Unknown Egypt


Egypt with the enigma of the pyramids, Egypt with the mystery of the Great Sphinx, Egypt with the mythical and fertile Nile, all images of eternity. Napoleon and Champollion, Mortimer and Asterix, Agatha Christie and Hugo Pratt, all roads lead to Nile.

Yet over the centuries, the vision of specialists has shrunk, even narrowed. The land of miracles has been trivialized, the theories well-defined, the official nonsense endorsed and the subsidies channeled. So much so that for several decades, the real question is posed by amateurs, often enlightened, while Egyptologists dust the mummies that the director of Egyptian antiquities gives them, an exuberant and colorful character, Master Zahi Hawass. He has finally disappeared into the dustbin of history. But rumors say he will come back soonHe did!

What future for Egypt?  The truth is elsewhere… From time to time, inexplicable findings revive the eternal question of origins. Where did Egypt come from? Where did it pulled his wisdom, its arts, its industry from? How to explain the presence of an Egyptian boat on the shores of Mexico? And this prodigious meteorite discovered in 1908, with Egyptian hieroglyphics, how is it that it has been found in Canada? (Smithsonian magazine)

Would ancient Egypt as we know it be the survivor of a previous civilization, very developed, spread over all the earth? I think it very hard. The primitive Egypt was called Kemet, which means Black. Its people were not Egyptians, but Kemis, ie blacks.

Shameless Egyptologists claim that it comes from the black color of its earth, the Nile silt. They are mostly white racialists and refuse the obvious: Egypt was a black country, populated by blacks. The blacks created the first civilization, which became planetary. Evidence: is not Africa the cradle of humanity? It has traces of very old development: the reactors of Gabon or the city of Maputo, among others.

For those who are surprised that blacks have returned to wild life, or natural life, I would say it happened much later. This is a recurring phenomenon in the past, which I call Mad Max Syndrome.


Black or not, where did the ancient Egyptians draw their immense knowledge? Attendance of astronaut gods? This hypothesis is also part of my fancies.

If the famous riddle of the Sphinx has not been resolved by Oedipus? If its true secret was affecting its origin, the very old message worn on its sides? Many geologists have studied the effect of erosion traces on its body.

This was an erosion by water, and not by wind as archaeologists previously claimed. According to the same geologists, the rain erosion which marks the rump of the Sphinx testifies to centuries of runoff. Yet this area has been arid for 12,000 years. To find a rainy climate there, we must go back to around -10,000, that is right in the Age of Leo. Thus it was at that time that the Sphinx was built.

We also note that the head of the Sphinx was not affected by erosion. Is it newer? Maybe it was cut from a bigger head eroded by the rains, the head of a lion with its mane, for example? Here is the riddle of the Great Sphinx: “I was formerly a Lion, built in the Age of Leo, shortly after the great cataclysm.”between -11,500 and -9,500 

According to US seer and healer Edgar Cayce, the Atlanteans mastered antigravity. This explains their ability to build by stacking megaliths. When you can reduce the weigh of blocks from several tons to nothing, it is advantageous to use it for construction. It is manufactured faster, stronger and less tiring than carrying lots of small stones. Otherwise, it is better to invent the mortar and build with bricks. It is possible that Cheops has built but the siding of the Great Pyramid.

This is the lesson of the geological eras, which one after another had their period of gigantism. If these Cyclopean monuments were indeed built by beings of 54 yards high, as indicated by the mythologies, at a time when the weight was much smaller, we understand that the feat was not to raise the stones but to prevent them from floating in an almost nonexistent gravity. They had to resist the terrible attraction of a very close star.


That is why the former Giants carved their stones like real 3D puzzles with multiple edges. Their fitting was so narrow that when the weight that we know came back, the stones were inextricably interlocked so that you cannot pass even a thin blade between them.

All these issues were discussed several times in the golden age. But let us get back to Cheops, the Prince of Recycling. There is little doubt that Cheops had built only the siding of the Great Pyramid. 

The fact that this siding is made of small stones tends to prove that in the time of Cheops, around -2700, gravitology was already part of a distant past. If we count correctly, Cheops is closer to us than to the real builders of the pyramid. All around the world, pavements of giants and cyclopean walls sign the guest-book of a forgotten past. The pyramids and the megaliths are not tombs. These temples were decicated to Life, not to death.

Impressive witnesses of a very ancient and extremely powerful technology, the megalithic pyramids and temples are much more ancient than the orthodox archeology says, which attributes their construction to inventive hunter-gatherers, with bronze tools and soil ramps. Ask any modern builder what he thinks about it. This is pure bullshit!  As any good mason knows, no pyramid may have been built this way. Whether Napoleon likes it or not, from the top of these pyramids, not 40 centuries, but 14 millennia are watching us!

Except for minor improvements or more recent heightenings, the pyramids of Giza, the rhomboid pyramid, the Osireion of Abydos and the other cyclopean works of Egypt are antediluvian, as the pyramids of Mexico or the Bosnian pyramids. It is the tsunami of the flood that covered them of a layer of alluvial soil, on which the vegetation reinstalled itself. 

Other ones are still sleeping in the jungles of America. And the melting of the glaciers of Würm drowned the pyramids of the Tuatha in the Iroise Sea. Thus ended the glorious city of Is.

Only the small secrets need to be protected. The great are kept secret by public incredulity. (Marshall McLuhan)


There is no difference in kind between the human and the divine. Just a difference of degree.
Lao Surlam