Scalar Attitude


The Earth is lacking in love. If you have some for her, if you are ready to give it to her, contact me quickly. All of you are welcome.

My dear friends, you are all welcome, warmly – even I am particularly addressing the scalar group, which has been running since November 5th, following the publication of my article on scalar waves and remote healing.

At the end of that article, I had launched a crazy idea, reuniting through the airwaves to the health of the planet, giving unconditional love together, without expecting anything in return.

We must believe that the idea was not so crazy, or crazy people are numerous. It quickly made its way. After a week, we were thirty. Three days later, about fifty. Ten days after, 150 persons. At the publication of this article, we are more than 300 persons, 300 hearts giving love to the whole planet, for the sake of humankind. 

The scalar is not only vortex waves, it’s also a group that grows every day, and it’s a lot of emails too, a lot of time spent responding to you, but why would I complain? My pleasure is real and sincere to get thos opportunity I get to meet and know you, one by one, all of you. Your photos make my task easier. So scalar emissions could be more effective.

Thus, without knowing us, we gather from the four corners of the world, every day at 21h, Paris time. Is it important, I mean punctuality? Questions like this one are asked twenty times a day. I will try to answer those that come back most often.

– The time does not suit me. Would it be possible to change?
The time is fixed at 21h French time. I am aware that this unique time is not  convenient if you are in another time zone. Keep cool, time is not a constraint: for scalar waves, there is neither time nor space. Connect any time that suits you, scalar waves will find you, whatever the time, wherever you are. Yes, it may seem surprising, scalar waves have more than one trick in their vortex.

– How can scalar waves reach the other side of the world instantly?
Again, it’s difficult to understand indeed. The usual logic and physics are put to the test. These particular waves have the shape of a vortex, and not that of a double sinusoidal, like the electromagnetic waves. The vortex waves were discovered by the brilliant Nikola Tesla. Like many of his discoveries, the time was not prepared, and his boss, the fearsome Edison, had other priorities, more lucrative ones. Tesla could not develop this major advance. Others researchers did it after him, resuming his work. And all those who practice scalar waves now, as we do, have found that for scalar waves, there is neither time nor space. Scalar waves, carried by the intention of the transmitter, are able to find the receivers, wherever they are in the world. The transmission is instantaneous.




– I can not participate every day. Is it a problem?
Not at all. You join when you like, it’s your choice, because it must be your approach. There is no obligation of regularity, if you can only participate from time to time, it’s always won for you and for the planet that thank you. It needs it so much! Have no remorse or regret when you are not connected: the rest of the group keep exchanging scalar waves for the health of those who are not connected.

– How to prepare for scalar exchange?
Everyone does what he wants. For my part, I isolate myself in a quiet room, on the armchair which is my place of power. I relax in silence, with empty mind, and a wide open heart. Very quickly I feel my belly spreading this beneficial radiation and vertiginous. Yes, it comes from the belly; a point that is 2 cm below the navel. The scalar waves are turned by the heart that gives without counting, and routed by the center of gravity of the human body, ie 2 cm below the navel.

– Is there any music or image to help scalar contact?
No really not. I am not a fan of musical meditations, because music, if it has the advantage of helping the mental void, it has the serious disadvantage of inducing its wavelength, its particular atmosphere that will generate in you memories, emotions – mental or emotional that have nothing to do with the emission and / or reception of scalar waves.
Images, whatever they are, have the same advantage and the same disadvantage. My personal choice goes to a silent meditation, eyes shut, without burning incense or sage, without other sensory stimulation, as less as possible.

– Can I participate outside, into the wild?
Yes, you can choose a landscape that inspires you, or better still, go to your place of power, at the foot of your allied tree, or on your favorite rock, with the disadvantages I just listed.
First, contemplation is not meditation. In front of a beloved landscape, you quickly summon your mind and your emotional, the heart closes on your memories, your head sends you other images of places or people that this landscape arouses, and the state of calm, of interior vacancy, of total opening suitable for scalar communication can not be obtained – or if it is, can not be kept long.




How long does a session last?
It depends the receptivity of each. The order of magnitude oscillates between 15′  and an hour, or more, for the most sensitive. Again, there is no rule, and your feelings can vary a lot from one day to the next.

– Why do you have to send a photo?
Your photos simplify my task. Scalar emissions are only more effective. But I can guarantee you that they will not be disclosed, any more than your names or any information about yourself.

This group is neither a private club nor a cult. I’m not a guru, as my readers know. I’m not trying to get into something that’s beyond you. I will remain your only contact, until the number forbids me. This day will come soon, so I’m thinking of creating a Facebook group, since social networks are made for that: to create a link.

Let’s start by creating the scalar link, the social link will come later. Or not. There is nothing obligatory in this initiative. The more the participants feel free, the more their gift of love to the planet will bring beautiful fruits. The scalar attitude, for me today, is not limited to this daily show, at 9pm every night. Certainly I will not miss this appointment for anything in the world.

But something strange happens to me. I spend my days in scalar mode, I feel the love shows out of me and go in all directions. I became a continuous transmitter of scalar waves. I feel like I’m in the middle of a bubble of love that dies in thousands of swirling bubbles. They fill up the sky, drifting with subtle winds and wrapping around souls in pain to relieve their loneliness and to comfort.




Scalar attitude! exclaims my dear friend Dan, the man who respects no rule, no schedule, no convention. But he knows what love means. Scalar attitude, the expression comes from him: it consists in emptying your head, opening your heart full of love and let flow as much as possible.

Tonight, I feel it could last all the time.

More to follow

So when you are listening to somebody, completely, attentively, then you are listening not only to the words, but also to the feeling of what is conveyed, to the whole of it, not part of it.
Jiddhu Krishnamurti