Hands Of Love



To work on the thin energy layer that surrounds the body of all living beings, just with bare hands, without any contact on the skin… To have the hands of love, to be an allrighter…

The art of healing dates back to prediluvians, say to the former gods. Man has always been able to heal. First he healed himself. Then he doubts about him, reason and religion have deterred him from helping himself, for the soul as for the body he trusted specialists. Came shamans, druids, monks, gurus, confessors, rabbis, imams and ayatollahs. They treat the body by healing the soul… or they weaken it by blocking the soul. Just because we have forgotten the art of healing oneself.

It is in this resigning context that is born the art of healing. Those who practice it are not different from others, they simply kept – or found – the way to their inner magic.


traditionnal-healer-200poHealing has always been practiced under various names: magnetic passes, laying on of hands, reiki, subtle cleaning, holistic massage, touch assist, every practitioner invents his own method and the words to speak of it. The best method is still the love of Moms that heals better than drugs. Healing is like an old flask that has received too many labels. The latest addition, quantic touch, refers to the field theory in quantum physics. It illustrates the imagination of good doers… and their need for recognition. Practiced with the palm or the back of the hands, quantum touch exerts on the second self or subtle body.


There is no real contact with the patient’s skin, although the physical body is the main beneficiary of this treatment.

“The interaction of the energy of the healer and that of the patient generates a magnetic or bioelectrical field: it is the natural action of human Vril. The quantic touch consists mainly to unblock energy channels.” (source)Stephane Kervor, correspondence In the technique of quantic touch, the practitioner must be sensitive, but not necessarily clairvoyant. The subtle vision of the bright colors of auras is not necessarily an advantage in this practice. A practitioner tells his experiences in this regard.

 He saw long time the most vivid colors, as clearly as with eye vision. Then that gift left him. Far from being embarrassed in his practice he was very pleased. “The vividness of the colors was blinding as clarity in the mind of the neophyte. You can see fairer with your hands.” (Source)Stephane Kervor, correspondence You “see” or rather you feel, but without touching the body. You walk palms a few inches from the physical body, on the second self, or subtle body on which the chakras bloom.


chakras-vitruve-688pkIn general, we avoid any work on the aura. If you want to feel it anyway, it is necessary to approach the physical body with the back of the hands facing the subject. Why the back of the hand? The polarity of the aura is not the same: with the palm, you can feel the subtle body; with the back of the hands, you can feel the aura. At two or three yards of the body, you will feel a slight rebound, a characteristic elasticity. This is the “shell” of the aura. Stop! You stop there. The aura is beyond the scope of the best of us. The aura is our immortal soul, or rather its earthly image.



It imposes a total respect. In this body of flesh, the aura is our surest protection. According to tradition of the Wolves to which I belong, the only action that a healer can have on the aura is the compaction. It works by acting on the subtle body, not on the aura. By its action on the subtle body and the energy pattern, the practitioner restarts subtle mechanisms that are eager to work. Indians call these mechanisms “inner healer”.

 This is what it’s all about. The physical body wins in a proportion hard to believe by those who have not tried. Knocked by disproportionate allopathic treatments, our inner healer languishes and dies. You just have to reboot it. With the back of the hands, you evaluate the size of the aura. With the palm, you act on the chakras. This subtle energy could be called vril energy: there is no difference in nature between the energy of megaliths and that of the human body.

And that of a flash
or that of a lightning ball:
all of this is Vril.



Thierry Janssen, former surgeon become a psychotherapist, has traveled the long road that leads from a mechanized medicine, quasi-dehumanized, to an approach comprehensive, holistic, of the person and his disorder. “Healing is a concept which allows to link the body and mind, he says. In Asian cultures, which have never separated the mind and body, energy is at the center of healing systems: Prana in India, Chi in China, Ki in Japan, etc..” (source)Nexus n°66 page 30


“I don’t want ever to be a man,” Peter said with passion. “I want always to be a little boy and to have fun. So I ran away to Kensington Gardens and lived a long long time with the fairies.”
James Barrie