Flying Astral Round 4

The 3rd cycle ends with pretty surprises and other astral flying on the threshold of awakening. The astral adventure continues towards other wonders. When I first came up with the idea of a scalar group to emit unconditional love, I hadn’t imagined the flying astrals. This beautiful story exceeds my expectations.

Scalar waves, eccentric, inexplicable, are in my opinion the carrier waves of love. Their behavior seems irrational, driven by mechanisms that physics ignores. For us, they were the discreet companions of fabulous moments of intimacy with our planet and infinite space.

Every night at 9 p.m. for the past five years, we have met in the astral to emit and receive unconditional love. Everyone can drink from this living spring, but there is greater benefit to giving than to receiving. Open your heart, act without waiting for a reward, pour this donation into the account of Man, forget the satisfaction, forget the good deed, forget the donation, forget yourself and when the space is clear, when the recipient is empty, the Eau Vive which regenerates, the flood which awakens and the wave which reveals.

Astral Flying

Since then, this practice has opened other doors for me. Now we have moved on to practical work. The scalar workshop offers from the black moon to the full moon an astral flight cycle. This adventure is experienced every night by a small group of Wind Passengers. the principle is simple. I emit a beam of scalar waves which forms a cocoon in which the flying astrals easily find their place.

Don’t ask me how I do it, I don’t give a fuck. I do, that’s all. Or someone does it for me. Every night, all the passengers of the stars wisely come to take their place in the flying cocoon. When the training is complete, the actual flight begins.

This cocoon protects the steering wheels and relieves them of any energy expenditure for the flight. All of their energy is available to remember. They engrave each episode in their hearts, so that when they wake up, on the other side of the mirror, there is something left. It takes patience for that memory to come back, but it does come back when it is appropriate.

I emit during the day, when the flying astral are immersed in their usual activities, which does not prevent them from feeling either a new burst of energy or a surprising physical reaction, what else do I know? There are many signs for those who stay awake. To read them, it is sometimes necessary to use sagacity. Crack the code. To read them, at worst, you have to say them. To repeat the words to each other until the strangeness, until the sound dominates the meaning and composes another song, so goes the language of the Goslings.

This flight is not an organized trip. The group does not impose its law. The excursions outside the cocoon are numerous and beneficial. Many episodes are linked to each, and experienced alone. It is not helpful for others to witness it. And if they are, since you don’t know each other and they don’t interpret things in the same way, the discretion is total.

Crossing the worlds

We took the train that crosses the worlds. We walked alongside abysses of fire. We have familiarized ourselves with invincible peaks. And on the meridians we veered. The restive memory did not smile at all. He will come back tomorrow or later, believe me, all that will not be forgotten. Others have experienced the joy of seeing oneself move in crazy places, between peak and abyss, between dream and reason, enter your house. Come. Your place is here.

Who knew at the beginning what this adventure would bring us? Not me, I admit. And probably not you. I will publish very soon a complete report of the 3rd cycle, which like the previous ones gave great results: wonders, serenity, discoveries. The adventure goes on. Impossible to stop in such a good way.

So if you feel up to it, we’ll do it again to welcome spring. Renewal. The beginning of real life. On the other side of oblivion. The promised astral. Theft allowed. We start again. We unfold in infinity like a flight of wild geese, which go higher and further than other birds.

Come to mirror the roof of the world, to burst from the bottom of the waves to the planets which make the round, to fly as soft as a dovetail, the old name of the swallow to advance the thunderstorm which rumbles, to slip in the deep valleys, to graze the Self , leave me, and remember it all.

Before registering

Please read or re-read these articles which will answer your questions on astral flight and the group that you will integrate:
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On waves carrying love you may read Scalar Waves and following 12 articles.

Every morning, if something noticeable happened the day before, you will let me know by email. At your convenience.


The transmission is from me to you without anything being a screen. Mind-blowing. This kind of occasion is rare. Extremely rare. Sixteen days to find you, sixteen nights just for you, to be able to open your secret garden on the astral universe, to take a few steps in the other world. Everything is possible. Come join us if you feel ready 😉 😉

From the black moon to the full moon,
Saturday March 13 — Sunday March 28, 2021.

The gift

So that as many people as possible can participate in this feast for the soul, the donation to register is set at 25 €. Note that for an old man like me, beyond the happiness of serving, the task is overwhelming. Large amounts of energy are required, not to mention time reading and responding to your precious mail each day.

I don’t hesitate to give more, which is why I sincerely thank those who give more. But I love you all as much.

Utopy is just what have not been tried yet.
Theodore Monod