Astral Workshop, 2nd Cycle

This page is intended primarily for participants enrolled in the second astral cycle. But everybody can enroll as all amateurs are welcome. Last year I launched this initiative to allow everyone to experience body exits, conscious astral flight and astral encounters. The result exceeded my expectation, and the astral flyers are there next to me for the second round.

1st cycle report

Several articles have already mentioned and commented on this operation, which I warmly recommend you to carefully read: Scalar Practice, Astral Scalar, Conscious Astral Flight, Astral Flyers, and Astral Encounters. The first flying astral have come a long way, but nothing stands in the way of new ones joining them. Their learning will be facilitated by the supervision of the elders.

The recommendations that I give here are therefore valid for the old ones as for the newcomers in the astral adventure. First point: astral travel is not a family walk. Yet the group is your family, and the funny walk is more of an exploration. These collective expeditions will not be immediately accessible to new participants. They will first have to accept the impossible: yes, you can fly. You can exit your body and be conscious. Yeah, you’ve been doing it every night forever. Yes, you can do it. No, you are not aware of it. So you don’t believe it.

The whole problem is there. One of my old articles is essential in this case, do believe and don’t. If something seems hard to admit, it won’t happen to you. You must admit it, therefore believe in it. But how incredible, you have to believe it … without believing it. Read the article cited in link, you will understand how to handle this easy trick. This is essential for fruitful participation.

2nd cycle start

First, you have to register. All the info is here. Then, the scalar meetings will be at the rate of three or four per day, lasting at least 40 minutes, and will not take place at fixed times. From Thursday January 7 until Thursday January 28, full moon day. We will benefit from the moon rise for the duration of the cycle, which is very favorable.

Why are the dates random? It is about testing your own abilities to perceive the astral plane. If you’ve never done it before, it’s not difficult, you just need to be alert to your body’s signs, anything out of the ordinary. I was objected that it would be easier if specific appointments were given, that would allow to prepare for it. Yes and no. How in this case to take the part of the imagination?

Auto-suggestion could be a game-changer. Evaluating your astral fluidity would be impossible. You could then become discouraged for lack of conscious results. Hence the random appointments. It is not impossible during our email exchanges that we come to fixed appointments, but for the moment my priority is to restore the confidence of each one in his possibilities of subtle perception.

I know it will work. Why am I so sure? Because a curious phenomenon, quite unexpected, manifested itself during the astral experiences of the first cycle. What I am able to do you are gradually becoming able to do as well. Even if you don’t have complete confidence in yourself. How it works ? I suppose the proximity creates an effect of communicating vessels. The vector of scalar waves, which I have described as the waves carrying love, certainly plays a role in this. In any case it is so. What I do, you can do too. It’s automatic.

I would like to present this phenomenon to you here and share my thoughts on this subject. This deserves some comments, because it is a discovery. Perhaps a major discovery. Until now, we had argued the opposite.

And never in my previous astral explorations had I encountered the communicating vessel effect. Or rather if. But only within the framework of a romantic relationship, both carried on the wings of a mad love.

Here again, it is unconditional love that gives A 432. It is that open love who weaves the bed of bundles of entangled scalar waves. It is unconditional love who unrolls the images, the astral sensations and the awareness. Bring your love for all, the rest will be given in addition.


As long as the participants are aware, any astral connection makes it possible to synchronize my being with the other beings of the connection. There is then an exchange. And the participants effortlessly acquire a higher level of consciousness. The exchange is a transmission. As powers are the key, we could even speak of initiation.

It is about a total synchronism which seizes then each one. In your life, some details change. Your food tastes. Your openness to others. Your points of view, your feelings. The negativity evaporates, the joy begins to rain gently, until the day it floods you. This is up to you.

When I say that the participants do not have to make an effort, I am unfair. The effort lies in the acceptance of the phenomenon, and in the awareness that one has of it. Do not censor any of the (thoughts, ideas, images, sensations, smells, tastes, sounds) that come to you after astral travel. And give me the exact list. The more precise your list, the more valuable your help will be. For others as well as for yourself. Be careful though. I said well after the trip. During astral flight, do not encumber your head and summon your mind, that unfortunate ego that has nothing to do with it. In astral, think of nothing but live intensely what is happening to you. And tell me. It is essential to write to me, every day if possible — but only one email per day please. It’s not just something I’m passing on to you, it’s a balanced exchange.

You have crossed the door of the Dream. Here you are in the fight for light, here you are on the verge of freedom. Both of you have become astral flyers. Now you know what’s going on, your self accepts the reality of the phenomenon, nothing prevents you from reliving it from time to time. If you want some insight on this particular point, you can read Astral Travel User’s Manual.

The scalar emission

My role is that of initiator, of astral flight monitor, of coordinator of subtle energies but above all, but first of all, my role is that of transmitter. I am emitting something very special that I call a polarized scalar wave beam. Whatever the sinuosity of their course, these waves obey a total synchronicity which makes them seem to form a single wave, capable of carrying several astral bodies. I guess subtle matter is involved. They are polarized by the transmitter, they are a priority vehicle for the passengers.

The beam of polarized scalar waves FOSP forms a bed like that of a river, where the flying astrals of our group will be able to nest. It is this nest, or this astral vehicle, that relieves you from providing the enormous amount of energy of conscious astral flight. Normally, you were already practicing astral flight during your sleep, you needed all your energy for that and the consciousness, a big energy devourer, was then disconnected. This is no longer the case. You are aware.

Take the opportunity to invite your total awareness, your utmost attention, experience this first flight as intensely as possible, it will go well. I watch over it. Then, after a few more flights, your deep consciousness, what I call the power of the belly, will have registered the way to fly, and you will be able to do it without me.

If you can fly in consciousness, you will consciously unite the two halves of yourself, your two antagonistic selves. The cat and the dog. Endless annoyances. Reunification is needed. fed up with using only such a small percentage of our real capacity. Let us believe in it, and we will be. Doubt is fruitful when it gives faith, and sterile when it paralyzes. Cultivate the vital momentum. Run ahead. Try to get there before you do.

The coordination

Coordinating our energies, or to put it better: tune into a single frequency, this is what you do, what we all do together during astral flight. Those of you who are aware of this understand what it entails. You and I are like two connected computers. Everything in one is accessible to the other and vice versa (screw to that.French gag lost in translation)

We did it during the first cycle. I have no doubt that this fabulous synchronism will be repeated during the 2nd cycle. The Astral Flyers of the First Cycle have all experienced this fusion – even if some do not know it, they will regain their memories. The memory of their astral experience will come back to them. Let them write me the details of their discovery.

We each have a unique and particular point of view on this first adventure. It is absolutely necessary to continue recording and exchanging the data that I will post here, with respect for anonymity, for the common good and the edification of all.


My father was like God: busy elsewhere.
Winston Churchill