Knowledge And Duty


To stand in our Will is the quickest way to get our powers back. According to Castaneda, fear is the first enemy of the warrior in his quest for Light.

To accept the Will means to tame the fear. When fright is conquered, the warrior enters Immediate Knowledge. It is often the first power that comes on the quest, followed by See and Foresee. There is a difference between Knowing and Seeing. What we called Immediate Knowledge is to be sure of something without the shadow of a doubt. Whatever the question is, the answer registers inside. Without making any mental effort, the warrior knows everything about any subject.

Immediate Knowledge is the foundation of telepathy. At this point the warrior is entitled to scoop out at the source of all knowledges, the Big Library of the UniverseTo See is more accurate than immediate knowledge. We can distinguish invisible shapes and subtle colors, not with the eyes of the body, but with the third eye, the forehead’s chakra, which is then wide open and active. To See is more spectacular, like a gorgeous feast that often does not last. Many clairvoyants are just “knowers”.

 But in the end, knowledge is just as effective. If your “know” for sure that this aura is rainbow colour, what’s the use to “see” it? See or Know causes a new danger called the return of ego. The ego, our little inner master is never totally mate. The ego wants to take the miracles that happen to us. The ego claims to be the source of this new clarity in which he dazzled himself. It’s not his place, the ego must remain in the niche, but it has become so used to stick its nose into everything that it will not stop at once.

In addition, the dazzled warrior overwrites the others, getting obnoxious and ruining the positive aspects of his powers. 

The warrior faces his second enemy, ie clarity. He must learn to wear mind sunglasses. He must stop to play dazzled. He must learn to drink to the living source without to get drunk, ie in moderation. Otherwise people will throw stones at him. Other powers, as countless as can be, may happen next. They all relate to Seeing: we already reviewed Seeing and Immediate Knowledge, let us now describe Foreseeing, or seeing the future. And the next power to come will be Providing, which is a loan or a gift of energy to heal others.




Last but not least, we must give a special place to the Duty. From the first gift received, the warrior knows that he will no longer act for himself, but for the community of women and men of good will. Each gift expanding his means of action, also expands his responsibilities. The warrior becomes complete by taking the three facets, indivisible and interdependent: human knowledge, human power and human duty. The gifts he gives reflect those he receives. For the Living profuses abundance.

The adult is responsible for everything he says. The warrior is responsible for everything he does. The man of knowledge is responsible not only of what he does, but of what happens to him. The man of power can be responsible not only for what is happening to him, but of all that happens to everyone. The man of providing is responsible not only of all that happens, but of everything that happened in the past aqnd will happen in the future. Well, in this case who is responsible for what will happen? The answer is: every one of us. All together. United on earth.




A man does what he must in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures and that is the basis of all human morality. (Winston Churchill)


“Every day is an opportunity to give birth to yourself in pain… or in sweetness.”
Lisa Azuelos