The lyre of Orpheus

Orpheus likes Eurydice, a dryad. At their wedding, the bite of a snake kills the young bride who descends to the kingdom of Hell. Crazy in love with her, Orpheus wants to make a deal with Hades, god of the Underworld.

First, he must face Cerberus, the monstrous three-headed dog who guards the entrance. Orpheus seizes his lyre and puts the monster to sleep with its enchanting music. The terrible Eumenides arise. The lyre of Orpheus does its work. He is finally before the great Hades, a dark terrifying telepath of a god.

The magic lyre emits. His music moves Hades who lets him go with his beloved who will have to follow him three steps away; Orpheus should not turn around or speak to her until they both return to the world of the living. If these conditions were not respected, Hades would take over Eurydice and Orpheus would return alone to the living.

As Orpheus prepares to leave Hell, he no longer hears the steps of his beloved. Worried, impatient, foolish, he turns around and loses Eurydice forever.

I suspect his music is not just a melody. I suspect that the lyre, which never leaves it, is anything but a musical instrument, however harmonious it may be. I have listed the magic weapons, magic crowns and shields, magic swords, ray-throwers, etc., which dot the golden legend of the great elders. All countries have ancient heroes, have legends of ancient giants, myths of former superior men with magic weapons and flying cars.

The list of these weapons is impressive, as I will outline in the section called The Arsenal of the Gods. Arsenal is not the word, because alongside weapons of mass destruction there are surgical instruments, awakening tools, etc. The arsenal of the gods reveals a technological world, capable of destroying a planet or a sun, but also capable of healing the sick, caring for the wounded, awakening the living.

The ancient astronauts who came from terraforming, seeding and populating eons from this magical planet had very high-tech instruments. We have no similar. How can we be surprised that our ancestors were hard pressed to describe these instruments? With divine weapons, the humans made bows, spears and swords: the only weapons they knew. With divine ray-throwers, the humans made the ankh, the vajra, etc.

The lyre belongs to this range of divine instruments. Invented by Hermès, adopted by Apollo, the divine lyre is a very special musical instrument. The bewitching sounds it emits act directly on the deep emotional. The audience immediately switches to the left side, in alpha, in the enchanted world of the nagual. The lyre player becomes a trance master. He can get everything from such an audience, and does not hesitate to do so.

This is how Orpheus puts to sleep the monster Cerberus, guardian of the Underworld. This is how he soothes the Eumenides and softened the god Hades, master of the Underworld. This is how he obtains the right to bring his beloved back into the world of the living.

Something else that may surprise. Hell and our world are connected, says this legend as some others of the same stuff. It is very present in the ancient world. We see that the passage between the two worlds can be done easily in both directions. Hence the resurrection of several Christs, such as Apollo, Dionysus, Mithras, Jesus or Merlin – the last two promised to return.

Nowadays, the dead do not live again. We don’t visit their world, if they have one. If we go, we stay there. There is no Cerberus, no Eumenides, no Hades. There is no longer a bridge between the two worlds. Or if they exist, we no longer know the way.

But do they exist? Have they ever existed? I doubt. This underground place is not hell in the Christian sense, with its hairy devils with goats’ hooves and its jacuzzis of bubbling lava. The ancient hells are rather another world under our feet. A world like ours, with another boss, and other rules.

We can deal with Hades. We can put Cerberus to sleep. You can play life and death. But the end is known. No one can delay it forever. No man, no beast, no god. All living things, organic, biological, must die one day. This day can be drastically postponed using drugs such as nectar and ragweed. But sooner or later the snake stings and kills, the order of the Reptilians manifests itself and resumes its rights, and even the gods cannot help it.

Only love is more powerful than death. Orpheus deale with Hades. He puts Cerberus to sleep. He coaxes the Eumenides. Carried by mad love, carried away by the magic waves he emits with his lyre, Orphée almost succeeded. But he is deadly, the impatience is the strongest, Eurydice is there, behind him, he hears his steps, he wants to see her, he thinks he is hugging but his arms close in the shade. The beautiful has disappeared. The pact is broken. The gateway is lost.

In my opinion, this is a real adventure in a country whose existence cannot be doubted. It is the world of the people of Hades, teuth hades, those below. Gods, if you will. The former gods were not gods in the modern sense of the word, so the dead before were very much alive. ancient hells are not christian hells. Modern Christianity, that of Invented Jesus, represents a step backwards compared to previous Christianity, that of Prometheus, Apollo, Dionysus, Orpheus, Mithras and others … A considerable regression.

Before Jesus Christianities followed one another in a precise coherence. Allies of humans, the different Christs all favored awakening. Christ Rama, as a conquering warrior as he was, was a great spiritual initiator, revealing to humans a perfect path of awakening and without pitfall. His teaching spread throughout Asia, and the latter part of his life was devoted entirely to enlightenment. Under the name of Lama, Rama the sage was indeed the true founder of Buddhism, several millennia before the historical Buddha. Asian tradition keeps the record of this very ancient buddha called The White Buddha. He was Rama The Great.

Those who have read me for years know the very special tenderness that I cultivate for the great Rama, a Christ according to my heart. Western men have forgotten everything about him, his extraterrestrial origins and his incredible exploits. Only Asia has kept the memory, a distorted memory. Each country pulled Rama towards it, by relocating on its territory the multiple exploits of the demigod.

Prometheus is the model of all early Christs. Much later, Rama is the prototype of all modern Christs. It is the Christ of the Age of Aries, while Jesus is that of the Age of Pisces. To those who await the Christ of Aquarius, I recommend the greatest patience. According to religious legends, this Savior Christ should not appear for a good thousand years …


Orpheus takes his lyre from his father Apollo. It is his attribute, as was that of his father. All the gods, all the ancient heroes have their attribute. The lyre of Apollo, the aegis of Athena, the lightning of Zeus, the vajra of Indra, but also the magic sword of Cuchulainn, the hammer of Thor, the Durandal sword of Roland, the Excalibur sword of Arthur, so many magical attributes that look like modern weapons. Weapons, some of which remain to be invented.

Are there ray-tracers that can kill or heal, injure or awaken, lose your mind or turn into an animal? The gods before had it, not us.

Do they exist, the awakening boxes, the flying submarines, the healing crowns, the builder hammers? Terraformers had more than one trick up their sleeve, and more than one gadget in their arsenal.

Without counting the food of the gods before, nectar and ragweed. Without counting the elixir of long life, the waters of youth, lightning or jade water, with which Solomon filled his brazen sea? Without counting the lightning sensors that crowned his temple? And the flying machines that the great king put on the “thrones of Solomon“? The former gods taught us, but we have forgotten almost everything. This is why I help us to rediscover everything.

Things take only the importance we give them, and people only take that they rob us.
Friedrich Nietzsche