Flying Astral


The scalar practice workshop attracts a few warriors, all passionate, and we got interesting results. Many questions they asked me, here are answers for them and for all my readers … who are numerous indeed – more than 5 million spread over 170 countries – most of them real fans, judging by the number of their visits !


Dreams and the Astral

I am asked if there is a difference between conscious astral flight and daydreaming. It depends. I got so (censored) in math class that I was dreaming while standing on my desk. The math teacher also kicked me out to the censor. She was a lady. At least she said so.

All kidding aside, daydreams are often astral flight. With this nuance: where is the consciousness? Does it remain in the physical body, does it go with the astral body which flies away? There remain two possibilities: consciousness is in both, or else it is nowhere. The last case for those who cannot bear the tugging and lose consciousness. In this case, consciousness reaches the astral body, but the person will not know anything about it, neither during nor after awakening. When the consciousness remains in the physical body, the result is the same: no memory of astral flight.

The best, you will understand, is conscious astral flight. In this case, it merges with the waking dream. the next step is to control its flight. The ultimate step is to be aware of astral flight while keeping your awareness at the same time in the physical body.
My lips are sealed

One of the astral flyers in workshop said to me, “I don’t know where I went last night, but I’m sure something has happened. Can you tell me more?” No I can not. Of course I know it. But I must be silent. The influence of my words on the conscience of another turns what I say into an imperative program. The other will experience events that do not come from him but from my suggestions.

The whole difficulty, for me, is to encourage, to underline the successes and the accomplishments, to approve the right behavior even to be ecstatic on the impeccable acts, but I am forbidden to reveal what a person does not. not see yet. This is even what makes it possible to recognize charlatans. They will tell you everything you want to know, regardless of your harmonious evolution. What interests them is not to help you, but to use you. Psychic vampires, they make a profession of exploiting the candor of the fragile. To seduce these shy ones, they make themselves indispensable and scare their prey to suck their blood.

Sometimes I can’t help but tease the unanswered questioners. Needless to say, their egos don’t like it. And yet! I have the right to do so, these annoyances are not, quite the contrary. They are very useful and can quickly give good results. Merlin’s laughter relies on the same process.



Detail or not?

Another astral flyer clarifies this detail: when I wake up, the only memory that remains of my dream is a clock indicating 3:45. Maybe the info is useful for him, I can’t comment on it. Suppose I have a flash on that hour, and I see something about it. Should I tell him? No, because I don’t have the right to steal his discovery. We fall back to the previous scenario. I see, but I won’t say.

I know he’s reading me, I suggest he meditate on this info. What does 3:45 mean to you, friend? You are the only one who can answer. Please note, this is not necessarily a time, it can be only the numbers 3, 4 and 5. They form a sequence.

What we see in our dreams is reinterpreted by the brain. The confidence that one places in these pseudo-memories must be moderated by a critical analysis. I have just given an example. Don’t take anything at face value when it comes to the unconscious. All our dreams, all our astral journeys speak to us above all about our unconscious. This is why they are precious.

But the unconscious is protected. Its opening suit is tamper-proof. This is why Arcane XIII or mysteries of Isis once required the presence of a ferryman, authorized to make you cross the great waters.


Dominant mind

A girl flyer confesses to me that she has a hard time with her overly intrusive mind. Hyperactive, her work absorbs her. This explains that. Impossible to make the interior calm except at rare privileged moments. Her work keeps her busy even when she is away. Which implies that she stays in the mind constantly, the flow of thoughts and mental impressions does not dry up in her head.

Jean-Claude Flornoy (1950-2010)Listen to your body. What you don’t know, your body knows. (JC Flornoy)

The solution: inhabit your body. You have to stop the dictatorship of your head and decide to explore your body. From inside and out. This is the most obvious solution, but not easy to implement. To be honest with you, I am the opposite. Staying in the mind makes me silly. Whenever I get in, I have to get out quick.

Meditation is no longer an activity that I do at such and such a time. All my life is meditation. What I do at certain times, and for just a few minutes, is a stay in the mind. The shorter the better in that sad place where all humans are permanently installed. Suddenly I feel far from the world. I am still there, the matter of my body is a reality, but I cherish the project to stop feeding myself except with prana. Move further away from the material. That’s why I have a hard time with printed books. Too much hard material. I prefer the virtual, since anyway it is our true nature.


Feel to act

“I feel your many energy aids daily but I am not always able to use them. However, last Tuesday and another evening I was able to rest. I felt like a flow pulling me upwards, and the impression of floating in the air holding the hands of several people. As soon as I feel these sensations my mind quickly takes over and cuts off any possibility of going further.”

The feeling is magnificent and corresponds very closely to reality. Our group of seven to eight flying people had formed a circle and a kind of communion was established. Other participants told me that I was talking, but no one remembers what I said to them. For my part, I see the circle of fellowship again, but I don’t think I said anything. Sometimes when the assemblage point moves, it is believed to be being taught by words. But this is not the case.

I underline the last sentence: my mind quickly takes over. Yes, this is how the ego does. All our blockages can be explained by fear, incredulity, doubt, lack of confidence, excess of reason, still it is that these brakes have only one source: the mind. The queen thought, the flood of mental images, in short, what our civilization considers the normal state.



Empty yourself. Relativize the importance of reason. Stop acting all over the place. Living in your body, changing air, your head stinks.

Feeling finely the astral events is the first phase. Almost everyone can reach it in two or three collective sessions. It is then a question of using this feeling to take action. Open seeing with the third eye. Accept your omnipotence. Say to yourself casually: yes, I fly. It’s me who steals. I see the earth below, space, the stars. I hover above the moon, I cross the sun, I am the foam, the perfume, the wind which blows in a storm or which caresses the skin like warm lips.

And your space body will land on Paradise.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson