Scalar 2023


“Scalar waves in formation! Call on all transmitters! Get ready to emit unconditional love! Scalar waves in formation!” This message began to vibrate in my skull, shrieking like a Mickey alarm clock, obsessing like a Waikiki mermaid. Impossible to ignore. If there are scalar waves in formation, it concerns me primarily. So I act.

Waikiki is a district of the city of Honolulu, capital of the state of Hawaii, on the island of Oahu, in the United States. Its name means: ‘gushing fresh water’. (source)


I promised myself a long time ago to develop the practice of scalar waves, waves of love, and to revive interest in the scalar group created in 2017, more than six years ago. Those years went by too quickly. Many events punctuated the course, some of which we would have liked to have done without. Others more joyful, even exciting, like the flying astrals and the Flying Wolves which I will talk about later. But now it’s time for love.

Unconditional Love

Notice to Scalariansthose who practice scalar waves: Your mission, if you accept it, is to receive, amplify and reissue unconditional love so that it becomes international, global, worldwide and planetary.

Unconditional love: absolute love, total self-giving, openness to the other and to everyone, so that in the end love triumphs everywhere on earth.

The fresh water gushing from unconditional love will squirt very hard all around the earth. It’s no mystery. No need to be silent. No austere clystery or ether for Miss Earth. My gun in its holster. To get out of the cluster I got my Stratocaster. A bender by Fender.

Happiness is a warm gun. Love is a long lasted pointed gun. Happiness is a smoking gun. Love is a gun pointed at your face. But not unconditional love. It’s really sensational. It’s not the kid who ate in your hand anymore, it’s a Carmine happiness in his Balmain sneakers. No matter which way, he’ll survive tomorrow.

Scalarians, Scalarians, you have received the love that comes from the waves. You have welcomed it into your loving hearts. You have sent it back multiplied by a hundred. Finishing, beginning, no one can live without. Love is a gift that flows with the waves on its invisible wave. Love is your goal, your target and your peaceful path. By example and imitation, it will grow with the multiplication.



Scalarian friends, children of the chimera, orphans of the dream, servants of the dream, do you know who you are? Knights of utopia. The title is yours by right.

Utopia: 1. Imaginary construction of an ideal society. 2. Impossible project. Synonyms: chimera – illusion – mirage – dream – dream – dream.

This is the name given by Thomas Moore to the eponymous novel where he imagines an ideal society, impossible since perfection is not of this world. John Lennon also named his island of the Pacific Ocean Nutopia. New + Utopia. Long before the discovery of scalar waves and their magical virtues, John Lennon, the most social of the Beatles, wanted to see a warm and peaceful utopia born. But before he changed the world, John left. Some asshole shot him in New York in broad daylight. Since then, night has fallen on the world of Utopia.

Utopia is a dream at heart. Adam seeks his Eve. The wind blows on the reef. Life is so brief. Utopia? A project that has nothing impossible.




Started in the fall of 2017, the scalar adventure has been going on for six years and has recently met with renewed interest. Newcomers who want to learn more. Good interest in an interesting and recent cause. Luckily the scalar janitor was there. That’s me. I spent six years on the roof of my house farting. I answered with the promptness of a gun that drew. Happiness is a warm gun.

I don’t think scalar utopia is an illusion. Its effects are measurable. Nor is it a chimera, because chimeras are pitiful when scalar waves are tempting. Magic able, not measurable, their effect is palpable.

I am talking about the double effect, on those who emit and on those who receive. Will the world change in time? Yes, if yours changes in the meantime. Delight in the renewed sweetness that helps you fly away. Hold this beneficent wave. To whom does it reach? How? How long? These questions are illusions. Measure the unmeasurable effect they have on you. Feel them palpitating in your beating heart.

The rest is irrelevant.


I planned last year this revival of scalar activity, in order to count and bear witness to our experience on the airwaves. How long did your scalar experience last? Do you still practice? Since when? Have links been created with other scalars? Were there any contacts, encounters with Scalarians you had known in astral? Have you experienced any curious episodes that deserve to be postponed? To answer these and other questions on this topic, do not hesitate to write to me. I will publish your testimonies in a future article.

Without your feedback, it is impossible for me to move on to the second phase of the experiment. I should have contacted you earlier. I was taken by another astral activity, the Flying Wolves. My readers may have followed the adventures of our astral flights? This year, for more than one Wolf, the nights of January, February and March were stirring. Fruitful sleep, memorable experiences. The grouped astral dream worked better than ever. Many contacts of the 3rd type. The Wolves have evolved in our distant past, among entities that have nothing earthly. I do not go back:

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Active Dream

You dream, you act. Victory is at the end of the scalar. Who can stop the cohort of happiness donors? Impalpable, invisible, our gifts of love will go around the world. So that it wakes up. So that it delights instead of disillusions. Love is your work.

It’s about counting yourself. Sign up. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible so you can send me your picture. I need to see who you are, your image allows me to secure scalar broadcasts, prevent the reception of the waves from being jammed by undesirables. Registration is a guarantee of security.

The sessions take place at 9 pm and last ten to thirty minutes. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It all depends on you, if you are available, attentive, proactive. Your presence every day is not mandatory, but if you want, registration can become a lasting commitment. That is the wish I am making. If you can, if you want, mark your commitment with a donation. No amount required, at your pleasure, this donation is voluntary, open, optional.

And if you like my stories, remember to repeat this beautiful gesture. Small for the purse, great for the heart. 



The scalar in action

Want to learn more before going any further? You will find in these articles, classified from the oldest to the most recent, a sum of scalar experience under the aegis of Eden Saga conducted by many volunteers since 2017.

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