Angels And Giants



Often I’m asked this question: are giants and angels the same? Giants are the sons of the previous humanities, they move flying, they are the servants of the former gods. Yes, for me it’s a certainty. The giants are the angels.

You know my work, you have understood how I have laid a maximum of world legends to dissect, study point by point and compare them. Myths and legends are of great interest to me since childhood. I have been immersing myself in their systematic study for forty years. Mostly time to peel them. They nourished my soul as my body. For a long time I carried them inside. For a long time they served as a dream frame. Ten years ago, I gave birth to Eden Saga. Chapter after chapter, I put on line another history of humans, based on unexplained or neglected facts, and linked to sacred texts: all the ancient myths.

I discovered that the same facts are told by many legends. Of course, there are alterations according to peoples, eras, cultures. Each nation has located on its land such or such glorious fact of the past. All people wanted their gods to belong to them alone. This is why the name, history and birthplace of a particular god varies from one culture to another. Each people relocated him to their homes. Each people has made him their only god. Self and booked. Forgetting by the way that the terraforming aliens originally came down from heaven for all men and all the peoples of the world. The ego quarrels came later.

The first of all the myths tells the arrival on earth of the gods from space. Their task was to terraform this planet, to sow it, to give birth to all kinds of animal species, and to crown their creation by adding a being intelligent enough to continue their work. Most traditions refer to these flying gods and their servants the angels. In the oldest version, that of Persia, the first god is called Ahura Mazda. He descends from the sky escorted by an army of flying giants.

The Persian mythology is the oldest because it contains the very first version of the myth of Noah and his ark. This time, it is not a question of surviving a deluge, but of surviving a terrible winter that must fall on the world and maintain its rigor for a large number of generations. The Persian Noah is called Yima. He dug an underground shelter that the legend calls a var. This var is Yima’s arch. He hides all the animals, by couple. All the seeds also find refuge there. The var has underground water, all the amenities to withstand the time it will take.




We can recognize the endless winter that prehistorians and paleo-climatologists call the last ice age: Würm in Europe, Wisconsin in America. It lasted a hundred thousand years. The myth of Yima shows that the last ice age was planned and forecast. Which gives the age of Yima, around 110,000 years old. Very clearly the oldest testimony about the former gods and their manners. After all, they were not models of peace and harmony.

The legendary Hindu corpus tells us about the weapons of the gods, a very modern destructive power. Some descriptions are reminiscent of atomic bombs. The Bible tells how Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by the fire of heaven – again, it looks like an atomization. The ancient cities of the Indus Valley, and especially Mohenjo-Daro, bear the mark of atomization, still displaying a high level of radioactivity. Now this province was part of the empire of Rama, which is said to have to support a terrible war against the Asvins. (source)Ramayana

Whence the legitimate question: wouldn’t the last ice age be a nuclear winter? Wouldn’t the great war of the gods against the giants have been settled by atomic bombs? Wouldn’t the salty lakes that dot the globe of their desert where nothing grows be the vestiges of a nuclear vitrification? It is urgent to re-read all these old texts differently, they have much more to tell than we have believed so far.

In the Slavonic version of his book, Patriarch Enoch expresses himself as follows: “My children, listen, my last day is near, my last hour is coming, already the angels who are coming with me are before me. to leave you, they must do their work, tomorrow I will leave you, I must go to heaven to find the heavenly Jerusalem, which will be my residence for eternity.” (source)Pierre Jovanovic and Anne-Marie Bruyant, “ENOCH, Dialogues avec Dieu et les anges,” Slavonic version, chapter 55, page 103

Text that reads as follows: “I have to leave for a great journey which I fear not to come back in. My initiators the giants will show me how to equip me and settle in the ship that will take us tomorrow for the artificial planet Hyperborea, where I would live forever in the company of the giants and their revered chief.”




A supreme god who, as I have shown, was a great goddess named Hathor. Great, she was by her wonderful work, the terraforming of our planet with the development of its animal and plant species, landscaping to give the beautiful harmony we know today. But Hathor was tall too. Hathor and the Olympian gods measured about 4 meters. But the giants or angels of the first generation, called Cyclops or Archangels, were more than 50 meters tall.

The Book of Enoch also says, “When Enoch stopped speaking, the Lord spread darkness over the Earth to cover Enoch and all around him, and Enoch rose up to heaven. the highest, where God is. The Lord received him and placed him in front of His face, and it was at this moment that the darkness withdrew from the Earth and the Light reigned again.” (source)Pierre Jovanovic and Anne-Marie Bruyant, “ENOCH, Dialogues avec Dieu et les anges,” Slavonic version, chapter 67, page 109 

I will read instead: “When Enoch stopped speaking, the Goddess’s ship cast its shadow on the Earth to cover Enoch and all around it, and then Enoch was abducted by that craft and led into the sky to the ground. In Hyperborea, where the Goddess is, in the highest paradise, Our Lady received him and placed him in front of Her face. The flying machine landed on the Hyperborean Sun, its shadow withdrew from the Earth and the Divine Light reigns again.”

If the Goddess – or the God – needs to put Enoch in front of her face, it is because he is much smaller than her. Otherwise she would put it in front of her, not in front of her face. The image of the Lord is always gigantic. The representations of God in Christian iconography make him a gigantic being. The Bible teaches us that the Patriarchs, endowed with a hallucinatory longevity that is counted in centuries, also enjoyed a comfortable size, which can be estimated between 3 and 4 meters.

As for the relevance of the equation A = G, Angel = Giant, it seems to me that you are fixed. If you are still hesitating, I suggest an ultimate resort to the language of the birds. These two words in French are each other verlan – ie reverse slang:

AN GE and GE AN(t).
Now it doesn’t work as well in English …



The Verlan is a sacred language, like all the slangs, which are not only the living part of the language, but also its most significant part, since it marries the slightest variations of the popular sensibility. Each one gets his idea by the paths that suit him. After which, in digestive, the language of the birds gives its verdict. History of removing the ultimate doubt.


Before the stars shine in the sky, Tiwanaku existed.
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