Eternal Trinity



Like all sacred mysteries, the mystery of the Trinity is not the description of an unreachable heaven. The Trinity speaks of us, of the great mystery that we are: three persons in one

The Trinity is not a Hebrew invention: you can look in vain for traces in the Old Testament – apart from the overwhelming episode of the loves of Solomon King of Jews and Balkis Queen of Sheba, who gave birth to the Song of Songs and to an heir, child of love, founder of the tribe of Judah: Menelik the guardian of the Ark of the Covenant.

However this trinity is not named as such, even if there is clear parallels with Osiris, Isis and Horus.

The Christian Trinity as we know appears first in the Gospels.“The first revelation of the Trinity was a private revelation, in favor of Mary. It happened at the Annunciation by the voice of the angel Gabriel: “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will cover you with His shadow. So the holy child born of you will be called the Son of God.” (source)Bible, Lc 1-35 We can see here the Father from heaven, the Son in the womb of Mary and the Holy Spirit descending from heaven to impregnate her. And Matthew’s Gospel almost ends with this universal warning:  

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” (source)Bible Mt 28-19 It could not be clearer. (source)Wikipedia

Unfortunately, the canonical Gospels are suspect: these quotes could have been added later on the orders of the church.




Christian representations of the Holy Trinity are not all Catholics, if we judge by it, given the eardrum of the Abbaye aux Dames in Caen. The ladies, this abbey is perhaps, but the Trinity is not. We note there the presence of three bearded, about the same age, who are as alike as triplets.

Here we are far from the ecclesiastical canons. It is true that the Christian Trinity, misogynist as often, deprives us of any woman. So it is a triplet tanbtouzes to See on this high relief? Not. This clown bearded, it’s you, it’s me, it’s all of us. This trinity then tells us anything, it tells us about ourselves. These three persons in one. You will understand.

The Trinity was incorporated into the Christian doctrine in 385. Most likely to counter the Celtic trinity, which was much older. To assert itself, the new religion had to swallow the old belief.

The trinity of the Celts shows less misogyny: Father, Mother and Son. This is not a Gallic invention, but rather a legacy of the Tuatha, who got it from the Atlanteans.

One God in three persons.

What is this fable? A great truth.


Father + Mother + Son =
Spirit + Body + Heart =
Eternity + Matter + Love =

Balkis + Salomon + Menelik

This God in three persons is the awake human being.


You are not only a physical body, you are even more than body + mind. Neither monad, nor duality, you are the trinity of a body, a heart and a spirit in perfect harmony. You are god when you join the three people in you. Let there be light. The Trinity opens the triple path, that a Yaqui sorcerer called: the path with heart. The way of life of modern man implicates only his bodyIncluding his mind, which is not the Spirit and he suffers from it. The path of the seeker of truth appeals to body and spirit: that’s a good start but not enough.




The way of the peaceful warrior is a path toward the light. The path of the warrior brings something more: he has a heart. The body and mind alone don’t make a human being, it lacks the body of the heart, the energy body which is the guarantee of the peaceful warrior. As long as he follows the path with heart, he goes to the Way. A physical body to move in the physical sphere. A body of the heart to act in the sphere of love. A body of spirit to move into the spiritual realm.

Christians have sanctified Holy Trinity, but they forgot it was in us.

They know they have a body and a soul, all that is taught by catechism. They forgot they have a heart. So, instead of walking on their three feet, as complete beings, they are limping on two legs, very proud to hobble faster than the one-legged who believe only in physical body. Buddhism is not better. It ignores God and feels very smart to leave to everyone his own free will on this point. That is hypocrisy. How can we reach the nirvana, how can we become divine, if there is no god?

“I did not come to bring peace but war. I came to cast fire upon the world and I will stir it up until it blazes.” Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas.

Did the Blessed by Isis see the future come true and see occur, in a background of fire and blood, the early Christian martyrs, the crimes of Charlemagne and those of the Templars and conquistadores, the horrors of the Inquisition, the massacres of the Cathars and St. Barthelemy?

Or did he rather see the difficulty contained in his message?




Those who have an open heart will hear him. And only those ones. For the others, he will pass for an impostor or a weak man. Because he is their bad conscience. He reminds them what they want to forget: the man is three. Unique in three persons. And these three “I” are like father, mother and son in a united family. Mother, Mater = Matter = Ma Terre everyone knows her, she is the physical body. But what would be the body without the spirit? A zombie.

The spirit or aura is our Father, without whom the body is just a machine. He is the origine, the One, the eternity, the ability to see and understand, the key to ultimate knowledge. His union with the Mother gave birth to the Son, our third person who participates in the first two. When the soul incarnates, when the Spirit is united to matter, a third entity is created, who participates in both the Spiritual and Physical: the Son, the Sacred Heart, also known as subtle body.

This is our love body, the source of our emotions and our feelings. This is our energy body: our seven chakras are located on it. At birth, humans have two people in one, Matter and Spirit. The third person is virtual. Everyone can choose whether to flourish or neglect her. Over the life opportunities arise to open our heart so that finally develops the third person, the Son.

Then we are complete.


Why taking life seriously, since in any case, we never get out alive?
Alphonse Allais