The Law Of Oblivion



Who is the man? Where is he from ? The question has been asked for a long time – which proves that nobody knows it. There is in our past a wall of memory beyond which no one wants to venture …

Yet these questions are enough to build all wisdom. Knowing it may help us to know where to go. There’s in our past a wall of time below which no one dares to go … Our forgotten history can enlighten us about our true nature, forgotten too. We are told a lot of nonsense, sometimes we admit that crap, refusing to see the light that keeps on shining deep inside of us. Why did we forgot our true nature? Above all, how can we get it back? “Humankind has forgotten its origin: it is like any piece of furniture, unable to say where its native forest is!” (source)

Like waves in the sea or strata on the rock, civilizations follow -tirelessly identical- and overlap each other. Dwarfs as we are, especially our historians: very clever who can see before the previous civilization. Everything happens as if we were struck with amnesia – and everything says this amnesia is likely useful for someone. At the end of the known past stands an impassable horizon for our mind that I call the memory barrier. It moves over time. On the other side of the barrier, there is nothing. History and peoples have been devoured by the law of oblivion.

Our race is amnesic. Our past reaches a skyline beyond which the Unknown starts. This skyline is the horizon of History, and it starts around 900 before JC. Please note JC may be written Jesus Christ or Julius Caesar, since they are almost contemporary. Before that line? Savages, knapped stone and cave paintings, no interest. Except for paleo-anthropologists. Before that? Apes, according to the same scientists.




Apes or that kind of beast. Thanks to Darwin, they consider man as an ape’s cousin, a hominidae of Homo sapiens type. We would be the last of them, a little more conscious than the others because they name us Homo sapiens sapiens,
the man who knows that he knows

But it may be that this scenario is not as strong as they claim. Throughout the necessary evolutionary steps, too many links are missing, too inexplicable leaps suggest too many changes and chances that are too suitful for them. Let us have a deeper look to this mechanistic thesis that the Darwinian evolution is. Their life seems to be at stake because anthropologists are attached to their fantasies. We see them struggling like a fly in a glass of milk.

In a desperate attempt to make the link between Ape and Man, the neo-Darwinians found numerous ancestors for us, Homo erectus, Homo faber and a few other ape-like creatures. Who say these curious -and rare- creatures are our ancestors? Only their hypothesis. All these ape-like creatures could well be genetics attempts to elaborate an efficient race of servants, as many myths suggest.

In any case, Neo-Darwinians are in a dead end street. Despite their combined efforts for more than a century, the missing link is still missing. This hypothetic link between Ape and Human has never been made. Nevertheless, paleo-anthropologists found new cousins, Neanderthals. They are supposed to have disappeared, which is doubtful facing Yetis and Sasquatch. This small world is full of surprises ever.

Where do I come from? Where do I go? I can tell you. I come from home and I’m going back. (Pierre Dac)

We heard a lot of nonsense, and yet light has never ceased to shine in us. Why did we forget it? And more importantly, how can we get our true nature back? Seek in you. We have a short memory. The past, for most of us, is nostalgia of lost innocence. What a joke ! We are still innocent comparing to our forgot ancestors ! They were giants in their bodies, in their heads and in their hearts. But today’s scientists and historians packed all this crap in a locker called “Myths”. And it means bullshit.




As far as they’re concerned, mythologies are meaningless delirium. Myths are actually the most precious records of the lost ages.


Beware Of Reason

In our heads, vague memories of school books mix up with images from films and comics. All of this constitutes our history. And what a history: a gallery of often wrong portraits, with neither any chronology nor general vision. A litany of battles that all look the same, except for the date.

Dates! Obsessive fear for the dunce and the visionary! And there’s a good reason to this fear. Dates lock us in the reign of quantity. The dates are the grid of logic emasculating the vital impulse. They are all wrong, of course. Lost centuries, missing people, vanishing time. Let us forget the dates once and for all. The man is said to be a rational animal. Oh yes. I guess only a beast can follow reason. For heroes, warriors and gods, excess of reason ruins reason.

Our way of life betrays the human nature. It has been lasting for centuries but the pressure of the void increases. Our right brain hemisphere, unused, is almost atrophied. The key to our lost powers will disappear with it. We must hurry and react. Happiness is not to have a lot of things we don’t need. Empty the medicine cabinet, full of out-of-date medicine, tablets and pills, and yet used every day for automedication. You’d better drink a bottle of Chablis. 

We all see time like a linear thing: past – present – future. Future is unknown, present too fast past, and past is forgotten too fast. To illustrate this, to fit with this concept of time, a new science was created, history. It is wrong, of course. The important thing for historians is not that their story is true, but that they all agree with each other. This, of course, never happens. That is why I have undertitled this site An other history of man. I am not a historian, quite not. I am a philosopher. From my point of view, the adventures of our species do not form a story, but a saga. The best possible saga. 

Things were quite different in the ancient days, ye knows.


He slowly dies who does not travel, who does not read, who does not listen to music, who does not know how to laugh at himself.
Pablo Neruda