Conscious Astral Flight

Almost two months ago, I launched the scalar practice workshop, with one goal: to experiment. At any time of the day, I establish scalar contact with one or the other of the participants, up to them to perceive this contact, to note the time and duration, and to give me all the information & details of their feelings. We compare the data, then I set a new program for the time coming.

The contacts are numerous, the results encouraging. But most participants stumble on the same point: manage the waves of energy that I send to them. It is necessary that my energy intake mate with their own energy, so that they are clearly aware of performing astral flight. An unwanted emotion can also block this clear awareness of astral flight:  fear, the warrior’s first enemy. I will come back to that.

When we leave the body, there are three cases: either the clear consciousness remains in the physical body. We only have a vague impression of being different, we feel floating, but it does not go further. Second step: consciousness accompanies the subject during his astral flight. He is in heaven, it is the case to say it.

So far it has happened to two participants, who believed they had reached the final goal. They are far from it. The last step is to remain aware of the physical body, while maintaining awareness in astral flight. It is bilocation. I have written on the subject before, but I will come back to it as well.

We can manage energy fluctuations very finely, I am talking about this particular energy that we have called Ki or Chi, vril, mana, impulse, vital momentum, personal power, radiation, aura, magnetism, subtle energy, awakening energy, even the Force in Star Wars. All these pretty labels, and many more, adorn the same bottle.

Few of you are aware of this subject, and yet all of us, we use it every day. Every moment should I say. Even while sleeping. The participants of the scalar practice workshop are the first recipients of this article, but each reader will know how to benefit from it.

Those who make the profession of energy specialist, or whatever the name we give to subtle healers, use it conscientiously and knowingly, yet they will enjoy seeing that magic operates at the very heart of matter and according to the laws of physics. If they wish to verify it for themselves, I invite them to join the scalar workshop.

India miracle land

This subtle energy is the very source of life. Each era believes it has been discovered, all ancient civilizations have known it. It is of course one of the forgotten powers of mankind. A gift from Prometheus / Enki / Prasupata. A gift from those who made us in their genetics labs. Yes, Adam was a test tube baby, a genetically modified fetus in a crystal matrix, like the crystal coffin where Merlin rests, at the bottom of Lake Comper in Dark Forest.

Crystal, as we know, has very specific properties, a bit like gold or clay. Gold king of metals, clay king of the earth, crystal king of stones. These are the three wise men of the manger. A beautiful legend borrowed from Krishna’s childhood, by the way. Any Brahmin child will be able to explain to you who these three magic kings really are, and the role they each play in their reign. The primordial tradition has been better preserved in some countries.

In India, country of psi powers, the practice of leaving the body is very widespread, like other donations which in our country are part of the feat. Many young Indians take it as natural as walking or breathing. However, I owe it to the truth to say that my memories are getting old, like me. My initiatory trip to India dates back to the 1970s. A famous lease.

The megalopolises of India today have resolutely tilted the scales towards pure reason, high-tech research and all that pertains to the right side, which equates in nagualism to the left hemisphere of the brain. I imagine the countryside has withstood the globalist wave better, but in the absence of an audit, I stay beyond a reasonable doubt about it.

The India of my teenage years was a temple. Land of sacrifice, cult of the highest altar, incredible India. I have traveled a lot around this planet, never have I taken such a slap until arriving in Bombay. India stunned me. I did not come out unscathed. A long time later, while I was passing my arcane XIII, I found three previous lives – or interior? – whose framework was India. I have a passion for Southeast Asia, but I only kneel before Mother India, beautiful and cruel, made of grace and filth, honey and heaven,ardor and horror, vanity and holiness. Both sides of miracle.

But I’m only going back there in the astral. And in the astral, we see what we want to see. You can’t be sure of anything. The astral is the root of this illusory world that we hold to be real. It is therefore more solid, more credible and more trustworthy than pseudo-reality. And yet the astral is even more vacillating than it is. Which suggests that this so-called real is quite virtual. A fucking video game. And we are but fucking avatars. Whatever we do, wherever we go, we bump into the walls of the jar. It pisses off.

Magic links

The spiritual teaching of India insists on this inversion of values, characteristic of kali yuga. The real is illusory, made by a goddess, Maya. Beware of Maya, sang George Harrisson. (listen)

I have a magnificent text on it, it is somewhere at random in the mess that takes the place of my writing desk, oh yes, here it is, it’s Daniélou. He explains that the dog does not follow a trail by smell alone. It uses a subtle sense that we also have, but dormant. Waiting for us to wake up.

“What the dog follows is something else. It is a trail of subtle substance that all living things leave behind as they move through space. It is a kind of bond that connects all being to places. where he went. We call this the Atharva Sutra, the magic thread.

These magical threads are not just a trail, they have a certain persistence, a certain solidity with the help of which it is possible to react on the one from which they come, much like the thread allows to attract the spider. Have you seen a snake devour an animal? Although it devours its head first, it still does not approach it behind. He takes hold of his magic thread without which he could not fascinate him.

The animal is stopped as if it were held back by a tie. He turns, and slowly drawn back, along his own magical thread that the snake seems to swallow as a spider swallows its thread. Every time we move, we leave a trail that someone can grab.” (source)Alain Daniélou, Le bétail des dieux, 1962

The subtle matter

If any substance that once belonged to our body is separated from it, a magical thread connects it to ourselves as long as it is not broken down. Hence the importance in black magic of excrement and especially nail clippings and hair which is preserved for a very long time. A magic thread acts exactly like a thin thread that would connect our subtle body at certain given points. You can hardly feel the action normally.

But there is a process called a ligature in black magic, by which we can, when we hold the end of a magic thread, fix it at a given point, fix it at a given point, tie it with in a way that greatly increases its strength. (…) If their number rises to hundreds, or to thousands, one becomes like a man whose each hair has been attached separately to a wall, absolutely unable to move. This is how magicians “tie” their victims to an invisible prison from which they can never escape. (source)Alain Daniélou, Le bétail des dieux, 1962

I don’t aim to give black magic lessons, I don’t give a dime for it, and Alain Daniélou, whom I just mentioned, wasn’t interested either. But it does exist. Let us not be naive by excess of incredulity.

To bring the energy that the participants of the scalar workshop lack, I do not only use the wave path. I use these filaments of subtle matter which allow a tighter, more physical contact. Hence the use of a photo. It does not contain subtle matter, but it contains the access key. How I do it, it’s still impossible to explain it to you. It’s spontaneous. I imagine that I received this gift, since it never required an effort. Gift from Bom Shankar, my heart sadhu, maybe?

So I invite the participants to focus on this luminous trail that they leave behind wherever they go, in reality as on the astral plane. It is not only light, it is also matter. French mathematician Louis de Brogliepronounce Broy demonstrated that light is not just a wave, there is also matter. This validated theory is called wave mechanics. Well let’s use it.

Even though quantum physics has taken another direction, there is no evidence that Louis de Broglie was wrong. The wise men of India have relied on a similar vision for ages, long before its formalization by de Broglie. A supporter of tradition, I am wary of theorists’ attraction to novelty. Fundamental physics too is subject to fads … I’m not. I am a rock. (listen)

Of all those who have nothing to say, the nicest are those who keep silent.
Michel Colucci aka Coluche