Sense of Timing


The light turns green in front of your wheels: you don’t even have to slow down. You get this important fold just before the deadline: saved by the gong. A check-in counter opens when you arrive: you avoid an endless queue. Some will call it luck. But it has another name: the sense of timing.


Unlock your luck

Luck smiles on you when it wants to. Play the violin so it can hear its beautiful voice. You know what? The sense of timing results from hard working on yourself. It’s your lucky passport, it has all the stamps, all the visas. You can even go to Marslost in translation in February. Wherever you want, don’t you pant. Any time you wish, feel like the big fish. Always welcome, just in time you pass the line. Just in time, the right place at the best moment. You don’t waste your time. You get there first. And you stay there. It’s going to be perfect ever.

Some call it luck. It’s just a dance step. When the solo starts, listen to it in silence. It’s too early for trance. Too late for France. Too smart for Earth. Dig again and be proud, you know your mystery. The thought must be silent. Nothingness must be done in your head upside down. Nothing disposes of anything, be silent.

If the Devil sometimes speaks, God is always silent. We must find the answers alone. (René Barjavel)


Go your way. Be at peace if you can, be farted if you want. It doesn’t matter how much you carry as long as you can get through the door. Coffins of dead thoughts.  Bad subject with failed project. Drunk of strong sorts or grief that comforts.



Release the A.P.

Sense of timing: You can’t say you have it or you don’t have it. The one who has it doesn’t know. Do you want to have it? Release your Assembly Point. This is the key, the true and only key to witchcraft: the gentle derivation of the A.P. “Sorcerers believe that it is the position of the assembly point that has made modern man a homicidal egotist, a being totally absorbed by his own image. Having lost hope of ever returning to the universal source, man seeks comfort in his sense of identity. In doing so, it sets the assembly point to the exact position that allows it to perpetuate its own image.” (source)Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence

Without the Source, there would be nothing. But without anything, the Source remains. (Lao Surlam)


As long as you are there, there is no magic for you. The door is locked and your ego has lost the key. As long as you’re convinced that without ego, you’re dead, you won’t die while you’re alive. Initiatory death is the only way to be reborn without going through the coffin. The only way to remember yourself, to marry your previous comers to better prepare the next one. Because we choose that too? No, don’t believe that. Intention alone decides. Not yours, Intention with a big tea. A big capital I. Believe nothing, but above all believe everything!

Take someone who doesn’t keep score, who’s not looking to be richer, or afraid of losing, who has not the slightest interest even in his own personality: he’s free. (Rumi)

As long as you perpetuate your own image, you lock the assembly point lock. Your A.P. doesn’t go away. The magic isn’t there. “Any departure of the A.P. from its usual position is a departure from self-contemplation and its corollary, sufficiency.” (source)Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence

Sufficiency, misplaced ego, the feeling of superiority, this is what makes the dimple where the A.P. falls asleep. Give up the silly worship of your image, kick your self-contemplation, and see how the dimple fills; then your A.P. regains its mobility. I worked on it for years. Without success, I confess. Now I’m seventy, it starts to come back….



Get rid of complacency

Those who see only offenses, improprieties, indecencies, stay on the sidelines. Those who want respect are just farts. Juan Matus explains to his apprentice that there are four categories of human beings. Carlito wants to know his. Seriously, the nagual answers:
“You’re a fart. Don’t be offended by that, I’m a fart too.”

He says no more. Now Matus is gone, Carlos too. We’ll never know the other three categories. I’m leaning towards flatulence, wind and gas. Yes, all in all there are farts. I can’t wait to wake up, can I?

“Sufficiency is the force generated by the image of oneself. This force keeps the A.P. of all humanity in its present position. The warrior’s goal is to dethrone complacency.” (source)Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence

And this smugness, this sickly susceptibility that keeps us in chains, is nothing but another name for self-pity. According to Matus, self-pity is the real enemy and the source of man’s unhappiness. (source)Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence



The sorcerers have found this: as soon as the A.P. moves, we reach implacability.see below A state that cannot be called otherwise. My own benefactor didn’t like that word. He preferred to talk about ruthless. And he distinguished the merciless from the sorcerers from other forms of merciless, who are still tinged with sufficiency. For example, about one of his apprentices, he talked about the ruthless English old lady. There is also the ruthless sadist, the ruthless slacker.

In fact, there are too many of them. I prefer the term implacability. This behaviour is not sadistic, it is not wanton. It does not refer to any lack of control. It is simply the state where all sorcerers find themselves when their A.P. leaves its usual place. “Self-contemplation forces the A.P. to assemble a universe of false compassion, but of very real cruelty and egocentrism. In this universe, the only real feelings are those that suit the one who experiences them.” (source)Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence

Nothing like that as soon as you reach the position of implacability. “For a sorcerer, implacability is not cruelty. Implacability is the opposite of self-pity and self-sufficiency. Implacability is sobriety.” (source)Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence


A mirror to break

I happen to have just received a prodigious gift: to control the movements of my A.P. The assembly point is a brighter light in our brightness — our aura. The A.P. is that point through which we assemble the world. In the nagual philosophy, the world is not real, not solid, not material. It is a beam of fluctuating waves. The position of the assembly point determines which of these waves will assemble another world. This is how the dreamers of worlds that are sorcerers move in different realities. They let their A.P. drift away. When its movement stops, you can be an animal, a flower or a Fender Stratocaster. All of a sudden, I discover that I am able to move it as I please.



Well, almost…

Well, almost, yes. It moves easily, this I have often experienced. My big difficulty is to fix it. Juan Matus explains to Castaneda that the assembly point sits in a small bowl arranged in our brightness — so he calls aura. I don’t happen to have that bowl. So my A.P. has an above-normal freedom of movement. Hence my problem to stabilize it. Until now, I had no way to control my A.P. movements, which could happen at any time without warning.

Over time, my practice of nagualism has taught me to spot warning signs. My mood changes. With a playful nature, I suddenly become nostalgic. Sadness invades me to the point of depression. I need crazy efforts to get him back to a better position. But I’m getting better at it.


A precious gift

This handicap is not one: it is my chance. According to Juan Matus, the sorcerer cannot do such a thing. For him, Intention always decides. And when the A.P. frees itself, implacability is the obligatory passage.

I have had the cruel experience of it. Especially for my intern. While we were talking about politics,you never do that! and now my A.P. is getting the hell out. In full consciousness, and powerless, I did not know how to direct it. Immediately and without warning, I was plunged into the purest implacability. The fellow in front of me was certainly not at his best. In full sufficiency, in full negative self-contemplation, everything made him suffer. The slightest shock was an unbearable aggression for him.

And I, suddenly thrown into the implacability of the sorcerer, had no choice but to break his mirror of self-contemplation. Plunged up to his neck in the gloomy delight, he was not ready for such a challenge. So I explode him. I should have paused, moved on, offered him roses. Instead, I forced the dose.




0. Overview

A few loose notes for you who wants to see me and doesn’t dare ask. It can help you. Out of discretion, I am talking about individual internships. I will receive you as an intern. But let us be clear: this is an initiation.
You will live an initiatory journey of four days:

Arrival Tuesday evening, day of Rama.
Two days of work with waking up and sleeping on the spot — this is crucial.
Wednesday, Mercury Day or Ganesha Day: communication and healing.
Thursday, Thor’s Day, solar awakening, fulfillment, triumph.
Departure Friday, day of Venus, after storage and cleaning.

Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

1. Implacability

Putting intention in place. Staying in the movement of the living, keeping the rhythm, and everything makes sense. Acting. The important thing is to always act without ever expecting the result of your action. Are you hesitant to come and see me? No worries. I know how to avoid this slip. The movements of my A.P. are gentle and moderate. But I remain a nagual, son of the paranormal. No blame. Everything that happens is on purpose. Let’s not decide anything, and we will have nothing. You will not come by chance. If you have to deal with an implacable sorcerer, you won’t die.

Anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. (Friedrich Nietzsche)


The implacability of the sorcerer is the opposite of socially accepted behavior: propriety, good education, human respect, delicacy. The relentless sorcerer does not give up. He goes to the end of the process. He does not abandon his apprentice in the middle of the ford. You can always stop whenever you want. But it’s a waste. Force yourself to live the adventure to the end. You will come out bigger.


2. Inner Speed

Liveliness, reactivity, tonicity, inner speed — no downtime, we don’t think, we act, it goes from eyes to legs, the action takes precedence, like flies. These insects are so vivid because the signals they perceive don’t go through the brain. They go from the eyes to the wings. Which allows him to take off faster than your reflexes…

I’m a fast-paced person. I don’t dwell, I don’t ramble. No complacency in my words. They are not only addressed to your mind, they are also aimed at your body, your behaviors, your understanding.

Strive to acquire the sense of timing that will give you the fluidity necessary to follow the adventure in all its adventures.



3. Levels of Trade

You will not always be aware of this, yet the exchange with a fellow of my calibre takes place on three levels:
1 Conscious level: normal conversation, right side. Your clear consciousness dialogue with mine. This is the middle way.
2 Unconscious level, left side. It is your body that is my interlocutor. Trust it, your body knows. It’s got amazing skills, learn to use them.

Listen to your body. What you don’t know, your body knows. (Jean-Claude Flornoy)

3 Subconscious level, left side. Our two higher selves recognize and appreciate each other.

The higher self is another name for the inner god or for the double. Many esoteric notions are misunderstood and commented on from several points of view, without commentators understanding that they are several labels on the same bottle.

4. Purpose

I have only one goal: to awaken you. We are all different, so I never say the same thing to everyone. Immediately said, I forget. Your secrets do not belong to me. I speak for you alone, not for me. I don’t put ego in them. Words come out all by themselves. Besides, I never know what I will say before opening my mouth. I am guided by your higher self. Guarantee that everything I tell you will carry. Everything I do to you will change you. If you do not understand everything immediately, it is because you are only aware of one level of exchange. Don’t worry, the delay will come, you won’t stop.

The ego is the only part of human being which will not know awakening (Lamaist proverb)


For reki, it’s the same thing. My actions vary from person to person. I let my body guide me, it twirls with the waves, the energy flows are channeled, sharpened, fluidized. We do not all suffer from the same blockages. My reki adapts to everyone.

In my gestures or words, one intention dominates. Awaken. To make you see your inner world, to make you visit the worlds that are yours, the forgotten lands and eras that you rediscover with an unspeakable pleasure.

“Nature has given us a tongue and two ears, so that we can hear twice as much than we speak.” Baden Powel



Sometimes you don’t make the proper analysis of an event for you get stuck to the only point of view that seems evident.
Bernard Werber