Scalar Waves


In recent years, researchers of alternative medicine have been passionate about scalar waves. I wanted to know what he was returning. And I stayed baba. I knew nothing about them, their name, their function, their characteristics, and yet I used them every day.

The scalar waves, one receives and one emits at each moment, but one knows nothing. We do not care. All living beings emit scalar waves. And not only. We live it all the time. She thinks of a very dear friend of whom she has no news, the next day he calls her. Without knowing it it emitted scalar waves that it has captured. A hundred times a day, we catch puffs of these beneficial waves, which alter our tone, and bring us sweet thoughts.

The rocks also emit these waves. That is how they speak to us. Hence the fascination exerted by large stones on all the sensitives. They capture their scalar waves.

“The trees sing,” say the Aborigines. Translated into physics, this statement means that they constantly emit a quota of scalar waves, typical of the species, length and volume of the tree. We also emit spiral waves; the waves emitted by the human brain are torsion fields, say the Russian researchers for 40 years. That is to say, again, vortex waves. They pass Faraday’s cages unlike electromagnetic waves. Their power increases with distance and, once resonance is established, they are received thousands of kilometers in spite of their low power!” (source)



The inescapable Nikola Tesla was the first to take an interest in these strange waves. Unlike electromagnetic waves, they do not progress linearly, but spirally, like our DNA, like proteins. The spiral of a scalar emission becomes entangled with other scalar spirals emitted by different actors that it encounters: animals, humans, plants and minerals, everything speaks the scalar language.

These all powerful spiral waves carry their information at very great distance without weakening. Better still, they add up and multiply along the way, so that a packet of scalar waves sent thousands of miles deepens its effects and its power along the way. These famous scalar waves, I have been using them for years to heal. They have received many names throughout the fashions. It is the vril or the subtle energy, it is the energy of awakening, it is the mystery that makes the healing. It is also the medicine of tomorrow. The art of healing. By virtue of scalar waves, mortal diseases and incurable diseases are no longer so. A bewildering revolution is on the way.

The art of healing has long been at the center of my concerns. It is a power that is transmitted, that of emitting at will these scalar waves, the primary agents of healing. From childhood, paranormal phenomena have exerted an irresistible attraction on me. The scientific pseudo-truth distilled in schools has always seemed to me to be a joke. There is something else, what we are told is only a screen of smoke, there is another world within it. With other rules, other laws that finally emerge lately.

I made a several conscious body outings from the age of 12 then 16. Night spent between life and death allowed me to explore the antechamber of the other world. These near death experiences have forever marked my conception of the world and the meaning of my existence. This suffices to explain the irruption of a gift, that of curing – or more precisely of restarting the inner healer of the sick. For me, diseases are signs of a malfunctioning of a device we all have, and which the Amerindians call the inner healer. This automatic healer is seized, asleep, but always present somewhere in us.




A tonic and vigorous warrior respects himself as he respects his body. In this optimal state, no disease can reach it; no microbes, no viruses. The difficulty lies in finding the optimal state in question. What, in our unstructured world, is a challenge. I have been living alone for a long time, away from the crowd and noise. I have long frequented nature, that of this world, and that of other worlds. For twenty years, my adventures have changed nature. Adept of the inner journey, I walked along the timeline. I have had access to past epochs, forgotten glories. These extreme experiences are not at the root of the healing power that was given to me, since I had it before. But they certainly reinforced it.

For the past four years, I have experimented with different remote healing protocols with incredible results. The range of healing waves could reach several thousand kilometers:

– Moorea, Tahiti, 11000 km  as the crow flies.
– Lac Saint-Jean in Canada, 5500 km as the crow flies.
– Reunion Island, 9600 km as the crow flies.
– Marseille, Luneville, Marburg in Germany and Avebury in the United Kingdom.

The transmissions are sometimes instantaneous, sometimes felt with a time always less than half an hour. The effect of healing is not diminished by distance. On the contrary, the received waves are more powerful than the emitted waves, which is in line with current research on scalar waves. However, no action has been taken. These are the sensations of the persons concerned, and therefore subjective. But it is the matter that matters. Some people were too seriously ill to establish a research protocol. I was content to emit blindly, without any other feed back than the acknowledgment of acknowledgment – notorious improvement and / or cure – that the patients or their relatives have transmitted to me. Remote healing seems as effective as the cure. They have the advantage of being less tiring for the patient, who does not leave his familiar environment.




Healing requires total commitment from the patient. Before any cycle of scalar waves, I test the good reception by the patient. The test may not be conclusive. In this case, remote healing will not be possible. Sometimes the patient does not address his request in person. If he does not believe it, nothing works. His free will shields the healing. I am not a doctor, I do not prescribe anything, I do not know medicine. It is an act in a completely different sphere.

This act will have no effect without the patient’s full adherence. His inner healer will not be awake echoing my scalar emissions. Without the aid of his internal healer, the patient will not recover for a short time, and there is a good chance that his illness will return to torment him. Healing is a voluntary act. I give the keys, but it is always the patient to open the door.

A crazy idea came to me. There is something else fascinating about scalar waves, and that is where I want to conclude. With a healing friend who follows the same practices, we do several times a day a scalar wave exchange. I send him mine, he sends me his own. We have discovered the considerable benefits of this permanent cure of scalar waves. Imagine a band of awakened ones who would send each other waves, not to heal, but to stay on top of physical, mental, affective form.

How long would it take to eradicate diseases? And to awaken the entire planet?




If this perspective delights you, let me know, I could develop this track in a new article. And if you’re really interested, tell me too. I could organize scalar wave transmission and reception courses. Do not hesitate to contact me.


Harmony <3 With Scalar Waves

Why not join the group that spontaneously formed? We are about a hundred people, may be more, from 30 countries of all continents to share emitting – and thus receiving – scalar waves every day at 21:00 French time. This hour is not chosen at random, but for its excellence in terms of transmission. But don’t worry about the right time since scalar waves don’t care about space and time.
To emit disinterested love (we do not know one another), not towards this or that, but for the love of humans and planet earth. So, perhaps, we will help bring about the harmony that this world so badly needs.
Please keep me informed by e-mail about your feelings / reactions

You will be blessed as you bless.

More to follow 

Doubt is unpleasant condition, but certainty is ridiculous.