The Sons Of Cyclops



Cyclops had, say, an eye in the middle of the forehead. In fact, they also had two normal eyes like we do. But the eye they got in the forehead threw such blinding flashes that the little men saw it only.

Small, today’s men are next to one of the representatives of the Gold Race. They did not measure less than 54 meters, as is the traditional teaching about them. I already explained the powers they enjoyed, I have also shown that there is tangible evidence of their presence on earth long long ago when our planet was still inhabited by dinosaurs.

Although, given the recent advances in our knowledge in this field, dinosaurs could have survive until recently.

The theory of evolution is questioned by these evidence of a great ancientness of human species. Or should we say of the multiple human species? In one version of the myth, the Cyclopes were killed by Apollo after that Zeus killed his son Asclepius, with his thunderbolt, the lethal weapon made by the Cyclopes. 

 Asclepius also had his magic weapon, the caduceus, which shape reminds of the ankh, and which could kill or cure. But this story is still not very clear. Why did Zeus want to kill Asclepius, while the latter had just brought back many dead to life? Although the myth is not clear, it seems that Zeus did not intend to kill the son of Apollo. It seems that the thunderbolt, as Asclepius’ caduceus or the Egyptian ankh, was not only a deadly weapon. It could be a ray- launcher with various effect: sometimes the dose is beneficial and can heal; sometimes it is lethal.

And Zeus may have mishandled it by error …  According to Pherecydes of SyrosFragments of Greek History, by Jacoby this is not the first Cyclopes but their sons that Apollo destroyed to avenge the death of Asclepius. Because there were several generations of Cyclopes. If the first ones were the masters of lightning, their sons built all the megalithic fortresses that we still call cyclopean walls. A group of Cyclopes in the service of the king Proteus built the walls of the city of Tiryns, the birthplace of Heracles. They also erected the walls of Mycenae and the Lions’ Gate.

“The Cyclopes shepherds represent a younger generation, much less brilliant than their illustrious ancestors. They live of breeding in Sicily, as the cyclops PolyphemusFrom The Odyssey of Homer son of Poseidon. For Homer as for Virgil, the Cyclopes were wild giants and cannibals, fearing neither gods nor men. These cannibalistic Cyclops appear to be models for the ogres, these terrifying giants who have inhabited so many wonderful fairy tales since then.” (source)Terra nova There is no smoke without fire.




 “In the Irish beliefs, there are creatures called Fomorians, which had one eye, one arm and one leg. In the beliefs of the Ossetians, a people of Iranian language, there are ogres with just one eye.” (source)Wikipedia This myth of the Cyclops was present in ancient India, but also in China, Indonesia, Korea and Japan. It also existed in Africa, Australia and precolombian America. The Inuits have a legend that evokes these terrifying giants, high as icebergs, whose stride made crack the ice.

In Australia, rock paintings represent men throwing lightnings with the tip of their hands. Aborigines call them “Brothers of Lightning” and they add that they were the Former Men. This fact is an evidence for them. “Before us, there were the brothers of lightning. After us, here you are,” they use to say. These same men who gave Zeus his power over lightning. Same for the Assyrian god Baal, the Norse god Thor, the Hindu god Indra and many others, who are all represented with a beam of lightning in their hand.


angelot-berne-amour-lz-200poYahveh himself is mentioned in the Bible as a master of lightning: on Mount Sinai, when he gave Moses the Ten Commandments, Yahveh carved them in two tables of stone with lightning. In the desert, he appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush. Is it ball lightning? The cherubims placed by God at the gate of Eden are in charge of preventing men from returning to Eden. They are armed with the formidable flaming sword, like the god Lugh
The Celtic god Lugh defeated the Tuatha giants in the battle of Mag Tuired, with his flaming sword.


The Norse god Thor defeated the giants with his thunderbolt, a magic hammer loaded with lightning flashes. The Egyptian god Ra floored his enemies with a deadly flash. The Celtic and Hindu god Rama had a terrible weapon that the Mahabharata calls “an iron lightning”. And the Hindu god Shiva had the ultimate weapon, Pasupata, capable of destroying worlds.



There will ever be more truth in the universe that in all the books of men.
William Shakespeare