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The publication of my first article Scalar Waves has sparked a wave of enthusiastic reactions. The next day, an informal group was created spontaneously, which pushed me to add a last paragraph to this article.

For the convenience of reading, I reproduce it here:


Objective: Harmony with scalar waves

Why not join the spontaneous group? We began 30 people to share scalar waves emissions – and therefore reception – every day at 21h, Paris time. This time is not a constraint: for scalar waves, there is neither time nor space. Connect at the time that suits you, scalar waves will find you, whatever the time, wherever you are.

Emit selfless love (we do not know each other) not for this or that, but for the love of humans and planet earth. So, perhaps, we will help bring about the harmony that this world so badly needs.

If you wish, let me know your reactions. You will be blessed as you bless.

We are now between 50 and 70 participants in each session. Sometimes more, sometimes less. A hard core of 30 enthusiasts meets on the air every night and let me know what they felt.

I do not know if the world is better, but the participants have taken taste. Most of them, while working for the well-being of all humans and for the harmonious balance of our planet, have felt a personal benefit.

This is not surprising: give, and you will receive. The more the gift is selfless, the more beautiful are the gifts of life.



“After a fortnight on this diet, with two daily broadcasts, I reduced to one, the evening at 21h French time, and I asked the participants to give me a report of their first impressions.

I find that the energy of the evening is fabulous, and very powerful, always full of feelings at the level of my body; pains that I have at the level of my right hip and the neck and right shoulder, pass with this flow of energy … These pains are at this moment like waves … they come and go …




Always a little before 9 pm the energy is felt, or it is perhaps the connection by the thoughts …. Because the powerful influx arrives thereafter and which flows from top to bottom of the bottom up the loin of the spine, there are times when the heart becomes very hot, sometimes it is the hands … and then by the moment I feel more in reception mode and there are times it is rather in emissions mode as filaments coming out of my hands.

After the session, I feel good.”

The names and photos are not shown at the request of several members of the group. I apologize, but I must respect the wishes of these people. Others would like a portrait gallery, with the names, e-mails and photos of the participants. This is impossible outside of the group, to respect private life of members.

For some, the pain has completely disappeared, to return then.

“After three days of euphoria, absence of total pain, no migraine, no neck pain, but especially a strange feeling of vitality very important, as if I had rejuvenated, the pain returned.” During these three amazing days, I I had the impression that I had received stem cells to repair my body as a whole, I’m not exaggerating, it was dizzying, even the features of my face were rejuvenated. be made up of new cells.
Scalar waves are obviously working, and might work as stem cells that fully restore body dysfunction. It was a very disturbing episode.
Thank you for these three days were a kind of paradise.”

It may be that the pain subsides again to start again, they will eventually disappear completely. However, remember that these scalar issues are not for healing, but the gift of selfless love to the entire planet.

The cure, total or partial, intermittent or definitive, can be obtained by other means: I give scalar care on request, just contact me, we will agree together the appropriate program. But the goal of the group is not self-healing, although this benefit is often obtained.

Another result: people suffering from nothing can expect a noticeable rise in their vibration rate. So two of you – at least! – give undeniable signs of enlightenment, just that. Give, you will receive




During a session

If I can summarize in a few key points what happens during a session, here are the points that came up most often in your evaluations.

Gleams, colors, lights: bright impressions were felt by at least 18 people out of the 30 debriefs I received. Indigo colors, purple, midnight blue, sometimes an aura of white light at the end of a dark blue tunnel. It looks like the famous tunnel that the soul approaches after the death of the body. The white light is that of the awakening. When it fills the entire visual field (if we can talk about visual field when the eyes are closed) the awakening is there, it will manifest itself very soon through the rise of energy, when the kundalini coiled in the last vertebra unfolded to invade the whole being, until the opening of the subtle fontanel, which allows the energy from above to unite with the kundalini.

The waves of several shades of blue evoke what my benefactor called “the blue ocean of possible worlds“. It is a place of consciousness close to enlightenment, not rarely the white light bursts into it.

Sounds, music: Half a dozen participants heard music or musical sounds. They can come from your subconscious who wakes up and tries to communicate with you. Sometimes, indistinct phonemes, or even sibylline sequences of words, can be perceived. The unconscious can communicate less ambiguously. Feel free to ask him for clear, understandable answers. He will eventually give in. When the unconscious opens, the wonders of inner energy will become accessible to you. You will have crossed the fog wall of which Castaneda speaks.

Impression of flying, weightlessness: most participants felt this, often from the first session. The scalar waves emitted and received are like a perfumed bath for the soul and for the subtle body. Relaxation, total relaxation always accompany these emissions. A feeling of well-being or euphoria is not extraordinary after this treatment. Do not rush to resume your activities, this well-being deserves to last, it is conducive to meditation.



Tips for a first connection

You have read this text as well as the previous one, the scalar waves speak to you, you want to participate? Nothing more simple indeed. Here are the steps to follow. Try to comply as best as possible, and send me your feedback, they will be precious to me and the group.

A first cycle was completed, of which I gave the report in this article. There is no show in the morning, only the evening 21h. Plug in at 9pm French time.

How to connect? Isolated, in a calm and beneficent place, the body at rest, the heart wide open and the empty head. There is nothing else to do.

Avoid visual or audible stimuli, the best is to keep your eyes closed to focus on your inner light. If you look at an image or a landscape, you will be under the influence of this visual and therefore less sensitive. Similarly, if you listen to music, it will disrupt the reception of the programs, and the inner feelings.

It is a question of interiorizing oneself: to enter oneself, let us avoid what makes us leave it. For the same reason, the body must be at rest. Walking, running, stirring, we also receive the scalar waves, but their message is scrambled, the feeling too.

With practice, you will feel the show coming out of your belly. The reception will manifest in you by images, sensations. You will be nice to note them and share them with me, all these reactions overlap: they will make the basis (anonymous) of a future article.

Send me a recent photo, which will help me identify you in the group. Meet you tonight on the air.



More to follow

If the light sees a hundred thousand persons, it descends only on the one whose essence is light.