Advice to the Flying Astral


Flying Astral my dear friend, keep an eye out, and the good one. The third. On the lookout like never before. Tomorrow, new moon. That is to say no moon at all. Invisible. The Moon Watchers will be able to watch us come and go. Never mind, Google is doing the same.

In astral, take care. Be aware. Beware. Nothing dangerous, but something particular is coming. Tomorrow: New Moon — ie no moon at all. Invisible. The Watchmen on the Moon will be able to watch us go and fro. Unnoticed. Never mind, Google too.

My flying friends who give me the honour to guide your ride, after difficult beginnings, after reliving previous lives, diffused memories but which may have given rise to some phantom pains, here is your big day. A no-moon night is a great opportunity for all the astral travellers.

Today I’m out, don’t expect any personnal answer since I’m far from any wifi. But I continue to emit, relax. And I scheduled this post because I have this important notice for you all. Tomorrow, January 13, is the new moon, ie moonless night. The experiences and feelings that you may have will be marked by this astral event. From the next day, January 14, we will be in moonrise. The positive will prevail in everyone, and our astral walks will allow us to fill up with this precious energy. Then I expect many emails from you all!!

This astral intensity will increase in power until the last day of this cycle, Thursday, January 28, when we will welcome the Full Moon. We’ll talk about it again, but let me tell you that this second cycle has it all. Many of you will experience this mind-blowing phenomenon – and yet all that is mundane.

Astral travel is well known to all. But it is only your body that knows the music. The head stays out of the shot. Clear consciousness shines through its absence. It happens while we are sleeping, it is very vital, it allows us to regenerate ourselves, to draw the astral confidence and the energy it brings, but the mind – the ego – does not know nothing about it.

We call that dreaming, we do not understand anything, we do not believe our dreams and we are right: their content is profoundly modified by our brain, which believes it useful to spare us experiences that do not fit with waking life, the ordinary life, the wearying and hopeless life that this sad end of kali yuga imposes on us.

My communication will be short, I don’t want to deflower your experience with information that will clutter your head – that I hope you will keep empty. The less the mind is called upon, the better you will perceive the other world and its wonders.

Have fun tomorrow. I look forward to your report.

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There are two histories: the official history, lying ; then the secret history, where are the true causes of events.
Honoré de Balzac