The Law Of Oblivion


Who is the man? Where does he come from? We’ve been asking ourselves the question for a long time – which proves that no one knows. There is in our past a wall of memory beyond which no one wants to venture…. Yet these questions are enough to build all wisdom. Knowing where you come from means better understanding where you are and already guessing where you are going. Our forgotten history can shed light on our true nature, also forgotten.


We are over-trained, but mostly deformed. Fed with lies, we are groping, not knowing where we come from or where we are going. “Humanity has forgotten its origin: it is like any piece of furniture, unable to say what is its original forest!” (source)

Like the waves in the sea or the strata on the rock, civilizations follow one another, tirelessly identical, and overlap one another. Dwarves that we are, especially our historians: very clever who will see further than the previous civilization

It’s as if we have amnesia. And there’s every indication that amnesia is benefiting some. At the end of the known past is an impassable horizon for our mind, the wall of memory. It varies according to the times. On the other side of the wall, there is nothing. The history of the peoples was devoured by the law

The present historical horizon stops around 900 B.C. – whether we write Jesus Christ or Julius Caesar, they are almost contemporary. Before? Savages, carved stone and cave paintings, no interest. Before? Close relatives of the monkey, if we believe anthropologists, only approved specialists.

Reputed scientific and therefore indisputable, their scenario is as follows: we are one of the last hominids of the type Homo sapiens, the last, a little more conscious than the others, since they call us Homo sapiens sapiens, the man who knows that he knows. Our name was changed a few years ago to Homo sapiens. But the scenario of our origin has not changed. And this scenario may not be as solid as science claims.


Charles Darwin

Throughout the evolutionary stages, too many links are missing, too many inexplicable jumps suggest too many mutations and too many accidents do things too well.  In a word, it is too much for everyone, except for the disciples of Darwin who never have enough. We must see them clinging to this closely mechanistic thesis that is Darwinian evolution. A pattern too rigid and full of holes that even Charles Darwin, at the end of his life, wanted to remove from his work and libraries. The flatterers and groupies of the master prevented it…

Now and in the past, anthropologists cling to their chimeras. They struggle like flies in a glass of milk. But with their white coat, if they want to be distinguished, it is better to choose to drown in a glass of wine. In any case, they are not ready to drown in anything but their pride. This defect is always a sign of ignorance.



Pierre Teilhard

This does not prevent neo-darwinians (like neo-freudians in another field) from considering themselves useful to the progress of knowledge. A retro progress, in this case. At any cost, in the illusory hope of making a bridge between the monkey and us, the neo-Darwinians have cobbled together ancestors, Homo erectus, Homo faber and some other hairy plantigrades like the Homo Pekinensis, a blunder of youth committed by the great Teilhard de Chardin.

Despite the combined efforts of experts for over a century, this bridge was never built. The link is still missing. On the other hand, the paleoanthropologists have found us cousins, the Neanderthals, who are claimed missing, what is discussed: where did the yetis come from? Where did we come from? 

Where do I come from? Where do I go? I can tell you. I come from home and I’m going back. (Pierre Dac)


The NAP Hypothesis

One idea spread slowly during the previous century: we are descendants of aliens. We are their children or their creatures. Everyone has heard about it except scientists. Deaf and blind, this science is not dumb, unlike the three little monkeys. And on the question of aliens, they are starting to evolve, like their famous theory. It was about time.

Are UFO phenomena and other UAP (unidentified aerospace phenomena) actually probes sent to Earth by an alien mother ship hidden in our solar system? In any case, this is what some Pentagon officials seem to suggest following a study by Harvard University. A paper published by Sean Kirkpatrickdirector of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) of the Pentagon and Abraham Loebprésident of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University indicates that one might well have on Earth today probes coming from extraterrestrials observing us. NAPs that challenge physics.


Impossible Devices

The report takes as an example the NAPs which so far are beyond our technological capabilities. But that’s not all, according to experts, they even defy the laws of fundamental physics. For example, NAPs that are seen skimming water or moving on US military videos do not behave as scientists expect. The UAP’s friction with the surrounding air or water should generate a bright optical fireball, an ionization shell and a tail – involving radio signatures,’ they explain in the report.

“An artificial interstellar object could potentially be a parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth, an operational construction not too different from NASA missions”, says the AARO report, a Pentagon branch tasked with tracking unidentified objects in the sky, under water, in the air and in space. These capsules could be separated from the parent craft by the gravitational force of the Sun or by a technological maneuver.” (source)



Imaginary vs Logical

Okay, we’re getting there! So the science fiction of my childhood was 60 years early? Most of my readers will have no trouble accepting that assumption. It’s not bold or innovative. I would even say it’s a little dated.

The scientific researchers of our time have a hard time with the imagination. They consider him an enemy, when he is the chief’s best ally. To make assumptions, pure logic is useless, on the contrary. It tends to castrate brilliant ideas. Amateur researchers are better. They do not hesitate to draw their working hypotheses from the great bag of minor arts: song, cinema, comics… And it pays!

I do nothing else. When an impossibility gets in the way of my research, to me science fiction! Are you saying that inspired authors wrote these novels, these films, these sf comics. Inspired by what? By our distant past, totally forgotten in appearance, but intact in the depths of the Self.

We were told a lot of nonsense, and yet the light never ceased to shine in us. Why did we forget it?  And above all, how can we find our true nature? Seek within yourself.


Short Memory

Our century has a short memory. For us, the past is nostalgia for a lost innocence. What a joke! The innocent are us. Our forgotten ancestors were giants in their bodies, minds and hearts. We were told once and for all to put these old moons in the drawer marked “Myths”. The myth today is bogus. It’s a phony concoction. So we see mythologies as boasting and lies: they are the most precious records of the lost ages.



In our heads, school memories mingle with images from movies and comics. Somehow, that makes our story — and what a story! — a portrait gallery that is often false, without chronology or overview. That’s when I intervene. If inspiration is lacking, no worries, I will see at the time in question. Being able to move through the timeline is a huge advantage when you’re looking at the past. Or the future. Or both.

René Guénon

A litany of battles that all look alike, apart from the dates. The dates! Haunts the dunce and the visionary! And there is a good reason for that. Dates lock us into the reign of quantity. so strongly fought by René Guénon. Why be wary of dates? Because they are false. The various ancient calendars do not coordinate. Dating methods have their limits, and their reliability is questionable. Nothing infallible, nothing assured, nothing indisputable, but what matters? As long as we can date, that reassures! Who? The mind. The logical mind. The intellect. Without encryption, everything is only artistic blur. And with numbers, death triumphs.

Intellectual satisfaction is less important than life. You can’t put it in numbers. Life laughs at dates. Dates are the grid of icy logic that emasculates vital momentum. They are all wrong, of course. It’s missing centuries, it’s missing people, it’s missing time. So let’s forget the dates once and for all. Man is said to be a reasonable animal, for only an animal can be. For heroes, warriors and gods, excess of reason ruins reason.

Our current way of life is contrary to human nature. It has been going on for centuries, but the pressure of nothingness is increasing. Almost unemployed, our right brain atrophies. The key to our lost powers fades with it. It is urgent to react. Happiness is not “to have it full of our cabinets.” Let’s start by removing the medicine cabinet. To cure us, we have the inner healer. Why hit him with drugs? They kill us like they kill Social Security.

Nowadays we see time as a linear phenomenon, past-present-future. The future is unknown, the present too quickly passed and the past too quickly forgotten. In keeping with our vision of linear time, we have invented a new science, history. It is false, of course. The important thing for historians is not that their history is right, but that they all agree with each other. Which, of course, never happens. I could have called this site Another Man’s Story. But I’m not a historian, I’m a storyteller. Our adventures do not make a story, but a saga. The best possible saga!





The verb to love is difficult to conjugate: its past is not simple, its present is only indicative, and its future is always conditional. 
Jean Cocteau