Angels And Giants


Often this question is asked to me: are the giants and the angels the same? The giants are the sons of the previous humanities, they move flying, they are the servants of the former gods. Yes, for me it’s quite likely. The giants are angels for the angels are giant.


Believe without believing

But probability is not certain. Besides, what could the human being be certain of, he who knows neither who he is, nor where he comes from, nor where he will go when he passes. That’s why my line of conduct has always been one of faith and doubt, intimately mixed together to form a single, impossible, unthinkable — but functional whole.

It is a matter of believing with conviction, for without faith nothing is accomplished, no effort is rewarded. Believe without restriction, and at the same time do not believe in it at all. For blind faith makes the person gullible, and this naivety can cause his loss. Believe that we will succeed, throw all his energy, all his conviction in the company, and at the same time not be fooled by this intoxication that drugs you.

Balance that out, as long as you’re 100% convinced and 100% uncertain. That’s now part of my character. I always keep this double point of view. Nagualism, Buddhism and my benefactor called him believe without believing.

Myths and legends

You know my work, you understood how I put a maximum of legends from all over the world to analyze them, study them point by point and compare them with each other. Myths and legends interest me deeply, and this since childhood.

I immersed myself in their systematic study about forty years ago. It was time to peel them. They nourished my soul and body. For a long time I carried them in me. For a long time they served as a frame for my daydreams. And when I visit the past, may I often stumble upon a founding myth that unravels before my eyes and reveals its most intimate secrets.

In 2008, I gave birth to Eden Saga. Chapter after chapter, I posted another story of humans, based on unexplained or neglected facts, and based on sacred texts: all the ancient myths.



Peoples and Gods

I discovered that the same facts are told by many legends. There are of course alterations according to peoples, eras, cultures. Each nation has located in its lands such and such a glorious fact of the past. All peoples wanted their gods to belong only to them. This is why the name, history and place of birth of this or that god varies according to the cultures.

Each people relocated him home. Each people made him their unique god. Personal. Reserved. Thus forgetting that originally terraforming aliens descended from heaven for all men and peoples of the world. The ego squabbles came later.

Their mother ship Hyperborea, hovered 200 km above the North Pole. This position was judiciously chosen. For electro-magnetic reasons, first. Rises above the north pole a cone virgin of all geo-spatial energy pollution. This place has another valuable advantage: from this central point of the globe, the entire northern hemisphere, the most populated, is easily accessible. Thus America, Asia and Europe are equidistant from the former gods.

Each people could believe that the gods were there only for him, as the Hebrews did with Yahweh Jehovah Hachem Elohim Elijah Adonai et Cetera, their Unique God. In fact, there were lots of unique gods, each god specially charged with a geographical area. But anyway, all the gods came from Hyperborea.



The ice age

The first of all the myths tells the arrival on earth of the gods from space. Their task was to terraform this planet, to sow it, to give birth to all kinds of animal species, and to crown their creation by adding a being intelligent enough to continue their work. Most traditions refer to these flying gods and their servants the angels.

In the oldest version, that of Persia, the first god is called Ahura Mazda. He descends from the sky escorted by an army of flying giants, who deserve to be called giangels. The Giangels are the angels of Gi or Ge, Goddess of Terra. They are both giants and angels.

The Persian mythology is the oldest because it contains the very first version of the myth of Noah and his ark. This time, it is not a question of surviving a deluge, but of surviving a terrible winter that must fall on the world and maintain its rigor for a large number of generations.

The Persian Noah is called Yima. He dug an underground shelter that the legend calls a var. This var is Yima’s arch. He hides all the animals, by couple. All the seeds also find refuge there. The var has underground water, all the amenities to withstand the time it will take. Believe me, it took some.




Bad Gods

The var is a time capsule that lasted a hundred thousand years. Like the endless winter that prehistorians and climatologists call the last ice age: Würm in Europe, Wisconsin in America. It lasted a hundred thousand years precisely, ending about 10’000 years ago.

The myth of Yima shows that the last ice age was planned and forecast. Here? How did the gods know? Look further, I’ll tell you.

The legend gives the age of Yima, about 110,000 years old. Very clearly the oldest testimony about the former gods and their manners. After all, they were not models of peace and harmony. The myth of the good god was not yet invented.

In addition to the inhuman cold, Yima and his contemporaries had to endure divine welds. They would send them to the Ready-to-Die Room. What the frost did not decimate, their lethal weapons did.


Divine weaponry

The legendary Hindu corpus tells us about the weapons of the gods, a very modern destructive power. Some descriptions are reminiscent of atomic bombs. The Bible tells how Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by the fire of heaven – again, it looks like an atomization.

The ancient cities of the Indus Valley, and especially Mohenjo-Daro, bear the mark of atomization, still displaying a high level of radioactivity. Now this province was part of the empire of Rama, which is said to have to support a terrible war against the Asvins. (source)Ramayana




Whence the legitimate question: wouldn’t the last ice age be a nuclear winter? Wouldn’t the great war of the gods against the giants have been settled by atomic bombs? Wouldn’t the salty lakes that dot the globe of their desert where nothing grows be the vestiges of a nuclear vitrification? It is urgent to re-read all these old texts differently, they have much more to tell than we have believed so far.

Provided you don’t take treasure from junk and reality from symbol.

Symbolism? The wisdom of morons. What remains when everything is forgotten. (Lao Surlam)


This is how I became a decipherer of myths, a translator of legends, an enlightened interpreter of sacred texts whose redundancies I flatten, spinning my hair like angels, equalizing the unique gods, revisiting old salads to make them their native freshness.


Enoch’s will

In the Slavonic version of his book, Patriarch Enoch expresses himself as follows: “My children, listen, my last day is near, my last hour is coming, already the angels who are coming with me are before me. to leave you, they must do their work, tomorrow I will leave you, I must go to heaven to find the heavenly Jerusalem, which will be my residence for eternity.” (source)Pierre Jovanovic and Anne-Marie Bruyant, “ENOCH, Dialogues avec Dieu et les anges,” Slavonic version, chapter 55, page 103

Text that reads as follows: “I have to leave for a great journey which I fear not to come back in. My initiators the giants will show me how to equip me and settle in the ship that will take us tomorrow for the artificial planet Hyperborea, where I would live forever in the company of the giants and their revered queen.”




The Goddess

A supreme god who, as I have shown, was a great goddess named Hathor. Great, she was by her wonderful work, the terraforming of our planet with the development of its animal and plant species, landscaping to give the beautiful harmony we know today. But Hathor was tall too. Hathor and the Olympian gods measured about 4 meters. But the giants or angels of the first generation, called Cyclops or Archangels, were more than 50 meters tall.

The so-called one god was a great goddess named Hathor. Great, it was by its wonderful work, the terraformation of our planet with the development of its animal and plant species, the layout of the landscapes to give them the beautiful harmony that we know them today. But Hathor was tall too. Like the Olympian gods, she measured within four metres — which is tiny compared to the Cyclops or Archangels of the first generation, who passed 50 metres without forcing themselves.

“Meuh,” said the Holy Cow. “Hathor is right.”French: Hathor=a tort (is wrong)

See above his finely carved portrait in stone. It is the work of a great artist of whom we know nothing. But one can see the precision and beauty of his work, a guarantee of the realism of the work. Look at the shape of his eyes, that of his face. And above all, look at his ears: they are those of an ophidian.



The Goddess is not human. The Holy Cow is a reptilian, probably aquatic, like Tiamat, a formidable sea monster that the powerful Enki could not defeat. The Mesopotamian god Marduk will eventually overcome it, and this feat will make him the first god of the Earth.

Hathor is not monstrous, far from it; but she is unquestionably humanoid reptilian.


Undefeated Sun

The Book of Enoch also says, “When Enoch stopped speaking, the Lord spread darkness over the Earth to cover Enoch and all around him, and Enoch rose up to heaven. the highest, where God is. The Lord received him and placed him in front of His face, and it was at this moment that the darkness withdrew from the Earth and the Light reigned again.” (source)Pierre Jovanovic and Anne-Marie Bruyant, “ENOCH, Dialogues avec Dieu et les anges,” Slavonic version, chapter 67, page 109 

I will read instead: “When Enoch stopped speaking, the Goddess’s ship cast its shadow on the Earth to cover Enoch and all around it, and then Enoch was abducted by that craft and led into the sky to the ground. In Hyperborea, where the Goddess is, in the highest paradise, Our Lady received him and placed him in front of Her face. The flying machine landed on the Hyperborean Sun, its shadow withdrew from the Earth and the Divine Light reigns again.”

Undefeated Sun, such is the name that the Romans gave to Hyperborea. It diffused over the entire northern hemisphere a light so bright and so close that our distant star, in comparison, seemed a night star.



Five mankinds

If the Goddess – or the God – needs to put Enoch in front of her face, it is because he is much smaller than her. Otherwise she would put it in front of her, not in front of her face. The image of the Lord is always gigantic. The representations of God in Christian iconography make him a gigantic being.

The Angels who are the divine people therefore necessarily have a very large size.

According to Greco-Latin mythology and those of Asia, there were five (or six) successive humanities that populated the earth. These humanities are of decreasing magnitude. The previous humanity is mentioned in the Bible. The Old Testament teaches us that the Patriarchs, endowed with a staggering longevity that can be counted in centuries, also enjoyed a comfortable height, which can be estimated between 3 and 4 meters.


Verlan Proof

As for the relevance of the equation A = G, Angel = Giant, it seems to me that you are fixed. If you are still hesitating, I suggest an ultimate resort to the language of the birds. These two words in French are each other verlanl’envers – ie reverse slang:

AN GE and GE AN(t).
which doesn’t work as well in English …

Verlan is a sacred language, like all slangs, which is not only the lively part of the language, but also its most significant part, since it marries the slightest variations of popular sensitivity. Each one makes his own idea by the path that suits him. After which, in digestive, the language of the birds gives its verdict. To remove the last doubt.



The real giants

Remove doubt? It takes more than a pun. It takes evidence. It’s important that the balance be reasonable between faith and doubt. It is necessary that the believer outweighs the unbeliever (source).

Of course, the angels were tall, strong presumptions reinforce this hypothesis. But when mythologies tell us about giants, are they angels? When they mention flying giants, I think they are talking about something quite different.

A first clue put me on the alert. When antiquity evokes giants, oddly enough, it presents them in a snake-like appearance. Or ophidians. Or dragons. It seems that the word giant was reserved for these species.



One day the god of the gods decided to get rid of the giants that tormented men and gods. He asked for help from the first humanity, the Cyclops. Other titans joined Zeus in a fight to the death against… gigantic reptiles. So I understood that the word giant is the one that was used at those times to refer to dinosaurs.

The Gigantomachie never named them snakes or dragons. And this giant word seems to have been the ancient way to designate… dinosaurs! One can very well imagine that the brutal disappearance of dinosaurs is due to the coordinated action of a coalition against them?



What could be more likely? These leviathans were dangerous. The lion-headed flying dinos, known as the archons, are but dragons. Their size is matched only by their gluttony. They need a lot of meat every day to feed themselves. So they kill lots of beings, included human ones. The terraformers were forced to get rid of it.

It is true that the mythological account of the Gigantomachy, war of Zeus against the giants, describes these giants with endless bodies of great snakes. The images painted on Greek cups or bas-reliefs that have come down to us still represent them. This is sobering…


Planet of giants

Everything was gigantic on this planet. Was gravity weaker? For this reason or another, gigantism was the norm, for animals, humans and plants. The gods being themselves very large, they created man in their image.

The angel = giant equality that I posed is therefore inaccurate. Yes, the angels were very large, but no more than everything else. We can still see truncated mountains that look a lot like giga-huge-enormous tree stumps. You admire above the aerial photo of an island of Tasmania that left me speechless. I shuddered imagining the size of the saw that cut that tree.

And the size of the giant that handled it!









There si only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.
Aldous Huxley