Scalar Practice

The new Scalaire Pratique group is in constitution. Its activity is different from the voluntary group which meets every evening at 9 p.m. I will specify with each of you the modalities: schedule, progress, reports – our contacts by e-mail will be close and followed. Register using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Control invisible forces. This quest began at the very edge of my life, the first time I consciously exited my body when I was a pre-teen. Now I feel ready to pass on a few bits of the psi skills and techniques that I have acquired over a long life of practice and remarkable encounters.

Scalar Practice

Hence the plan to create a scalar group of a new kind, which would practice action at a distance through conscious astral travel, when consciousness moves and acts outside the body.

The goal would be to experience body outings, astral encounters, control of invisible forces and several other paranormal phenomena – while waiting for them to become normal, which is sure to happen.

I have the strong desire that many participants will be motivated for this adventure of a singular kind, which can help us to take a good step forward in the realization of ourselves.

Unlike the group that has existed since 2017 and which is a volunteer, this one aims to provide fulfilling and unique experiences. Useful clarification: this job will take a lot of my time and effort. I expect a commitment that matches mine. What you don’t pay has no value, they say. To sign a contract with me, I’m not asking for your blood, or your soul, or your worship, no, none of that. I am only expecting a small donation, which will entitle to several personal and group sessions.

My work will not be at all the same as for the first group, especially for the individual sessions, so I decided to ask for this participation.

Complete the registration

First, send me a recent photo that will be used to secure communication. All the information is in the scalar section. See below.

Second, pay a registration fee of  € 25 – or $ 30 – or £ 20 – ¨Please use the donation form which appears on all the pages of the site. This registration fee entitles you to several individual and / or collective sessions.

Third: If you are ready to get involved in this experience, please read the following articles for your safety: Scalar wavesScalar GroupScalar attitudeThe Energy Of LoveLight In Your BrainSoul AdventuresScalar HealingRemote HealingLife Comes From The HeartScalar ActionTime To LoveScalar Waves And MeAstral Encounters

Needless to say more : the recommendations given on the site for any scalar practice remain valid for this particular experiment, so I would ask you to carefully read all the articles cited above.


In nature’s infinite book of secrecy, a little I can read.
Billy Shakespeare