirit is the origin, the body its avatar. I invite you to take three steps in the other world, the real one, the one that the banal hides from you.

The essential is invisible to the eyes, says the Fox. One sees well only with the heart.

How young is the old man?

Against all odds, I managed to stay young. I couldn’t hide the kid under my old skin. I’ve been lugging around here and here under the disapproving eye of those who age before and find it more dignified. Crazier, yes! These people are old from an early age. All wrinkled from birth.

Well, staying young is quick to say. I have more wrinkled face than an old apple. My last surviving hair from the opulent fleece of my thirties reminds me of the sad evidence. My body has its own laws that my heart totally disavows. Why does this coward age? Francis of Assisi called him the donkey. What a mistake! I call it Serenity. A better choice: Francis is dead, I am alive.

The spiritual life is the awakening of our essential nature. It gives us the qualities of being so badly needed by modern man: silence, simplicity, serenity, confidence. (Karlfield graf Durkheim)


You have to see me inside. Dashing I am. Juvenile gallop running in the ravine. My venerable soul with its billions of lives looks like a child to me. It is she who kept me so small inside. A little girl with braids and spots around her nose. I call her humility. She protects me with all her strength.



Wake up

Question: Why do we find enlightenment so easily right now? Because the world needs enlightened people. We can’t take all this snoring. Wake up, we can’t wait for you!

What are we waiting for to be happy? Action. That’s all. But too few of us are trying. It’s hopeless. The law of love absolutely forbids me to kick them in the ass, but I do not miss the desire.

Let’s be actors of our lives. Before being an actor, the actor is acting. The actor is in action. There are great similarities between the actor and the stalker. In the castanedian sense, the stalker is a hunter. Not the one who has stage fright, the one who practices the art of stalking. Notorious difference.

Hunt down, warrior friends. Put all good will in your bag. The living will recognize his own.

The loss of automation

Who will say the greatest challenge to the new awakened? Who will say what disconcerts you the most when you wake up?

You will only see clearly when you look inside. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. (Carl Gustav Jung)


It’s all about vertigo and vertigo management. Everything that happens to you now comes from somewhere else. You miss references. Your head turns, your foot is less sure, you lose your bearings. Since vertigo is there, solid, inevitable, it is up to you to manage it. In your previous life, you operated as an automaton. Saving time. For example, automatisms make it possible to dress without thinking, very quickly, with maximum efficiency.

Dressing without these automatisms would take forever to manage the dozens of actions, the dozens of gestures necessary with such precision. Automatisms are liberating: they do the job for us.



The alignment

You’re awake now. Your eyes are wide open, but you don’t understand. The parameters have changed. Your old automatisms are no longer useful to you, except to send you in the scenery. It is a question of adapting quickly. How? No more automation. Now you control everything, all the time. No need to try to create other automatisms. For that you’d have to understand what’s happening to you.

There’s no explanation for that. Awakening is an incomparable thing. An immeasurable event. Nothing looks like anything. You have to invent new words, adopt unheard-of behaviors. Otherwise everything goes to hell.

Align. Put in perspective. The only quick way to regain control of the game is to create alignments. How does the little child create automatisms? He takes alignments. You do not know if one day you will have conquered new automatisms, what is certain is the urgency to find landmarks. And it goes through alignments.

For example, align your death with your double and you in the middle. Align the force with gentleness and you between the two. Align the lie with the truth and you ride over it. Align this shit world with your dream world and find yourself right in line. Death with ordinary life and align both with the life of your double. Align the astral with the banal. All this without anything breaking your fingers.

I gave an example of a distorted reality that can be tricky, and a split reality that is also tricky. Other aberrations are possible, we may encounter new ones. Alignment most often allows to stay in the middle lane.


Act without waiting

These are time-saving tricks. But don’t forget the first commandment of enlightenment: there’s nothing to explain, nothing to understand. Forget what I’ve just told you. Your body has got hold of it, and it can deal with it. It’s in charge now, aligned with your empty head, your vibrating belly and your wide-open heart. You can tip yourself with the article on the assembly point.

The law of the heart is the most demanding, yet the easiest. By far! To achieve it, all you have to do is act in a direction that no GPS indicates, with actions that are not listed on the stock exchange. Act without expecting results. This is the primary task of the warrior of unconditional love.

Look at those sad clowns around you, how they struggle to find it funny! Clowns have never made me laugh. I was afraid of them as a child. I liked acrobats much better.

Acrobats fight and struggle. Clowns are like toons. Truer than life, yet fake as tokens. Poor clowns! To make their actions our daily bread, first they have to wake up.



What about you?

And so do you. Do you think that by crying about your fate, you improve it? Worse yet? Crying is a decoy. Tears are a charm that a bad fairy threw at you. Step aside. Resist. Don’t be afraid. Get out of your torpor.

When you find it, you’ll be the first one healed. Shake your yoke, not your body. Break your chains, break your bonds. It’ll be better tomorrow? Do you believe? Tomorrow is today. Now starts here. Act.

You’re called, no kidding. You’re the one with the finger. Don’t walk away. The world is bad. People need you. Do what you have to do, you know how to do it, put your talents at the service of the Goddess Gaia the Earth. Everything you do for Her will be returned a hundredfold.


On this beautiful blue planet are embodied in crowds of young people with new auras. Indigo, crystal, rainbow, with powers like theirs you can change the whole mess in one morning. The first morning of the world. He is ours. Help yourself, he opens your arms. Draw without restraint in the cellar of treasures. I have given you many in my pages. They’re yours, make better use of them.

Know what we have. Know what we expect. Know what we need. All this is very good, very fair. Too fair. It bothers the surrounding. Put it another way. Know what the world has. What does it expect? What does it need? Who? From you, from the real you who sleeps in the depths of the ghost you. Finità la commedia. Finished the comedy, say. Meditate. You need yourself so much.

We are the ambassadors of the other world. We are the emissaries of the Goddess. I say this with all the solemnity of which I am incapable, you will sit among us. The circle of envoys opens for you. Take your place.



The memory of the external facts of my life has largely faded in my mind or disappeared. But the encounters with the other reality, the collision with the unconscious, have indelibly permeated my memory. There was always plenty and wealth there. Everything else goes into the background. (Carl Gustav Jung)


A little impatience ruins a big project