Iron Age



Open your eyes, open your ears, do not stop learning. Here comes this age of yours, the Iron Age my dear friends, and everybody knows it’s not a picnic!

You have enjoyed the gigantic Gods of the Golden Age, you shuddered with terrifying heroes of the Silver Age, the various apocalypse did not discouraged you. On account of your desire to know, you met the Bronze Age warriors, you crossed the age of Aries and the first global empire, on the wings of Atlanteans UFOs. What dreams you still expect in the better known history of the Iron Age? What mysteries could hide so close to you? Much more than you can even imagine.

Everything you learned in school is to incinerate. Progress is an illusion, and the alleged superiority of our time is but to cheer the ignorant. Everything that is small, everything that is low, everything that restricts your greatness and dims your pure light, all this is called the Iron Age. You have to live right now – you choose to beforn your birth – deep in Iron Age, in the reign of vile, superficial and devouring nothingness. The task is daunting, but if you are here, you can cope with it. Accept with panache, this Gauloise gravery. 

All ages have sought enlightenment. Ours is no exception to this quest. The origin of the western iron age is that of a religion, Judaism: Moses and Solomon in search of superhumanity. Then comes the religion of Christ, whether he is called Jesus or Constantine. Love replaces enlightenment. But the Druids remember, Merlin at their head. Rome will never come to the end of the Celts. Then the Empire strikes back with the Templars. Private police, army, bank, hospital, tour operator, sacred builder, what else?

The Templars have reinvented all, even the Old Religion. Will follow the wars of religion, the pious massacres, the religion of money, of mechanical progress, of dark thoughts and celebration of the fear.

Here we are, deep in the iron heart of this sad age. Ifever aliens are seeing our planet at night, they may figure a big beautiful diamond out, glowing of wealth and easy life. But if they look closer, they find a fake diamond out of millions of lonely people.


Killing Machine

This gathering of miseries, dirty injustices, rapes and murders is so good for our public image in the universe. Hallelujah! Too many machines and gearings…

So we can hear people say: “When we had no machine, we had powers. But why should we make any effort, now we have machines all around?” This thought shows a good image of what we call iron age, that sad Kali Yuga where we still belong, alas! Waiting for the golden age, which takes its time.

 Please note that human mentalities have to change a lot before it can come back. When we achieve eden on Earth, golden age will be here… Let’s be patient! Even the present crisis did not manage to awaken us. It may take a hundred years more. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the iron age. If we can? According to shivaites, Kali Yuga is the worst age, when coarseness replaces subtlety, when matter dominates spirit. During this age, all values are reversed. Humanity is entering the Tarot arcana the Hanged Man


Elite people are corrupted while good people stay away in the dark.


Another Age Coming

In Mahabharata book, lord Krishna said: “I can see another age coming, dominated by barbarian kings, a broken and perverted world, men with a short life, with hair whitening from their 16th year, small men, without strength or courage, and very harsh, fucking with beasts, perfect whores, whose mouth is used only for love, with sterile cows and barren trees, no more flowers, no more purity: it is a world of ambition and fakeness, Kali yuga, the dark age…”

Ambition. Falsehood. Trade. Down to the lower level of materialism, we are fed up with consumption, comfort, common bullshit that we won’t take with us after life: have we all forgotten that a shroud has no pockets? This is not how you figured out life when you were a kid. “We are all sentimental / Thirsting for an ideal / Attracted by stars and sails / Things that are not commercial” Alain Souchon, is another Arthur Rimbaud that would not become weapon dealer. It’s time to dream of stars.


During the transition, dreams can come true. Nightmares too 

United On Earth. The new world will be what we will made.


Let’s say the truth ever since the Lie is constantly widespread and by many: in the press and books, school and university, and everywhere it exerts its influence.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe