The Mind Flip


Thanks to the mind flip, you will be aware of your dreams as you live them. Thus acts the perilous leap of the mind. Quadruple salto. Your consciousness awakens when you sleep. You see everything that happens. Three steps in the unconscious. For life, for the moment, you merge with your double. It guides you through the incredible twists of the astral. The perilous leap of the mind allows you to explore the land of dreams. Cave of treasures! The best part of yourself manifests itself when you sleep. Look inside yourself.


Horus Chamber

The Chamber of Horus is a mythical room that contains incalculable treasures from the depths of the ages, a true gift of the Gods. Apparatus of all kinds, machines, precision instruments, crowns and other radiant objects, weapons, anti-rad armor, filter masks, thermal shields, surgical equipment, computers, vehicles and on walls covered with shelving, countless treatises and memories encapsulated for eternity. The aether was not there. Everything will speak.

We still have to set foot in this famous room, untraceable and yet difficult to hide. At least according to the hermetic rumor that this room would be gigantic: not less than a cubic kilometer! Quite the volume it takes to store billions of years of scientific, philosophical, spiritual, magical, technological, artistic knowledge… A 1 km³ time capsule filled with all the wonders inherited from the former gods!

E.P. Jacobs, father of Blake and Mortimer and great initiate, was the first to throw this pavement into the pool of my mind. When I was 12, thanks to Edgar, I caught the virus. Since then, my inspired readings have made me bounce back on older authors, classic or ancient, who evoke this splendid hiding place, without necessarily calling it Horus’ room.

Scoop! Sixty years after Edgar’s revelation, Japanese researchers have reportedly recorded on their sonar the presence of a very large underground chamber under the Giza Plateau. We are talking about a cubic kilometre!! Everything agrees, like the square of the same name.

Prominent Zahi Hawass, Doctor in Egyptology Sui Generis Per Se, expert in the Performing Arts and Techniques of Illusion, has led an expedition under the Great Pyramid a few years ago, which ended in failure. Cruel shortfall. No possible film. The vast caves his team found were flooded by the underground Nile… Is that true? The Under Nile is a reality, but what about the underground chamber? Have they found anything else? Is there anything to find? I don’t know, but I use that term, the Chamber of Horus, to refer to gifts that come to us from who knows where, secrets that we discover in dreams, and puzzles that keep their mystery.

The House in You

Let the Egyptologists search the sands of the Sahara feverishly. Your quest does not pass through there. This treasure chamber is in you. Seek it. The only way: mind flip. Find it first. So? How do we do it? Vicious or virtuous circle? 

Try, you’ll tell me. The only thing that matters is letting life go, not listening to the fears crunching your head. Don’t project yourself into a future that will never happen. Don’t regret a past that won’t come back. Go and change it instead. Run and give it a makeover. Fly as the wind flies in the feathers of past time. Take the time line this morning just to try to reach a more mild weather. Shoot a dry blow on the line and trace your route through the improbable catalogue of lost time. It sleeps in you. Do not hesitate to awaken it, it will offer you its wonders. If you believe in it, your sun will shine. If it has faith in you, it is your safe. Take comfort in this armor.

All past and future treasures sleep in the folds of time. Take a time iron to iron time. Admit that everything is possible in the liberated mind. Learn to feel stronger, deeper, more lasting. And you can leave the marked path.

The need raises new organs of perception. Man, increase your need to increase your perception. (Rumi)



The Flight of the Wolves

As you know, I proposed a new astral flight program, the Flying Wolves. The pack has already proven itself. After a month of daily flights, we needed a pause to draw up an initial assessment. Some Wolves feel ready to fly without witnesses, I encourage them to continue alone, delighted to erase me. The astral adventure is an intimate visit to the most wonderful museum in the world: yourself. Once you have been shown the door, it is up to you to play. Others want to continue the work of the pack. There are also newcomers who are registering, eager to experience this adventure of a new kind.

The matter of dreams is very real, as many Wolves can attest. Since the end of the previous cycle, I have received messy e-mails. The constant of your mail, I would say, is wonder. You can’t believe it. Figuratively, that’s what it means. For you have all come back perfectly, whole, intact, with perhaps a flaw of light where you still see the wonders of the astral. And you have seen wonders!

The most delicate thing is to be discerning. To be able to remember the dream without dressing it up in disguises drawn from ordinary experience. The world of the astral is delicate. Everything is true, but nothing coincides with daily life, real life. Quite unreal in my opinion. But well, I’m forced to use everyone’s words to be understood by everyone. Not just by a few.

To remember yourself, take your momentum. Ready for the perilous leap of the mind? Vigilance! Overcome the trap of evidence.

The Weapon of Doubt

You hear that ten times a day: It makes sense. Just look! It’s obvious. You can’t go wrong. Crystal clear. Damn it! Sure. No doubt about it. It’s evident.

Well, no. The evidence is often misleading. What pops in your eyes makes you blind. You confuse James Joyce with Rolls Royce, you think the moon is made of green cheese. Watch your eyes! Yet you let yourself be fooled easily. You have to be stupid to miss an obvious fact, you will say. You will be wrong. The obvious comes with the delicacy of a Russian tank. You have to be stupid to accept without thinking. Believe without believing, again and again. Even when it’s true from real, you never know, you check. Check everything. It’s a shot to take, it becomes automatic.

The weapon of doubt is part of the arsenal of the light-seeker. The famous fox of the twentieth century who seeks light … And then the fox dies. Look for the light without it. If it dazzles you, mistrust. Reject the evidence precisely because it is obvious. Look for the little beast. The wrong detail. Use your common sense. Distrust! You are in a deceptive world. In a predatory universe. You are just a pawn in a gigantic game that is infinitely beyond you. If you do not use all your weapons, you will be eaten alive. Because you didn’t believe him. You have to believe. But without believing…

Don’t waste your lives, you only have seven. And six of them are virtual. If you destroy your physical body with drugs, piercings, tattoos, synthetic fabrics, junk food and shit, there is no second body at your fingertips. To change bodies, you have to reach a stage you are still far from. Don’t even think about it.



This is the way out!

Now if you want to give yourself the means of this inner adventure, a new Flying Wolves program will start soon. It is possible to register now.

Yes, soon the Wolves will be back. It’s scheduled for April 26 and it will last until June 8. Thirteen nights of discovery and madness, without any other risk than not remembering it in the morning. What does not last! If you feel ready for the big adventure, if this gloomy world weighs you down and suffocates you, or if you want to perfect yourself, change your air, breathe in your lungs in a really restful sleep, come take your flight with the Wolves. As often as you like, share your dreams with me. I’ll help you decode them.

Very simple. You pour 20€ on the donation form of the site specifying Loup Volant, and as soon as you receive my answer, you can send me back a photo of yourself taken the same day. That’s all.

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We are all unique, but a majority is quite numerous anyway.
Stef Kervor