Tiki Is Enki



About 2500 BCE, a god called Enki has left Sumer to overseas lands, said Sumerian myths. About 2500 BCE, a white god got to the Andes, coming from the East. He was a good god, he taught everything to the wild people living there. Don’t you think the two are one?

In one of his impressive works, Anton Parks gives us the etymology of the name of Enki, the creator god of Sumer. For Parks, Ki denotes the third planet of the solar system, ours, planet Earth. Enki belonged to an extraterrestrial people called the Anunna. Those of them who came down earth were called AnunnaKi, the Anunna of the Earth.


From Enki To Tiki

In the same way the name of En-Ki [in-earth] means the one who entered Ki, i.e. the depth of the earth. Indeed, it remembers how Enki, driven by his so-called brother Enlil, took refuge in the underground world of the Abzu. Or what story the Andeans tell us? Their bearded white god came out of the depths of a lake. He was called Tiki. Ti means house, city, such as Ti-Huanaco, the sacred or divine city. Ki is the earth and the depths from which he emerges and in which he will return at the time of departure.

Tiki, Enki, it is tempting to think of one and only God. Moreover, evidence pointed at ancient communication between America and Sumer. Sumerian Glyphs were found on a Bolivian Artifact! “The Fuente Magna bowl was found accidentally by a worker from the CHUA Hacienda, property of the Manjon family located near Lake Titicaca about 75-80 km from the city of La Paz, Bolivia.

A controversy arose about the cuneiform script on the Fuente Magna. Dr. Alberto Marini, translated it and reported that it was Sumerian. After a careful examination of the Fuente Magna linear script, Dr. Clyde A. Winters determined that it was probably Proto-Sumerian, which is found on many artifacts in Mesopotamia.

It is believed that the Fuente Magna was probably crafted by Sumerian people who settled in Bolivia sometime after 2500 BC. The Sumerians used seaworthy ships that were known to sail to the distant Indian Subcontinent, thus able to cross the Atlantic ocean. Some Sumerian ships most likely made their way around South Africa and entered one of the currents in the area that lead from Africa across the Atlantic to South America and thence to the Pacific Ocean.” If it is admitted that “Sumerians who settled in Bolivia sometime after 2500 BC” why not Prince Enki?

Inca legend says Tiki appeared out of Lake Titicaca, precisely where the Fuente Magna was discovered. Enki was a Sumerian god, and Sumerian myth is clear on that issue: while Enlil and sons were attributed the land of Sumer to reign over, their rivals Enki and sons were attributed “overseas land” called Amenta.

33It was sometimes translated Egypt, but in fact Amenta is the Egyptian name for “the Land of the Dead” which lies westbound overseas, and was sometimes called the Land of SunsetEnki has left Sumer and Europe under the responsibility of Saddam Enlil – the Great Satan, ie the Administrator and not Sheitan the devil as we have been led to believe.

Meanwhile, using the underground passage, Enki went to the Americas where he began to start a sister civilization. Enki is a founder, a pioneer, while his so called brother Enlil represents the second generation, the developers, who are afraid of the pioneers – their father. To everything there is a time and a season to every purpose under heaven, the Bible said.

I do not know if this scenario is correct, although very likely. But I know that the gods Enki and Tiki are one and only person. Similarly, one might think that the Aztec god Pacal Votan is an avatar of the Germanic god Wotan … if they are not a single character.



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