Astral Scalar

A second cycle of the scalar practice workshop begins. We will experience conscious body exits, through scalar waves. There will be meetings in the sky, experimental astral flight, and you will discover or rediscover a whole lot of new sensations.

First cycle review

The first cycle collected the thrills. There were seven of us, sometimes eight. At certain times of the day, I would emit a beam of scalar waves, and everyone had to try to recognize the effect, note the time and report the effects to me by email: emotions, physical signs and subtle feelings. .

At first I was walking on eggshells, not sure where all this could take us. I was prepared for any eventuality, putting the safety of each participant before the thrill of adventure. I was forced to refuse two candidates for astral flight who tended not to follow the instructions. However, and as I hoped, there was no inconvenience, nor any unwanted encounter. Everything happened like a dream … conscious!

Here I am leader of shuttlecocks. This is what I call my companions, the astral-flying. Participants in the first round of scalar rapes can of course register for the rest of the program. But newcomers will be very welcome to expand the circle of astral-flying.

The registration conditions are the same as for the first cycle, you will find details here.

Your quest

The first cycle benefited from a surprise effect that I also wish for the new ones. I will therefore remain silent on the details of our day or night escapades. You will find some reactions below which do not deflower the subject, but which will still allow you to get an idea.

In fact, the emission of scalar beams is the vehicle in which the astral group can evolve. This program never takes place at regular times. It can happen at any time of the day or night. If it’s nighttime, you don’t have to write down the time. Enjoy the experience, live it through, and then, when you wake up, write down what you remember.

Your feedback is essential. By comparing the report with my own memories, I am able to guide, correct false impressions, encourage awareness. This adventure of which you are the hero is first and foremost a game, but a game which has considerable existential significance. Of course, we have fun, we laugh a lot, I can assure you that. The intoxication of discovery is an indescribable emotion.

Your astral gate

Those who have practiced conscious astral flight know what I am talking about. They think like me that there are no words to describe it. They know as well as I do that these are fleeting, evanescent sensations, which quickly evaporate on contact with ordinary reality. It is therefore useful to write down all your feelings -after the flight of course- just as you remember them when you wake up. These notes serve as your astral gate when you want to return.

This adventure is also a quest. The journey we have made towards understanding subtle mechanisms, recognizing our true nature, seeing our destinies clearly, and other inner discoveries make this experience much more than a distraction, captivating as it is. The quest is a powerful engine. The spirit of quest galvanizes our energy and makes us capable of feats.


The first astral-flying represent a precious capital for the continuation of the operations. They could be referents for newcomers. I hope they will be keen to participate in this new cycle. Of course, nothing mandatory. Just a happy wait. How can I say? I’m sooo happy for you all!

I felt an impression of theft. I then saw swirls of cubic lights floating in the dark. I remember telling myself that it was very beautiful. Thanks for setting up this experience! RG
There are unexplained things going on for me …. I recognized my experience in your article 🙂 and the solution is therefore to inhabit my body. NB

Despite the difficulty, the feeling that overwhelms me during these exercises makes me feel good. I will continue to work on astral consciousness until you get back to us. Thank you so much ! PB

I feel your presence and your work on my astral body. Alternation between the physical body and the astral body in flight. For the flight, it’s still brief but it happens at the level of the 3rd eye I have the impression. It seems to me that I “saw” you pulling on threads. AC

The first time I was driving, I felt like I was in two places at the same time. Being busy made me aware of it. The other times, I was at home, I posed and I did nothing else … GL

I had a feeling of impossible lifting and of being tied like velcro … Tenacity 🙂 with a mind and thoughts that let go: it makes me laugh all alone … if not laughing in consciousness in astral with you. IN

I was holding reins that pulled me and wanted to get me off the ground. I consciously decided to use it as a swing by throwing my legs up to the sky and I had sensations when the swing came back to the ground. KR

Looking forward to this experience.VL

You communicated your experiences, you were able to show me your gratitude, in return I ask you to help those who are going to embark on the adventure. Your testimonials, more than ever, will be very valuable for the new steering wheels.

Astral Flyers

The cool side should not make you forget about caution. I have been experimenting with scalar practice for more than three years with an international group, there have been many exchanges, I have drawn many articles from them that I invite you to read carefully. I give the links below. They represent valuable experience, and will give you detailed insight into scalar practice.

However, this scalar group was not intended to experience body exits and astral flight. This is the subject of another group, which I called the practical scalar workshop or ASP. The participants have the pretty name of flying astral. Might as well clearly announce the color. I ask those interested for a real commitment. The astral world is a terra incognita in front of which the greatest respect is required, and the greatest caution.

This is why I follow up in the field, astrally with the group, and by email, through daily exchanges. This imposes a great availability on me and supposes a good dose of energy. Also I must ask for a registration fee, pledge of the seriousness and the will of the future member. The sum is minimal, everyone is free to give more, but my point is elsewhere, as my most loyal readers know well.

With this small donation, I am not looking for fortune, but a simple balance. Details can be found here. In any case, you can contact me using the contact form at the bottom of each page.

If you are ready to get involved in this experience, please read the following articles for your safety: Scalar wavesScalar GroupScalar attitudeThe Energy Of LoveLight In Your BrainSoul AdventuresScalar HealingRemote HealingLife Comes From The HeartScalar ActionTime To LoveScalar Waves And Me

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