The Zeus Thunderbolt


Originally, Zeus, the powerful god of the Olympian gods, was not the master of lightning, but of tue master of thunderbolt. This word does make all the difference. This thundebolt, according to the Hellenistic tradition, is a cluster of zigzag darts terminated by an arrow. (source) I think it’s much more. Kind of modern weapon…


Gigantic Cyclops

I think it’s much more. I translate gibberish into a clear language. Lightning is a handgun, capable of throwing a fire snake, that is, a deadly ray. Zeus had received this weapon from the hands of the fabulous cyclops, the Men of the Golden Race, improbable creatures whose original size exceeded fifty meters.

The last Cyclops were much smaller. Their decline occurred over a span of tens of millennia.

The Cyclops, large humanoids, had a third eye in the middle of their forehead. The Cyclops were thought to have only one eye. It is that their third eye, hyper bright, hid their two eyes identical to those of humans. Their third eye was no ordinary eye. It fired lightning that could kill their opponents or heal the sick. Would these flashes have been confused with those of lightning? For they are said to be the masters of lightning


The Cyclops Lightning

Greek mythology tells us that they also mastered the art of forging and electronic engineering: they knew how to make terrible weapons … This is how they offered Zeus the weapon that made him all-powerful, the lightning that kills or divinizes. Let us not confuse it with lightning. Lightning is a handgun, quite comparable to the vajra of Indra, the weapon of Vajrapani. It too can kill or heal, awaken or drive crazy, depending on the user’s intent.

The single or double crowns worn by the early pharaohs of Egypt had exactly the same characteristics. The ankh was also a handgun with comparable effects, and not a symbol as the ignorant claim. Damn symbolism that distorts the wonders of a forgotten past.

Symbolism? The wisdom of morons. What remains when everything is forgotten. (Lao Surlam)


A hightech civilization

Similarly the xiuhcoatl of the Aztecs you can see opposite. Of course, this is not the original object, which was made of metal and that the terraformers carefully brought with them. Today we only have copies, sculptures, engravings or drawings, made after the departure of the civilizing gods.

Imitated with great care, they allow to imagine that they were high-tech objects. But no need to expect them to work. Only a few visionaries can now reconstruct the operation of a lightning power plant like Avebury. And the scientific community is totally laughing at them.

The Aztec xiuhcoatl was a weapon, but also a device of healing and awakening. Like the Heliogabalus bethyl, like the Sun’s anchor in Macchu Pichu I suppose that the xiuhcoatl was also a lightning stone, being able to capture the lightning energy to redistribute it according to the needs.

All these similarities are not by chance. We can believe that under different names and forms, these different weapons came from the same workshops, those of the Cyclops or the Atlanteans. The workshops of an advanced civilization that has left behind traces difficult to interpret insofar as one refuses the idea of a technological civilization.


Bad faith

For me, only bad faith explains this categorical refusal. This hypocrisy is the ultimate bulwark of a dogma, that of our pre-eminence. The entire scientific community absolutely wants us today to be at the highest level of development and civilization, when it is not. On the contrary, I believe that we are at the lowest point that this humanity has reached.

I speak not only of spirituality, of the quest for enlightenment, which were once the major concerns of human populations. I’m also talking about technology, which is where we definitely believe we’re the strongest.

Fatal mistake! If ever the former gods decided to come back here, which they did many times, we would soon realize how much their technological mastery overshadows ours. Their first visit to Terra dates back several billion years. That’s how long it took them to make this planet what it is today. Before it was permanently destroyed….



Ancient Technology


The Amazons

When I talk about the gods of before, I’d better clarify: it’s about goddesses. Matriarchy lasted an impressive number of millennia, while patriarchy is much more recent. It’s no more than four or five thousand years old. And male dominance, too, is the same age.

Unfortunately, the matriarchy ended disastrous for the males, hunted by the Amazons who grilled them on the barbecue before devouring them, with a clear preference for the genitals. This painful tradition has continued to this day with grilled sausage, the star of barbecues.

These Amazons looked so much like dragons that there is no doubt about their species. They were reptilian like all the former gods.



The revenge of the Patriarchs

We can understand the fear of the new dominant, male only, determined never to leave the slightest power to these female bitches. The 4m high Amazons have long since disappeared, but the sexism of the males perpetuates a misogyny without nuance. And I’m not just talking about yesterday in distant countries or exotic lands. It is still visible here, in Celtic soil blessed by goddesses and cherished by druidesses.

For revenge, as soon as they gained absolute power, the patriarchs began by erasing as much as possible the long reign of the goddesses. They have masculinized them, as we will see in the next paragraph. Yet a careful reading of the ancient myths soon revealed the scheme. Thus it is not Zeus Jupiter who directs Terra, but his wife Hera Juno. Zeus is just her prince consort. He is too busy dredging females of all species, as a good chauvinist pig relieved of the overwhelming responsibilities of planetary administration.


Thor, the North Zeus

Thor, the Scandinavian god, has a magic weapon, a hammer that throws lightning, capable of destroying armies and fortifications, but also capable of rebuilding the ruins. It is undoubtedly some technological weapon, whose distorted memory was transmitted to us by the myth.

Thor, for some authors, would be a Nordic avatar of Zeus: no wonder if he masters lightning. Thor in my opinion never existed. I consider him to be a male avatar of the mighty Hathor, from whose his name was taken. He is the macho ego facing the reality of an all-powerful goddess. For this reality became unacceptable.

Think! A woman more powerful than men, inadmissible privilege! In addition, she masters lightning and thunder, and she reigns over Terra-la-belle as the undisputed empress. In his time, little guys just had to behave, the Matriarchs outdid them by far. Some recent ethnological discoveries have shown that Neolithic warriors were women.

Beyond shame the patriarchs have crossed out, corrected, modified, masculinized everything, so that our most eminent researchers have forgotten that the first skeletons of hominids are female like Lucy the African.

The tragedy of Africa is that the African people have not sufficiently entered into history. (Nicolas Sarkozy)


Men? And women then? Not only does our mini Trump state a counter-truth, but he is misogynist on top of it!



Hathor, the mother goddess

As can be seen in the previous image, Hathor is not human. Not completely. His eyes and ears betray his true origin. Hathor is reptilian, to me doubt is not allowed.

Goddess mother of the Egyptian pantheon, Hathor is the wife of Horus son of Isis and Osiris, of which she had a divine son, Ihi or Ihy. The father-mother-child family nucleus is a trinity found in the Celts and Vikings. It predates the Christian trinity, wobbly and homosexual.

The black virgins still found when ploughing the fields could well be his, or that of Isis holding Horus on her knees. A family affair in short; which has nothing to do with fake Mary, mother of improbable Jesus.

Eminent researcher Jacques Bonvin has produced the essay Vierges Noires, la réponse vient de la terre. “Black Virgins, the answer comes from the earth”. This beautiful book succeeds in never assuming that if these virgins were black, their skin was. In the same way, in India, no Buddhist can admit the real reason for the frizzy hair on the statues of black Buddhas

The most difficult way to change is to accept to change way. Hathor was reptilian, as such she can reproduce without male, which is not the case of Mary: she is human, thus a mammal. That crap is another myth based on authentic facts, which the unscrupulous have so so adapted for a gullible public.

The goddesses and the former gods, those of Egypt in particular, had in hand an object that did not leave them, the ankh I mentionned already. Another weapon with the same characteristics as all those present in mythologies. These divine populations certainly had enough to defend themselves. And to enlighten our long ago ancestors


Gods arsenal



Ancient kalashnikov

By comparing myths, we quickly discover that lightning is a universal weapon, the kalashnikov of the gods, if you will. The vajra or thunderbolt evokes a laser gun, a lance-ray. This deadly ray could resemble lightning, including the thunder that the blow made.

They are presumed vajra: the thunderbolt of Zeus, the hammer of Thor, the Egyptian ankh, the weapon of Marduk (above), the aegis of Athena, the crowns of Osiris, the xiuhcoatl of the Aztecs, and of course, the original vajra, that of Indra, rendered harmless by Çakyamuni the historical Buddha.

A legend gives the secret of his invention. Behind a mystic-magical dress, it reveals a great truth to the one who interprets it correctly.


Creation of the Vajra

Lightning, or vajra, is the weapon of the god Indra; it was originally lightning. A legend relates the birth of the vajra, weapon of weapons: the gods had entrusted all their arsenal to the first ascetic, Dadhichi. He kept it faithfully for a long time, then wished to return to his practice. Using his powers of yogi, he dissolved the weapons in water that he aims. 

Shortly after, the Asura Vritra came to challenge Indra. The latter then came to take back his weapons, to discover that they had been absorbed by the ascetic. Immoling Dadhichi was the only way to get them back. Encouraged by Dadhichi, Indra reluctantly executed it and made the vajra with his spine.  

The extraordinary circumstances of its manufacture allowed the god to obtain victory, for it happened that Vritra had obtained from Shiva the promise that he could only be killed by an exceptional weapon, made of a matter different from that of the usual weapons. Besides the fact that its power is unparalleled, the vajra cannot be misused and always returns to its owner.

Indra’s vajra can come in different forms, such as a circle with a hole or a kind of cross. In the Rig-Veda, it is a club bristling with multiple points. According to a Buddhist legend, it was Çakyamuni who turned the weapon into a peaceful tool by bringing the tip of the spikes closer.” (Wikipedia)




Beneath the fable

With Buddha, the mortal weapon became gentle and healing… The legend says that Buddha brought the points of the vajra closer, thus transforming the lethal weapon into an instrument of healing. Since then, the Buddhist vajra has become one of the main religious objects of Tibetan Lamaism.

So we have two recognized uses for the vajra, first it is perceived as a weapon, then, by the grace of the Buddha, it becomes a sacred object, adorned with a ritual function, without us clearly knowing what it is used for.

What great truth has been crystallized in this myth? Undoubtedly this one: the vajra, or ankh, or lightning was a “weapon” of hand, of the type laser or lance-rays. Sometimes the rays were deadly, sometimes beneficial.

That is why, rather than a weapon, it is better to speak of a tool; for the ankh could either repair or destroy. It probably used atmospheric electricity, which the ancients called ether, also called geo-energy, or vril energy.


Those famous powers

This brings us back to the famous powers of the third eye of the Cyclops. Evil eye, it could kill. Good eye, it gave awakening or healed wounds.

We all have this terrible power and this wonderful gift. For we are the children of the gods before us. These existed. They were not made by the desire of men, nor by envy, nor by the thirst to dominate.

They were not perfect, or infinitely good, or even frequentable to some. All gods are unique, except those who are iniquitous. There are many of them, which is not surprising. Look around. Tell me what you see.

The good God is a fake invented by a cake. The holy spirit is yours, clean it well. Take great care of it, it belongs to you. Do not believe those who do not clean theirs. They will not go far. They will die alone. To travel without brakes, you must sow what it takes.


The Atlantis Ankh

Just as the cross is not a Christian invention, there are reasons to believe that the Ankh does not come from the Egyptians. This particular cross is an Atlantean heritage. Like the cross, the ankh is present in the early civilizations linked to Atlantis.

Calixtlahuaca, the current Toluca, has one of the most mysterious objects discovered in Mexico. Monument 4, says the altar in cross, shows an incredible similarity with the crux ansata, the Egyptian tau, the Ankh

This is only surprising for specialists. Others already know. Our Egyptologists, without imagination and very ignorant of pre-antique customs, have classified the Ankh in the category of symbols. Symbolism is a recent invention, a cream pie, a permission to mess around, a garage lane praised by the weak-minded.

The ancient gods who taught our ancestors were quite realistic and pragmatic. They were wild beasts, our ancestors. Why did all the ancient gods not leave their Ankh? They are always represented with an ankh in hand.




Damn symbolism

Who would do that with a symbol? A symbol is worn on their clothing, like a badge or a rank. Or on a piece of jewellery, around their neck. But having it constantly in hand is a real embarrassment when you have to monitor or even subdue warlike primitives.

On the contrary, what kind of thing does a cattle keeper always have with him? Oh my Lord, you are my shepherd.

Our Egyptologists are endowed with a poor imagination. They have been kept in ignorance of the pre-antique mores by a stupid teaching, castrating by blindness. So they put the Crux Ansata or Ankh in the symbol drawer. A drawer full of forgotten wonders, like the basement where the museum keeper handed over the lost ark found by Indiana Jones.

The effort would be too great for the memory to come. The modern world has adopted such a reductive vision of the past that nothing seems to be able to restore its true greatness. Symbolism is a recent invention that began to be used when we no longer understood anything about the past.

Very soon I realized that what we were taught in textbooks had a provincial side – unimaginative, lacking air. (Hubert Reeves)

Similarly, anthropologists have buried many ancient texts in a drawer marked “myths”. These are descriptions that one does not understand if one remains in the dominant thought. Legend, from the Latin legenda, means that deserves to be read. On the contrary, our superficial age neglects the legendary corpus that scholars make fun of. The purgatory of myths is a vast catch-all where accredited researchers stack texts or artifacts that do not fit their narrow vision of the human past.

If the Ankh was only a symbol, why would all these gods have it constantly in their hands? A symbol is worn around the neck, as a belt buckle, or embroidered on the dress. What you always hold in your hand is a handgun.



Death or awakening

As a rule, figurative hieroglyphs and ancient frescoes are not symbolic representations, but real images of superior technology. The vajra of Indra or the lightning of Zeus did indeed launch lightning sometimes beneficial, sometimes deadly.

On the temples of Egypt, the god Horus-Ra, a man with falcon head, does not wear the double crown like his father Osiris. Horus the master of Ra, who is not our star but the Great Sun of Hyperborea, has a disc of red gold floating on his skull. And if we study the image, we see that this disc is surrounded by a blue snake. This disc has nothing of a symbol, its action is concrete and visible: from this disc come arrows that go straight on this or that character, as can be seen in the image that follows.



Ra Hyperborea

Horus gives Dame Taperet the only gift she needs in this state: awakening, enlightenment, her ticket to eternal life.

Obviously, master of Ra Hyperborea Horus had a falcon head, blue skin and affinities with reptilians, hence the snake around his orange ball. An acting sun, a healing machine, a device from an advanced technology that is still inaccessible to us. Horus Ra commanded his fireball that obeyed him, as the magic crowns obeyed his father Osiris. The Ra ball darted its rays on those that the god wanted to reward or punish. The ray is flowers to enlighten, or arrow heads to kill.

This god had a ray-throwing weapon. Was it lightning technology? Or was it something like lightning? A device using the power of quartz crystal, as in the modern laser? A mix of the two? Something else, beyond our reach?

The goddesses and the gods before were not gods in the modern sense. Instead of a single god, they were very numerous. The sacred texts of ancient India, vedas, upanishads, stories like Mahabharata or Ramayana, treaties and sutras evoke a divine population of an impressive size. Thirty thousand gods had come from heaven on Terra. Elsewhere, it is several million.

The Egyptian tradition ensures that these gods reincarnated at regular intervals to help humanity in distress. The Hindu tradition confirms that. If they were reincarnated, then they were mortal.

Apollo was the driver of the Conquering Sun’s chariot. Horus was the master of Ra, the captain of the mother ship Hyperborea. Just like Atlas was the captain of the island Atlantis ship. Black reptilians of skin, they obeyed the great Goddess and earthly avatars, the mother goddesses Isis, Hathor, Hera, Astarte, etc.

Whether called Horus Ra or Ram or Rama, this superman was not a god, but one of the princes of the previous civilization.



Egypt of the Lion




The Incas worshipped the Sun of Hyperborea, the reptilian gods that inhabited it, hence the many snakes in the image above that faithfully reproduces an ancient codex. There are also two different skin colors: the golden complexion of the Indios on the right, and the brown skin of the Blacks on the left.

The gods are always hungry, never get enough / And this is death and death ever renewed. (Georges Brassens)



America of the Serpent




When the flying dragons have conquered America



Many the pitfalls of complacency.
Carlos Castaneda