Tantra: Enlightenment Through Sex



Sex was not always the strange business it is today, at the service of vice and unbridled consumption, so vicious, too. It was a blessed time when sex was experiencing sacred practices, respectful of everyone, and even quasi divine.

The reason for the involution of this undeniable decline in our sex is easy to understand. Like many other aspects of our culture, sexuality and sexual practices are a sacred gift from the gods before, these former astronauts I would call the Terraforming Team.

They came long, long time ago to terraform this wild planet. Some evidence suggests that their first visit is two billion years. What starts to do well. They returned often to monitor the evolution of the Earth, and there sowing organic life. At the end, at their seventh visit they created us. Or rather, they have genetically modified us, which is not the same. Ask the Monsanto maize.

After this re-creation, they had a beautiful Homo moronus to whom they had to learn everything, starting with standing up on both legs. To women, they have learned the art of make-up and seduction. 

Sexuality got a prominent place in the ancient gods value system. To the terraforming astronauts, sex is a means of spiritual elevation, a means to the awakening and to reach the state of living Buddha. That is why this divine activity was retained in the heart of the oldest religions as a sacred legacy transmitted by the former gods.

The Orphism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, the Knights Templars and Rosicrucians have all had a ritual for sacred sex practice – the use of sex to achieve higher states of spirituality. The “chymical marriage” of the Rosicrucians was, among others, the name of a specific sex ceremony. But I do not want to talk on the subject: I still have to travel to Akashic land to supplement my knowledge of Western Tantra.

Better known are the sexual techniques of the East: the Hindu tantra, sexual alchemy of Taoism. But Italy knew the Karezza, a ritual of caresses that cause different states of ultimate enjoyment, such as those mentioned in the Kama Sutra.

The word Tantra means “woven together” in Sanskrit. In Hindu India, Tantra means the yoga schools dealing with the sexual union of man and woman. By extension, it embraces all the sexual practices of a spiritual nature that we encounter in Asia. For all these practices contribute to the same goal: enlightenment.

By way of Tantra, the being is in harmony with his body, able to control every aspect of it. Man can achieve remarkable sexual prowess, like orgasm without ejaculating, and repeat as many times as necessary. The experts can give their female partners multiple orgasms on a regular basis.

This point deserves attention. Multiple orgasms for a woman, are not only a source of indescribable reiterated pleasure. Female orgasms are doors that open one after another, doors to more thrills, more fun, more magic, more energy. When opening the seventh door, the woman enters the seventh heaven, and the unbearable enjoyment gave her a body outing.


Blessed is the man who can give this divine pleasure to female companion! He may have a chance to go out of his body too; and follow the joyfull lady in a two-pax astral trip. Homosexuals are excluded from this practice, male anyway. It is possible for a woman to cause the opening of the seventh heaven in another woman. The Eastern tradition says some caresses may cause infinite pleasure … The Jinns, sexual vampires women endowed with an outsized power, are indeed a southern Mediterranean invention.

Sex method is very detailed in the Kama Sutra. Everything related to sex is codified with a seriousness that borders on the absurd, as many classifications that only stiffen, petrify the living and multiple sexual behaviors. Any recipe here may seem superfluous, if not ridiculous. Yet there are things one can not guess, even after a life rich in multiple experiments.

In Europe, the Kama Sutra was adapted into soft version during the 19th century. Western Tantra has found a new youth with Karezza. The Italian word “carezza” meaning “caress”. The Karezza is a Western system of non-religious sex based both on Tantra Yoga of India, and on the Templars ritual practices. It is based on the non-ejaculation to prolong the intercourse as long as possible.  (source)http://www.armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/Sex-de-salut-I(2395054).htm

Generally, Karezza assumes the lack of penetration. This fashion finds back into favor because of risks related to AIDS. Fondling without penetration is called safe sex today.

Note, however, that neither safe sex nor Karezza will allow to match the results of true Tantra. The door to the seventh heaven will stay shut. Awakening is not in the program. Just the pleasure, which is something.


In contrast, sacred sex improves the quality of spiritual energy and develops the entire chakra system. The Taoists lend it a major role in creating the diamond body or immortal body, a subtle body that knows no death.

The ultimate goal of sacred sex is to reach the fullness of the final enlightenment – nirvana, awakening, illumination, etc. They are not many to try it, and very very few to get it.

The Taoist Tantra is also called sexual alchemy. And this is truely the alchemy of the living in question, as it is true that the great work is not to make material gold, but to transmute the alchemist and change the inner lead in subtle gold.

We forgot that Western alchemy was very sexualized too, through practical and precise positions, often in harmony with the astral conjunctions or phases of the moon.

This aspect has been deliberately concealed because practitioners risked big. Thus the Templars have seen some of their sexual rites denatured by their inquisitors judges during the trial of parody which ended at the stake. All sexual recommendations of medieval alchemy, therefore, behind a coded language, to which are sometimes added the bawdy illuminations by copyists monks.

The dual language or language of Goslings was very helpful in this vast undertaking concealment.


The warrior who travels all along his timeline is a wall-pass that shows us the way to go.
Lao Surlam