Silly Buddha


Very often I mention this happy formula of my benefactor – expert in the matter. It has nothing to do with Buddhism, or almost nothing: it designates those who wake up without having sought it. Technically they are Buddhas. Practically they are unbearable. We take them for sad idiots or sinister assholes, depending on the degree. These are just kids who fell in love with each other and thinks they are the holy spirit.


Awakening is an incomprehensible shock to those who are not prepared for it. They receive the awakening grace in a surprise bag, without any drive license. Gift. Not even seen as a gift. And yet what a gift! But they are ignorant. Most do not understand what is happening to them and take undue merit. Such a fellow receives the awakening in a surprise bag, by taking electric power in the paws. What doesn’t kill him makes him stronger. The overvoltage of the nervous system causes a sudden rise in kundalini, man is awake. Another receives lightning on his plane. Safe, we are told. Nonetheless, there is indeed an overvoltage. The nervous system of the individual has received a tremendous voltage, it has held up, the nerves have not melted, the individual is awake. What is he feeling?

He feels nothing more than a pure moment of hesitation, even a slight discomfort which he blames on the electric shock. On the other hand, the extraordinary clarity which is made in him, that of awakening, he will never attribute to the electric power, but only to his own merits. All the conditions are met for this well of science, this pure genius that he has become drowned under the most exuberant, very stinking, quite stacking ego.

Worried Warrior

Clarity is the warrior’s second enemy. The awake-by-surprise does not know. He does not care indeed. He doesn’t think he’s a warrior, except maybe for the dough. A collar killer , a financial shark … Everyone does what they want with their life, anyway what a waste! Approaching celestial chivalry, strolling in the heights for an arcane or two and splash! You dive back into the bath that you have already soiled. To make up the sheets that have already been wet. Tangling the skein you had unraveled. Riding the horse that made you feel worse.

The awakened surprise is invaded by a superior clarity. It is not the effect of self genius but the result of the blow of kundalini. The assemblage point has acquired an enviable mobility. It will land on the point of immediate knowledge. In the past, it was said infused science – ie knowledge without study. Full understanding. Direct consciousness. This place of consciousness brings great satisfaction. Beings full of themselves let go of their consuming ego. I-me-mine, I know everything, I see everything, I understand everything – unbearable show, hateful spectacle.



Unexpected Gift

There are thus awake and awake – not to mention the pseudo-awake, by far the most widespread. But I have already covered the subject. The two categories of awakened people do not behave the same. The awakened one without knowing it is full of ego, triumphant, unbearable. The awakened consciousness has worked for years to contain his ego. His awakening came at the end of a quest, that of oneself, and of an abandonment, that of childish fears with the remembrance of arcane XIII. The warrior comes out transfigured. His intention hardened, his senses sharpened, and not just the usual five senses, we have many more and more wonderful ones.

A warrior who reaches this milestone knows how to keep his dragon away from his spear. This warrior masters himself. He never indulges in the slightest egocentric emotion. Awakened conscious by the knowledge and control of the different selves that constitute his being, because he has succeeded in overcoming his faults. Because he followed the voice that gave him heart in his stomach. Courage to spare. Gold to be mistaken … This is how he burned the candle in the middle, at the four ends and by affine. Believe me, it has nothing to do with it. Besides, it doesn’t show. The clear awakened one does not appear, he does not make himself known, even if he is recognized by his peers. The aura of the awakened ones is characteristic. You can smell it from afar. You see that an awakened one can hide another. Good Awakened has no castle, no apostle, no bad trick to allow, no lies to swallow, but the idiot Buddha wallows.

His out of control power can make him dangerous. I wouldn’t be surprised if some paranoid megalomaniacs were awake idiots. Who attribute to themselves the miracles of which they are the involuntary channel. Who are exploded by the omnipotence of awakening. Who end up taking themselves for god and this is the worst way to end life.

Besides, some mistakenly think of themselves as warriors. They adopt an even more damaging attitude. Awakening is due, so they get impatient because it does not happen. They can wait a long time. Others actively seek it for ten years and stumble upon it at randomwhich doesn’t exist from my pages. They’re lucky sons of a gun. Luck, yes, since I don’t believe in chance. Luck comes from personal power. A warrior has to accumulate personal power by practicing impeccability. Then possibly the Wheel of Fortune turns and luck becomes an every moment ally. Jung calls it the synchronicity phase.

Quick Emptying Wanted

Lucky lucky, I have met many remarkable people during my long life of wandering. The bowl and then the luck. The world and then France. Paris and then Courances. The round and then the trance. This lama not in the Andes, a very precious and dear lama. When I accidentally approached him, he looked at me and I almost fell. In his sparkling gaze I saw nothing other than infinite space.

Friend, life told me, don’t try to fill yourself up, you live to empty yourself. You are too full of nothing. Stuffed with golden golds, ready for the quarry, to draw thickets. Everything must be denounced, burned, charred. These collected things must get rid of them. Call on Bon Coin to take them far away. These past moments watch you pass. Go away, it’s a thing of the past. Come here, mi amor. But empty yourself first.



Witness I Can Be

Empty quickly, your survival is at stake. Do you think we’ll be waiting for you when you drag your stuff behind you, accumulated treasures preventing you from moving forward? Treasures have only one time, life is eternal. Remember to forget the pretty ritornellos you sang as a child, all naive and confident. The refrains justifying the insignificant void. Life is Eternal. Your time is only a moment, but this moment does it all. The world is recreated by every so be it. Not one is important, none is unnecessary. If no one lived it, would the universe live? Without a witness to see it, any miracle is futile.

I am aware as a witness can be. So I come to testify that I do not understand anything.

Two men watch through the bars of their prison. One sees the mud, the other sees the stars.
Idries Shah