The Earth Sings In F Sharp



The universe is well done. So well done that one comes to wonder if it is not, say, landscaped. Everything is so convenient! Interstellar communication roads are better marked than terrestrial motorways.

We know that pulsars emit pulses that are specific to spatial traffic information, it is very convenient. Similarly, planets emit an audible modulation, a musical tune which we find traces in the ancient theory of music of the spheres.

Astronomers have noted that the intervals of the planets of the solar system more or less correspond to the intervals between the notes of music: with one notable exception, the missing planet between Mars and Jupiter, which has existed and was destroyed, as shown by the asteroid and dust belts marking its former ellipse. Particular note emitted by each planet gives its dominant tune. This may undergo alterations, as a consequence of a changing orbit or other unknown causes.

My research on vibration and sound waves led me to the conclusion that the note emitted by the Earth is F sharp. Notice to musicians: if tuned in F sharp, you boost the planetary vibration rate! So I rediscovered Sonology. This very ancient science was still known in Greco-Roman antiquity, through Egyptian initiations and Druidic Universities, conservatories of the pre-flood wisdom.

The sistrum, instrument emitting and receiving particular sounds, is an ample evidence. The original sistrum issued a long vibratory pulse oscillating between E and G notes, the resulting reconstructed by the brain of listeners was, as you guessed, an F sharp. The shown model is an ancient copy of the Atlantean instruments, and has never had the power or the operability of the original hi-tech. Noting can compare with Atlantis instruments. They were high-tech electronic jewelry that ran on Vril energy.




Atlantean instruments emit a vibrating sound, including the sound that comes out of nowhere. Atlantean music was turned to enlightenment through trance. She used a lot of the human voice, that of masters and mistresses of trance, which set the tone for the meeting, the leading gradually to the catharsis. We were able to find the reflection in the ancient Greek theater, that of Aeschylus. Its fervor – if not the ultimate effectiveness – can be found in trances that seized the public of a football match, a fest-noz or goa.

The stars too have their note, or rather a bunch of notes: they emit a chord rather than a single note. The sun gives a chord A, D and E7. Tuning in A – which is the rule in the U.S. folk and western, for example, and in many traditional music everywhere – or playing in D is the surest way to brighten a music. The blues cherishes E7 – there are also stellar reasons for this spontaneous preference. Do not forget that the folk singers such as bluesmen have no musical education other than of their ears and their hearts.

That’s why their music mooves us so much.

The truth is that every celestial body emits a particular note and so participates in the universal harmony. Each planet plays its part in the cosmic symphony … This idea is not implausible, much less anti-scientific. I bet that these particular notes make a radio control system for alien astronauts … We already know how pulsars are used as spatial and temporal markers in SciFi books. I believe nothing is invented there: are they aware or not, their authors pick up information in large database of Akashic memories which store every details of any conscious life in the universe. Serious database … and no need for tablets or digitized text. Akasha is wifi style since the dawn of time, and absolutely free too … ifever you get there.

These concepts were well known in antiquity, not because the ancients were stupid, as some of us too often imagine. On the contrary, they were better informed than us. The source of their knowledge is embedded in their past – which is ours: a planetary civilization has developed the world for millennia: the Atlanteans. Or the Hyperboreans, since they are the same.




They were scientists, inventors and astronauts, as was shown by the Olmec civilization. These giant people knew everything about interstellar navigation. They used daily radiometric and sound data to guide their countless spaceships – some as big as cities. The biblical prophet Enoch, the Popol Vuh of Guatemala as well as sacred texts of India describe them with a precision that leaves no room for doubt: they evoke these different worlds where beings can go: our ancestors saw the stars. (source)Mahabharata, the three heavens where man can live.

Some of us consider these facts as beautiful nonsense – while taking Ancient for fools does not seem nonsensical to them. If this is a nonsense for you, you won’t hear the sweet music of the spheres.

and it’s a pity


It is a force called weakness by the strong ones who have not, it’s a wisdom called madness by the sages who have not, it’s a light called darkness by the blind ones who have not.
Lanza del Vasto