We are silent. We keep silent until the roles are reversed. Until silence keeps us. Silently of course. Did I say “of course“? Can we hear the silence? Yes, if it is deafening. Precisely this is the case.

Fields, woods, dead houses.
Everything is silent.
Spring pulsates at the aorta.
I was there.
When I can’t visit anymore
Sweet nature
There is still the other side
In the infinite astral realm
I forget the
Ganja smoke, chitral
I only need my wings
The other life
Welcome me at her place
I live again
I’m gonna find sweet gals of mine
So pretty
Proud Pierrot will put Colombine
In his bed
I want to see the laughing fairy
See the elf
Who will sing with a troll
Early morning
The korrigans and the giants
Are partying
When I am with them I feel
Like a feast.
To come back in six weeks
I imagine
It will only take an hour
At the jinns
I took the hand of an ephemeral
Maybe she was my mother
For real
Sweetheart let see if the Rose
From Alhambra
To that scent that makes you something
In my arms
The sky is over the sky
So quiet
And the artificial comet
Without noise file
The first sky has disappeared
Far behind
Without horse trace my plow
Its rut
Imagine Odessa’s shuttle
Crash in the air
Is nothing but a love affair
To please you
Come back green girl from the fjord
When you sing
Your elf hair reminding the Lord
Of the Ring
Tell me what is left of spring
When winter
Your green eyes and my happy heart
Burns together


A deafening roar of crockery, glasses, drums, washing boards and tinsel that we tune in. Four wands on the desk. The Folkeux Folles Têtes amateur orchestra is silent. The chef raises his wand. And plam kwic tsoin tsoin! takes place the impressive chant which kills where the sharp mane creaks, whines the steep jingle and meows the lost biniou. Arm yourself with patience. It will last a long time. Oh yeah.


If we decided by mutual agreement that there is an urgent need to shut up? The postilions of our parlottes are UFOs for viruses. Cough in your elbow, stay in your room and speak in your head. It will rest you. The beautiful vacation it will give us.

She had nothing to hide
I couldn’t let go
My childhood
We left the ship
Without a noise
On a canoe that rolls and veers
In the night
What have we done with our delusions
For thirst and for desire
Will you read between the lines
What is hidden under the signs
The words the words are puppets
By a showman by a showman
We will say them out loud
Without counting
These imperfections that we see
Hear the sounds that come together
How they run
From other senses my hand shakes
My heart melts
There is a signal touching you
Anteater tasting in your mouth
Starch and dry
Don’t pick up stories from the chord
No reason
The verdict I can’t afford
Hanging on
I climbed on the scaffold
Sad and bold
Standing there I look at my France
I adore

I saw my heart in the pot
Then I gave
My life to feed the awful lot
Shocked and brave
They ate with a frank appetite
My arteries
Crunch my heart fucking yetis
My grandfathers

This universe is not the same
I did live the day of wonders
And reverse

Since I quietly emit the law of silence, I apply it to myself. Until the next post. Three days of silence. It starts now. Hush!

Won’t he shut up, that asshole?

Forgiveness frees the soul, it takes the fear away. That is why forgiveness is such a powerful weapon.
Nelson Mandela