Osiris And Jesus



If one believes the Pyramid Texts, the story of Jesus owes much to that of Osiris, which nevertheless took place more than two millenia earlier. How can? Nobody knows.

Here are the facts as they have been told by tradition and checked by two among the more relevant Egyptologists, Jean Yoyotte and Marthe de Ruspoli. A first question arises as to the actual antiquity of Osiris, challenged by Jean Yoyotte. “The original time of the Egyptian civilization dating back to 8000 years at least, if you are trying to unravel its mystery, your memory better get rid of Isis and Osiris, who are not part of it.” (source)Robert Charroux, Le livre du passé mystérieux In fact, there is no question of Osiris or Isis in Egyptian prehistory.

It is not mentioned at the time of the semi-divine kings, nor at the time of Menes, nor in oldest Abydos. “Osiris came only later to Abydos. Identified to local god Khentamentiou under the Fifth Dynasty, around 2300 BCE, he saw his popularity grow slowly but surely, so that from the second millennium, his personality permanently obliterates that of his obscure predecessor.” (source)Jean Yoyotte in Robert Charroux, Le livre du passé mystérieux Lots of similarities lead the researcher to conclude that the mythical characters of Jesus and Osiris are one.

Princess Marthe de Champeau Ruspoli highlighted what the Bible and the Gospels borrowed to Osiris. Marthe de Ruspoli has found in the papyrus and Egyptian texts the essential features which would later be found in the character of Jesus. She cites the flood story found in the Pyramid Texts of Saqqara (Third Dynasty) , the Garden of Eden, the Earth Chosen of Amenta, the tree of life of King Pepi (Sixth Dynasty , 2280 BCE) (source)Marthe de Chambrun Ruspoli, L’épervier Divin, ed. Mont-Blanc, Geneva the papyrus of Ani and Hunefer called Osiris “lord of justice” (Maat) “holy lord”, just as they call Jesus. They speak of the human serpent Sata or Seth, who became the Christians’ Satan.

These papyri mention the Sons of Darkness and evoke the passion of Osiris after a dinner during which “the King distributed the bread and meats spent on behalf of the Lord of Divine Food . This holy lord then passed his cup to each .” (source)Papyrus d’Ani, chapitre 17 et Pyramide de Teta, 214, éd. Maspéro

“Osiris knows he has lived his life period Osiris is afraid. Osiris is terrified to walk in darkness … Those who want to get rid of me and hurt me are the sons of darkness, he said … ” (source)Pyramide d’Unas, ligne 419 éd. Maspéro et Papyrus de Hunefer chap. 17 “Father of Osiris! Atum in darkness! Take Osiris by your side!” (source)Pyramides, 1265-1266, éd. Mercer Later, when the son of darkness capture the Egyptian Messiah, Osiris said: “I am your Lord. Come and sit by me, stand in my ranks. I am the son of your Lord and you belong to me by my heavenly father who created you … I am the Lord of Life.”  (source)Papyrus de Nu, chap. 40, cité par Robert Charroux, Le livre du passé mystérieux

These are the words of Jesus on the Mount of Olives, as he has spoken 2300 years later!

Osiris goes on: “May my flesh and members not being hacked to stab May I not be whipped!” (source)Papyrus de Hunefer chap. 57 Jesus was whipped . “Oh, Do not chain me to your gallows death ! Do dragging me to the place of torment , where my enemies immolate their victims!”  (source)Papyrus de Paris, chap. 180 Just as Jesus long after him, Osiris was crucified on a gibbet formed with a sycamore trunk on which a timber was placed horizontally.

The cross of torment Osiris is named: tat. “Pepi cometh unto thee, Osiris! May he wipe your face! “ (repeated four times) (source)Texte des Pyramides, ligne 964, éd. Mercer And near death, the King whispers: “My Heart! My Mother! My Heart! My Mother!” (source)Papyrus d’Amenhotep chap. 130 Here is recognized the Passion of Jesus when St. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus carrying his cross, and that of the Roman legionnaire who gives him vinegar to drink. How amazing is the parallel with the last words of Jesus on the cross: “Father! Father! why hast thou forsaken me?”

If you believe in past lives, you can say that Jesus was a reincarnation of Osiris, but this version is not canonical! Otherwise you will have to resolve to admit that Jesus, dear Jesus, is of recent manufacture, unrelated with Immaculate Conception of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was forged from start to finish, says Fomenko.

It’s possible, yes. Because the words and acts of Jesus are not only found in Osiris’ life. In India too, the demi-god Krishna served as  model.

“Krishna came to earth to erase the sins of Kali YugaAge of Iron to take the burden of sins that crush humanity. His mission accomplished, he returned to heaven, showing the Way to those who are devoted to him.” (source)Baghavad Purana, 11, XXXi, citée par Robert Charroux, Le livre du passé mystérieux

 Hare Krishna, Hare Ram.

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the Doors of Perception. (Aldous Huxley)




Each has its own beliefs, and the sacred cows will be well guarded. Our ancestors swallowed everything. They swallowed snakes with the ease of a snake charmer at the square Djema-el-Fnah in Marrakech. For centuries, all these texts remained locked in libraries strictly protected by the Holy See. Until the invention of typography around 1440, all writings were copied by copyists. Monks, most often.  In their convent they copied what the superior told them to copy, omitting and adding what he told them. The control of the Catholic Church was almost total for a long time.

A host of bogus anecdotes, full of errors and anachronisms, were added by the copyists. It was counting without the web, without the planetary dissemination of all the texts that were once inaccessible. And to correct the course.

I am a mythologist and philosopher. As a friend of wisdom, I take a critical look at all mythologies: is it true? Is it distorted? Is it exaggerated? For what reasons? My work has no other purpose than to face the naked truth — if such a thing does exist! “With a critical eye and a mind free of everything a priori. That is why many of you read me.” Your convictions are yours. They help you to live, far from me the idea of dynamiting them, from the ancient Greek dunamos, which means angel.

Let this not prevent believers from believing, nor the unbelievers from not believing. All beliefs are infinitely respectable, although I prefer to align myself with my eternal principle of uncertainty, choosing to believe without believing.