This morning I give thanks. Yes, this morning I thank the Living, who does not hear me, but who lives in all that lives. Maybe he actually hears me? So many gifts, so much luck, so many donations, how not to thank? At the height of happiness, I receive a thousand benefits from my thanks.

If the warrior expects no result of his actions, he receives many of his thanksgiving. It is as if the one who thanks is thanked in turn. But if you thank you and hope for a reward, you will have nothing but a volley of green wood. Sincerity, humility, recognition go hand in hand with the absence of selfish calculation. Innocence and spontaneity are enough for the warrior to do unselfish actions.

The petty bourgeois drowns in the icy waters of selfish calculation (Karl Marx – Friedrich Engel)

This afternoon in the sun, happy as a lizard on a hot stone, I give thanks. Tonight in the rain, I give thanks too. I have something to eat, I thank you. I have a hungry stomach, I thank you too. Nothing is unworthy of me, no punishment repels me. My road is unobstructed, my obstacles are inconsistent, and my consistency is porous.

Am I the subject of a Word? Am I the child of my works? Am I short? Yes or no ? This is not the question. In this case, where did she go? Thank you at all times. Chance does not exist, it’s another word for Osiris. Pray Osiris. Without invoking it! Seriously, please, no invocation. No more than another, living or dead, human, angelic, diabolical or divine. Danger ! How to know who answers you? The invisible are legions, they behave like wolves, that is, like men. This universe is predatory. The invisible ones are part of it.

Homo hominis lupus / The man is a wolf for the man (Plautus)

Did you take a bath?
– Why ? Is there one missing ? (source)Camille Semin

Protecting yourself from the unseen is a serious matter that requires a little more – or a little less? – that a bath, was it a bathtub. Was it sunbathing, a bathroom, a midnight bath, a foot bath, sitz bath in the ice, I know one who needed some.

Thank life for the baths you took, and thank too for those you avoided. Agamemnon was killed in the water of a bath, same for Marat. Not too much need. Henri IV take a bath once a year, and forget the following year. Dior and Chanel did not exist, otherwise they would have sued him. Every king that one is, the right to stink is not obvious. To fart in silk does not perfume the ass. Let’s pity the queen for the farts and the breath.

That night I give thanks. The moon is at the zenith. Round like a granite. It rains flags glittering on the countryside peppered with lights and cold hearths. The smoke smells of hard wood, well dry. It’s pretty. The rain wets only the eyes, in memory of old farewells. News of missing: fourteen starters, all ran.

Thank. Give thanks. Take off your crown. Bow down. Lose your pride. Bend on your knees. Like. Love. Feel fulfilled. Pampered. Protected. Supported. So, uniting your beings, thank the Being and bless the Living. Feel free to give. To dedicate. To unite.

And if stormy winds blow, if the future looks dark in the black ocean, if the present drowns, if the pain knots your stomach and kills the vigor in you, stop complaining. Thank. Give thanks. Thank evils.

Thank you the wars.
Thank you the wards.
Thank you the worlds.

Thank you the words.

Words are eroding
and shirk
over time
words wear out
the words saw
the branch where they are

the words called beasts amuse us
for a moment
our souls use the accursed beasts
eternity yet
the emotion of a word evaporates
It still reigns
Here comes the fashion changer
the word is in danger

words without thought
what a foolish happiness
when in the naked space of a disconnected brain
the fairy on the cradle of the soul bent
thirst quenched
a happiness that is not of the world
joy floods me
joy that never let me go

the fairy Salary is at the box office
water from a pitcher
that she poured into the water of the river
it’s prayer
that an awakened must address to heaven

naked in the street
the swarm pointed to the sun
till you meet
three little fairies
three enchanters
opening their secrets
covering with caresses
the gruff old bear
who can hardly bear
those dreams and wonders
happiness to enter
in the autumn land
incredible band
family love line
this little love of mine
happiness moonshine

The world is wide but inside it is as deep as the sea.
Rainer Maria Rilke