Thundering Yahweh


The Bible? To keep the faith, do not read it. As the biblical books unfold, the image of Yahweh evolves over time. Quite a lot! The first books describe the god of the Hebrews as an Elohim. The Elohim were seven males, each with his goddess. So fourteen gods-goddesses. Yahweh is therefore a god among others, and not the One God. He is also a master of lightning, in which he does not differ from the other former gods.


The Oldest Living God

Yahweh is therefore the Elohim who cares for the Hebrews. He does not seek to rule over the whole planet, just over his chosen people, Israel. Then Elohim YHWY specializes: he becomes marshal of angels. In charge of the armed forces. An ideal position to plot against Baal, the supreme god of Terra and Hyperborea. What he does. He wants to take the place of the God of gods.

Like the vizier Iznogoud,see below how he’s no good Yahweh wants to become a caliph instead of the caliph.



The plot seems to succeed. With the death of Rama, Yahweh attained the coveted status of one god, that of the Mesopotamians, the Romans, the Greeks, and then the Christians. He eventually supplanted Baal Rama, the former master of Terra. Before passing away on a lonely mountain, Rama had reached a record age of 4,000 years. That’s twice the average life of the former gods.

Rama has used many drugs to do this, and so has Yahweh. He could break Rama’s record by going over 5,000 years old.  The bad tongues say that he adds 1000 years by pure coquetry. He looks so young for his great age! Yahweh may be very old, but he will die. He is not immortal. No living person is immortal. Some smart kids have tricks to prolong their existence: potions, elixirs, magic potions, youth water, lustral water, jade water, Violet vital water… But they’re just playing overtime. The net is in place. Whatever they do, they’re going to have to go through it.


Tesla Tower

Then he reigns on this planet with the mixed results we know. And his lightning that he continues to serve us free of charge pro Deo, we can’t use the energy. Every second on this ball of energy that is the Earth, lightning strikes millions of kW/h of pure renewable energy to infinity. It is not used because it is free. Like static electricity, it does not run electrical meters. Since it is not marketable, it does not interest anyone. Enough to cry! 

The famous tower of Nikola Tesla is another example of CCCcapitalist cupidity certified  of the type: money means happy, no interest in free. Oï oï oï ! He was convinced it is possible to send wifi energy and electric power, just as we do now with weaker waves. A small detail : this static power doesn’t run electrical meters. No money to earn! His project to build a tower on the eastern coast of US to send power to Europe generated no enthusiasm among financiers.  What’s the point ??? The Wardencliffe tower has been forgotten before its birth.  

Today, Tesla the Forgotten makes the good days of a car dealer. Enough to forget him even more.


“The storm of enemies is rolling around me the waves of death. In great danger, I call Yahweh, I implore my Elohim. From his temple he hears my voice. Then he breaks the sky and descends. The earth trembles, the bases of the sky tremble with it.” (source)Psalm 18 attributed to David

David says that Yahweh is his Elohim. As I said in the intro, the fourteen Elohim are not unique gods. First ambiguity concerning the status of Yahweh. Who is he? God of the gods or Marshal of the Angels?

The “bases of heaven” refer to the mountains and point to the thrones of Solomon, those high points by which one could gain the domain of the gods, which the Romans call Hyperborea the island in the sky. If you are interested in high platforms, I do not want to repeat myself here, I refer you to the thrones of Solomon. It is the ancient habit of climbing a steep slope and then flying away that gave the Mount Tabor that is heard Goes on board. And who provided NASA with its Latin motto, Per aspera ad astra, by climbing to the star.



Riding the Cherubim

Riding the cherubim, he takes flight on the wings of the wind. His aura shines, his lightning bursts through the night. Yahweh makes his voice sound and sound. He comes down on top of me and catches me. So Yahweh saved me from my terrible enemy.” (source)Psalm 18 attributed to David

For Catholics, a cherubim is a naked baby angel, a cockerel in the air and buttocks in the wind, who decorated the churches, near the altar to distract the parish priests. It’s hard to imagine a god, God Capital, straddling a cherubim. There are limits to pedophilia. It’s obviously something completely different.

In the Psalms, everything evokes the fantastic. The appearance of the facts is such that without a decoding grid, nothing is understood. We admire the omnipotence of magicians fallen from the sky. The inexplicable creates the myth. As soon as we find the right reading grid, the mystery disappears and the absurdities fall one after the other.

Cherubim (kerubim) are not angels, as is often believed. They are flying machines called kerubim. They use high platforms to land and take off. Hence the truncated pyramids and the arase mountains, the thrones of Solomon.


Human Locusts

“All of a sudden, in an instant, Yahweh of armiesYahweh Sabaoth comes with thunder and earthquake and a great noise, with the wind, the storm and the flames of a devouring fire. At his sight, the frightened enemies tremble like locusts.” (source)Is 29:5-6

Yahweh, from the sky on his flying machine, sees humans the size of locusts. The throne on which it is perched designates the anatomical seat of its kerrubim. The kerrubim is a transparent bubble. When the kerrubim arrives, you don’t see the flying machine, but just a pilot sitting on his throne. For them, it’s obviously magic. An incredible demonstration of magical power that forces our ancestors to admire. Newcomers are all-powerful gods! They come from the stars!!! They fly on thrones!!!!!!!!

When the technology in question becomes commonplace, admiration no longer rests on nothing… If we keep in mind that these are developed supermen, the former gods lose their mystery and every detail of the biblical descriptions takes on a new, clear, even obvious meaning. There was a missing grid, the one I propose in these pages seems to me worthy of attention. Myths tell the same story everywhere. I had the intuition in me since childhood. The SF and the comic have deluded on Greek mythology, I thank these brilliant authors who paved the way.


Lightning Master

Modelled on his alter ego Zeus, I thought Yahweh was using a weapon comparable to Zeus’ lightning. A high-tech electronic tool, capable of throwing lightning bolts that kill, others that hurt, paralyze, sleep, awaken, others that cauterize wounds and make them disappear from the flesh, others finally that transforms man into a god. Yes, I became convinced that these techniques existed. The former gods mastered them and used them all the time. In India, this magic tool is called vajra. Only some gods can wear it. In Egypt, it’s ankh. In Scandinavia, it is Mjöllnir, Thor’s sacred hammer. The list of these powerful gadgets would be endless.

But Yahweh has even better. He has the secret of capturing lightning. The former gods were first and foremost the masters of lightning. The original gift belongs to the Cyclops, who master the fire of heaven as that of the underworld. In the furnace they forge terrible weapons. They passed this power on to the new master of Olympus and Terra, Yahweh Zeus.

The prophet Jeremiah saw how Yahweh brings storms: “When he gives voice, it is a roar of water in the sky. He raises the clouds from the end of the earth. He produces lightning for the shower and pulls the wind from his reservoirs.” (source)Jeremiah 10 13

To develop such power, a ray lance is not enough, even of the power of the Ark of the Covenant. You have to know how to build lightning traps.



Gardener Yahweh

The trees of Yahweh are full
The cedars of Lebanon he planted;
this is where the passerines nest,
on their tops the stork has its lodging. (source)Psalms 104:16-17

What? Yahweh would have planted the cedars of Lebanon? How strange… In Sumerian legend, Gilgamesh says that these same cedars from Lebanon were planted by Enki for his personal use. Must we conclude that Yahweh and Enki are only one? On the way to the one god. By bringing together mythological gods, I will eventually reach monotheism…

It’s still curious these gardening gods. Of course, terraformers did all the work on Earth. No doubt about that. But when we see the Lord Almighty God of the Universe cultivating geraniums on his balcony, we think that he may not be what he claims.



Funny story than ours. Funny people we are. Devious and gullible, perverse and good-natured, sublime or placid, the human gets from the Angel as from the Beast. Especially from the beast. For a long time, we were mocked in the name of God, and no one laughs at it anymore. Holy shit, it’s time to make an end.


As you say. The End.


What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics.
Nikola Tesla