The Secret Of Osiris


Many mysteries surround the figure of Osiris. As a son of the great Ra, he was a being of flesh. But as a postmortem lover of Isis, he appears as a pure spirit. He is always standing back in the shade, so that we can easily forget he keeps the key of life at hand.


The Great Hypothesis

We may agree with Slosman that the Egyptian god Osiris, became Prometheus in Greece, Enki in Sumer, Elohim for the Hebrews, Quetzalcoatl for the Aztecs or Viracocha in the Andes. But in all these cases, there was not a single character. They were many, all driven by the same idea, restarting a devastated planet. They arrived in different parts of the world, restored hope and dignity to the human animals who were hiding, fearful and superstitious, having faced the horror of apocalypse. The gods were angry against the men. The men were hiding in the holes of the Earth.

Yet came from heaven good and gentle beings, civilized therefore superior, learned therefore magic, effective therefore divine. That is the whole story we told at level 3, the story of the Sons of Chaos. We saw there that each of these local gods was accompanied by a band of co-gods, wizards, as divine as him, and sometimes capable of supplanting him, as Seth for Osiris, Satan for Yahveh-Elohim, or Tezcatlipoca for Quetzalcoatl.


All The Names Of Osiris

To track down his character better, let’s pursue the possible translations of the name Osiris.

“He that she handed back to duty” refers to the genetic action of Isis, reviving Osiris.

“He who leads the West” designates the god of the dead, as for the Egyptians, the West was the land of the dead they called Amenta.

It seems that Osiris was identified with the jackal-god of Abydos, Khenty-Imentyou, “He who leads the West”.

Unless it is something else? 




Albert Slosman, as I said suggests that Amenta, the great land of the dead in the West, could be the Egyptian name for Atlantis. In this case, “He who leads the West” would be the priest-king of the Atlanteans.

Osiris would merge then with Atlas, the mythical Atlantean king in the Greek mythology, who belongs like Prometheus and Zeus to the great family of the Titans. “The eternally beautiful” can be read as “He who does not get old, He who stays forever young”.


The Treasure Cave

“The seat of the powerful” wouldefer to his crown.

We saw elsewhere that Osiris’ crown was a formidable machine, since it was dangerous even for who wore it.

It is interesting to note, while we found many objects that belonged to different pharaohs, we have never found, even in pieces, one of these famous crowns they all wore. They might have been so powerful weapons that they were destroyed after the death of their owner.

Destroyed? Or hidden in a safe place?

A secret place, inviolable, like a vast underground chamber where, since the dawn of time, were carefully enclosed the relics of a formidable technology, the sacred science of ancient Egyptians.

This gigantic cave houses so many wonders that the sages of that time have seen fit to entrust the watch to a stone giant, a fearsome Lion, who by the effect of erosion has lost some of his mane, in which distant descendants carved the head of a pharaoh with his cap, a head too small for the lion’s body.

Since then, the Sphinx conceals his true riddle: “Who do you think I guard? The pyramids? Or some room under my feet?”



Less than ten years ago, Japanese scientists would have discovered, through magnetic resonance and echolocation, the presence of a cavity of large dimensions under the Sphinx.

But the excavations undertaken by Zahi Hawass, the almighty pharaoh of Egyptian antiquities, would have been stopped by an underground river. Knowing him, there is still a doubt … 

A last translation of Osiris is not mentionned by Wikipedia and Sons. The University of Cairo is called Al Azhar, which is usually translated as Osiris. Concealing the fact that this name is also the origin of a very common French word: hasardi.e. random, and not hazard! Ousir, Azhar – apart from the accents – spell the same in Arabic.



The secret of Osiris, the main secret, he has never hidden. The great god was Nubian origin, and his skin was ebony black.


Black Saga


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