Soul Adventures


The scalar group continues, every day, to live an adventure for the soul. We are not alone in giving our love to the human planet. All those who wish to join us are welcome in advance.

To participate in the group, it is useful to read carefully the different articles on the subject: Scalar Waves, Scalar Group, Scalar Attitude, The Energy Of Love, Light In Your Brain. Then I ask you to send me a recent photo. I do not mount any file, keep cool. These photos will never be published, nor communicated to a third person. They are sanctuary, strictly protected as your anonymity, I give my word. The photo avoids interference. The other day a person wrote to me to confess that she participated in the scalar sessions of 21h without notifying me. And it gave her the impression of eating at my table without being invited. Never mind, you are all invited! I welcome all those who are ready to give love and well-being, without counting, without waiting for personal benefits, without taking pride or feeling of superiority. We are very small in the face of Love, tiny yet powerful when we blindly give the best we get. The world is changed from top to bottom, and each of us must be changed too.

This feeling of eating without being invited comes from an unpleasant vibration that I put in place to keep intruders away. I do not speak of the innocents who participate in the feast of the heart without presenting themselves, those are forgiven in advance. I want to mention parasites much less friendly. The inorganic beings that populate the infra-world have only one desire: to rise to our level. We have the same desire to rise to the higher level: let us avoid, therefore, misjudging the inorganics, who only follow the general law of internal evolution, which the nagual warriors simply call the Rule. Inorganics feed on our emotions. When we spread love with an open heart, it’s an irresistible treat for them. They can be compared to subtle mosquitoes, the repulsive wave being the subtle equivalent of lemongrass …

It is to avoid you to feel this frustrating vibration that I ask the photo of each participant. I go through all the new photos before each session, to memorize the subtle identity of each and everyone, which reads in the eyes. So you are welcomed into the circle that is closing around us all. These pictures are kind of talismans that protect you from the negative vibration. For us, this vibration is only uncomfortable, but for the infan-world’s pikers, whom I call inorganic beings, it is simply terrible, a hostile and impassable barrier. Within the circle, the scalar group can thus get relax and wide open without fear of being vampirized. Some members of the group felt “hostile intrusions” on the scalar network at the very beginning. That’s why I set up this “protection” of the network, so that all those who share my meal are free to open their hearts and emit unconditional love, without the risk of letting in the interplans neither the aliens. Tell me if it suits you, and if you have felt a scramble, an intrusion, a foreign or hostile presence, your experience is precious to me.

Here is the anonymous testimony of a first-time participant. I had the feeling that it started gradually 10-15 minutes before 21h. A lot of heat and tingling in the hands, arms. A feeling of numbness, as if I were on a cushion of air. A warmth and an electric fluid in the heart and belly, as if it tugged inside, difficult to describe. For a moment I felt a wave of love and compassion … I visualized white silhouettes, faces. My ears were whistling, sometimes itchy. I had some difficulties all along to really empty my head, as soon as a sensation was felt the mind was taking over – so I do not know if I have successfully completed the exercise … I hope for the future to give the maximum to those who need energy. Thank you for this beautiful experience and see you soon.

Many of you feel scalar waves before 9 pm, or after, or at any time of the day. This is normal, it is due to the particular nature of these waves. For practical reasons, I am sometimes asked to change the time of scalar broadcasts every night at 21h. But that’s not helpful. Reading the other articles quoted in links, you have understood that neither time nor remoteness matter, scalar waves traverse huge distances in an instant, and they manifest themselves at any time. It does not matter where, to all those who need love, to give as much as to receive it. During the session, the tingling of the skin is usual. If the sensation of tingling focuses on the palms of the hands, I see it as a sign of a gift of healing. What one feels at first, images, sounds, scents, sensations, are often related to subtle cleansing. The kundalini is waiting to unfold along sushumna, the central channel. In doing so, it comes up against energetic dams, the negative emotions stored in our unconscious. As long as they are not purged, these engrams will hinder the rise of energy, a prelude to enlightenment.



All this is very new for you as for me. We are inventing methods and vocabulary to share our feelings and understand, if possible, what is happening. The possibilities of interacting on the astral plane are infinitely little known, let us rejoice to belong to the club of the last adventurers. If you are not yet a member, thank you for sending me your photo, and tonight your perceptions will be clearer and stronger as well as the momentum of the heart and the inner fullness.

Will you believe me if I confess to you that I mourn with joy at this shared miracle? A miracle not only realized by our group, but by all those who, in the world, embark on this adventure for the soul. Yes, I cry and laugh at the same time as a tiny child.

The humanism of the 18th century defined human being far too narrowly: it defined him as being thinking instead of being alive.
Claude Lévi-Strauss