The Sphinx Riddle



Silent guardian of the most famous pyramids of Egypt, for millennia the Great Sphinx has proposed his enigmas to visitors. Oedipus had his answer, but it was not the right question.

“What is walking on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?” Oedipus replied: “Man. Baby, he walks on four legs. Then on two legs. And finally, he must use a walking stick.”

Beyond the individual, let us see the human race: after a long period of bipolarization, good-evil, soul-body, white-black, light-darkness, will the humankind finally wall on its three ‘legs’, like the triskell, like the very ancient trinity?

The Sphinx imposes us so many riddles! No other monument in the world has generated more controversy, due to bad faith as much as obsession with conspiracy, where the quest for a scoop faces the cult of secrecy.

First mystery: that of its age. While most Egyptologists consider it contemporary of the pyramid of Cheops, erected in principle there are four thousand years, others believe that the Sphinx is much older. The Great Pyramid is too, besides, as we have previously shown.

Anthony West and Graham Hancock support that the Sphinx could have been carved by pre-Egyptians around the year -10500. This date was not invented, it is that given by Edgar Cayce. But West and Hancock give it a verifiable basis. The date of -10,500 is based on solid facts. West noted that the Sphinx has been covered with sands for much of its history. In this case, how could he be so degraded? Its body shows marks of deep horizontal striations that could not have been done as it was under the sand. West appealed to his colleague Robert Schoch, professor of geology at Boston University, to assess the nature of the erosion of the Sphinx. 

After careful study, the geologist concluded that these ‘alterations’ were due to water, rather than to wind and sands, as it was often thought. It would date then to the end of the Ice Age, when Egypt was experiencing heavy rainfall, what would give him at least 7,000 years of age. (source)Robert M. Schoch, Voyages of The Pyramid Builders 

Schoch presented his conclusions to a big forum of geologists, and his thesis has been well accepted. Archaeologists were offended, but they never accepted that geologists tread on their own patch. Supporting this brilliant thesis, Colin Reader noted that the current head ‘of Egyptian pharaoh’ is much too small for the body of the Sphinx and that, although it has been vandalized, the face did not alter like the body, which tends to prove that it is not the original one. Reader thinks that this head of pharaoh was resculpted from a head of lion very damaged by the rain, as the body. That is why the head is so small.

In any case, reshaped or not, the head of the Sphinx once had a summit cavity, as revealed by the website Le Savoir Perdu Des Anciens. Maybe access to an inner cell? The reader will judge, by examining this extremely rare photo, dating from a time when the mysteries, it seems, were less thick …



This pierced head would have been originally a lion’s head, just stupidly? The idea is brilliant. Iconoclastic, but brilliant. Without this head of pharaoh, the Sphinx has nothing of Egyptian anymore, he even has nothing of a Sphinx anymore. It is just an old lion ravaged by rains in a past so distant that the Egyptians themselves would have considered it impossible: it could have been carved during this zodiac era, Leo, which covers the period of 10,500 BC.

We also know that the geological era known as the Pleistocene ended around that time, that it was the end of the last ice age, which was accompanied with a global volcanism, that a mass animal extinction accompanied this end, that the human population has been decimated to the point that all the cultures of the Paleolithic Superior have disappeared at the same time. (source)Hibben,1946

These arguments, although serious, did not put an end to the fight between archaeologists and geologists. Geologists don’t know what they are talking about, mumble archaeologists. The worst deaf is the one who refuse to hear, replicate geologists. It is high time to find another way to spend the taxpayers money.

But the real Sphinx war makes this one a vulgar skirmish. It brings into conflict the defendants of the new archeology vs the almighty guru of the Egyptian antiquities, Zahi Hawass – a strange character who went to jail a few years ago.

The neo-archaeologists rely on researches of other scientists, such as those geologists mentioned above, or those coming from crypto-astronomy, summarized by Robert Bauval, who might have found the same date of -10,500 for the erection of the Great Pyramid, basing on astronomic data of that time. 

Zahi Hawass, for his part, disagrees and sparingly distributes the permissions of visit or excavations on all the Egyptian territory. He has just circled the whole Giza plateau with an impressive concrete fence that completes the sequestration of the pre-Egyptian places already started in Abydos by the Egyptian army. He might hide behind his doctorate in Egyptology, this is only a diploma of convenience offered by Americans. But there is even worse: when Hawass was general secretary of the SCA since 2002, he exerted on all egyptologists a dictatorial control. Not to mention his concealments, slanders and misappropriations of funds that don’t stop him in his acts. An experienced Egyptologist made this confession: 

“I frequently travel to Egypt, and when I talk to people in government, most of them do not like Hawass and his airs. Many archaeologists are doing an excellent job there; anyone who visits the country and is interested in Egyptology may realize it. The only problem is Hawass and the SCA.

Zahi Hawass was imposed to Egypt by Americans, they chose an ignorant whom they propelled doctor before placing him at the head of the SCA, but he is their puppet.” (source)The New Pyramid Age, by Philip Coppens




Why this conspiracy? To protect secrets that, like the UFO issues, must not be revealed. Shall we hand over to the defendant, the Hawass agency in person:

“For years, I have talked to people like Anthony West, Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock who claim that the survivors of a civilization vanished 10,000 years ago would have left some secrets buried in tunnels and chambers dug under the Sphinx.

They have insisted that we do drillings to find these chambers. I have always refused it in the past for lack of scientific justification.” (source)Zahi Hawass, in a report name History of the Sphinx, april 2009, quoted by Philip Coppens, Nexus (French edition) n°66 

Here is Master Hawass caught lying. Thirteen years earlier, on 14th April 1996, he had himself announced to the Egyptian press that there were hidden tunnels under the Sphinx and around the pyramids. 

According to him, these passages would reveal “many secrets about the building of the pyramids.” In fact, his report History of the Sphinx provides us another valuable indication: with the help of Americans, the SCA has practiced drillings under the Sphinx to pump water from a subterranean lake which is the size of the plateau.

It is on the layout of this lake that has been built the wall of concrete. Why? Because once the water will have been pumped, the access to the vast underground chambers will be possible by dozens of openings distributed over the plateau. Everyone could then get inside and make his own discoveries that would fall outside the strict control of SCA. Despite his lies, we understand that Zahi Hawass is preparing a major operation: the exploration of these rooms which do not exist according to him. 

This is what many of us think of the turn of the millennium. Now that the revolution has swept Egypt, Hawass has disappeared. Time will tell what he will do with the Egyptian antiquities, invaluable heritage. In any case, it would have concealed many of his discoveries, which is surprising given the pride of the character. What does he know about? What were his true goals? Will Hawass come back soon in charge?

French magazine Nexus cites this interesting anecdote: “A user, who had the privilege of visiting the cavity inside the Sphinx, was kind enough to write me 4 years  ago to describe what he had seen there : “I myself went inside the sphinx. With Zahi Hawass permission, as a reporter. The Sphinx is hollow! When accessed from the rear, under the tail, like I did with a friend, we see a wall, in front, two meters away … 

So you go either left or right. With the torch that only I could take with me, I head to the left, it goes down two meters, and what do I see? Beaten black clay! The old ‘researchers’ or thrill seekers have dug into the clay, probably infiltration clay … and they stopped!

So like they did, I come back along the wall (only my partner remembers that wall, which curiously, does not interest me) and I am therefore directed to the right of the entrance … way up! The Ancient, tired of digging down, dug up. Good idea, right?

And then what did they find? What lies behind the hidding boards laid in haste by Zahi Hawass ? At the top of the Sphinx, right, entering by the tail, there, beyond planks hastily laid, edge … of stairs! Surprised? Not enough to jump up? Yet it is a tool that brings in other … “

Zahi Hawass spoke this passage in a newspaper article in 1994 but quickly added that he had no intention of exploring. For what reason? Well, we do not know! But it is usual, is not it? ” (source)Nexus 33 French edition

Zahi Hawass or another, Egyptian antiquities will find a master. Will he regain his independence to lessors of Americans funds? Doubt remains. It is feared that the Americans keep for themselves the results of these excavations and discoveries that they will find which -if Hancock and others are right- is more than likely.




These researchers conducted for decades work that exceeds that of most Egyptologists, it’s just that one day we recognize them for what they are giants. Hopefully for them the beautiful Isis will finally abandon all its sails.

Zahi or other Hawass, Egypt’s antiquities will find a master. Will he regain his independence to lessors of Americans funds? Doubt remains. It is feared that the Americans keep for themselves the results of these excavations and discoveries that they will find it, if Hancock and others are right, which is more than likely. 

These researchers conducted for decades work that exceeds that of most Egyptologists, it’s just that one day we recognize them for what they are giants. Hopefully for them the beautiful Isis will finally abandon all its sails. Beyond these bickerings, we may fear that the Americans keep for themselves the result of these excavations and the technological innovations they will find there, if Hancock and the others were right, which is more than likely. These researchers have conducted for decades a work that surpasses that of most Egyptologists, it is fair that one day we recognize them for what they are: true giants. 

Let us hope that for them and their like, beautiful Isis will finally abandon all her veils. 

Imagine that the Sphinx, with its mysteries and passions unleashed, was simply playing its part? Imagine the ancients had built it for this purpose  only? Imagine the Sphinx was the master of dreams?

The Sphinx, according to the late Stef Kervor, was a metaphor of light. For Kervor, the Great Sphinx has never been anything other than a door time. A gateway to the within and without infinite.




Of all those who have nothing to say, the nicest are those who keep silent. (Michel Colucci aka Coluche)


Let’s live every day as if it were the last. Because one day it will be true.
Woody Allen