I belong to the Wolf Clan through my benefactor Jean-Claude Flornoy, who didn’t tell me much about. He insisted, however, on a point which may be of importance. Wolves are not the dominant Clan in Celtic land. Far from there. The Druids and their followers are much more numerous. They belong to the Boar Clan. Wolves join the tradition of Enchanters.

Believe me, I find it easier to recognize myself as nagual. As for saying hello, I am an enchanter … No, I can’t say. Strange by the way. The word is perfect. Magnificent. It brings the Dream. It opens wide the windows of time. Enchanter. So my sweetheart is an enchantress. Kaleidoscopic word. Magic hat. Fabulous universe of fairies and dragons!

It is about reliving and giving to relive. The warrior does it. The best excels at it. Live his dream, muzzle his dragon, unleash the inner phoenix, slam the winds of centuries the proud banner of courtly love. The timeline has countless matches. For Vanité station,Vanity Station change at Père-la-FaceLoose-face direction Château-du-Dragon.Dragon’s Castle I explore each station in mirror image, but too polished to be clear. Soon I will have the plan in my head. Nice conquest, repeats Buddha Pest.

Dreaming history, telling the glorious past of men and gods, singing heroism, bravery, nobility of soul and generosity … Singing for those we love, for those who love us and whom we do not know, for the stranger who bares his heart, for the friend lost to follow-up, for all those who are no longer with us, for those who will come, for all the round bellies that carry new infants.

Go on life, run love, touch fear, drown fear, believe your choice, live the way. Here. The way. Here it is.

If I have any qualms about admitting it, I have no shame in living it. Enchanting I am, enchanting suits me and makes my life sweet. The enchantment takes me where the zephyr pushes me. Embellish, adorn, decorate, enhance, optimize, have fun, make people smile, make people laugh, and never be afraid of what I have to say, for the better as for the standard, for the outclassed as for the worse.

Know ! They only have that word in their mouths! The sink opens, the schoolboy gives birth, he holds a diaper but he retains well. Let’s go. It’s worthless. To recite is not to know. And knowing without knowing does not go far. Besides … Who can claim to know for sure? I know one thing, there is a lot more mystery in the world than any book tells us. Willy said it, let’s not doubt it. See below.

There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophy. (William Shakespeare)

The stranger is there, very close to me. The end of the world is not so far away. The explosion begins two steps away. Who knows what he never sees? We walk past it so often! We never noticed that. What? Precisely, we do not know. We see a sign: change of mood, slow down.

And there I see a void with a crane – or a great crested grebe or a heron, I confuse the marks. But to remember what was before in that offensive void, just forget it. It’s always the same story, how many men who pass without seeing? How many men who have no hope?

I do not know. What about you? If you don’t know, don’t worry. Ask Google. Even when it doesn’t know, it always manages to tell you something that has nothing to do with your questioning. Cool. Make it your life coach. It will come out higher.

My benefactor has never been my guide, my role model or my life coach. I am my own ideal. Realizing myself is my goal, not vampirizing someone else. If there is God in me, as I believe, why look for him elsewhere? All the science of books, all human knowledge is worth nothing in the face of the humble daisy that brightens my lawn. If anyone made it, I like that talent. Whoever did this seduces me and matters to me. His joy animates me and transports me. His ideal carries me. Stronger than me, his goodwill takes me. The light is so strong. Resilience is dead. Forgetting knocks at the door. Heart beats at the aorta. The head aborts. Dead.
I am saved!

What do you need from a guide who doesn’t know you when you don’t listen to your inner guide who knows you better than yourself? Jesus said to his apostles. In Aramaic or Coptic, he spoke these two languages. And a little Roman too thanks to Google Antiks. Sorry ? Didn’t he say it? Pity. He should have. I would have liked it. Fresh raw in front of the Muggles. You read it. His sad story has sold by the millions.

What can a man have apart of his life and his death?
Carlos Castaneda