Jason On No Man’s Island


“While Jason and the Argonauts dock on the island of Lemnos, they see on the shore women in large numbers to welcome them. But no man, young or old. Jason did not react.
The Hero is draped in an ample cloak – Minerva’s gift, which she had given him when she worked on the plans of the ship Argo, helping Argus to adjust the ship dimensions. The brilliance of the coat seemed the sun. The bottom was red, and on the purple coloured edges were represented different topics with infinite art.
Were seen the Cyclops ever occupied with the same work, producing a lightning for Jupiter, whose brilliance dazzled the eyes. Was missing just a last ray while the other rays already extended under the blows of hammers, amidst a whirlwind of flames.
Were seen too the two sons of Antiope, Amphion and Zethus. Near them was a city that was not yet crowned with towers, it was the city of Thebes they had laid the foundations. Zethus carried a mountain on his rocklike shoulders and walked with difficulty, bent under the burden. Amphion near him, sounding his golden lyre, was followed by a rock twice the size.
Venus was represented hand resting on the shield of the god Mars. His loose tunic falling to one side on her arm leaving out some of the womb – image still repeating on the polished brass shield.
Further we see rich pastures among which the son of Electryon pushing the Teleboens who came from Taphos to remove their flocks. Equal fury anime fighters on both sides. The grass is stained with the blood mingling with dew, but finally brigands won.
Nearby two chariots were racing. Pelops shake vigorously the reins of his horses. The second was led by Myrtilus. Near him Oenomaus, raising his spear to pierce his conqueror, fell on his broken axle.
Then we see Apollo in a tender age, piercing with an arrow the rascall trying to drag his mother away. This is Tityus, son of Jupiter and Elarus.
Finally, the coat showed Phrixos listening to the ram that seems to speak to him. Seeing this, one is struck with astonishment. One lends an ear to hear, and in the meantime, is amazed.
adieux-jason-hypsipyle-200poSuch was what Jason received from Minerva. He took a long javelin of Atalanta which had been given on Menalus Mount.
This young heroine would then walk itself to the conquest of the Golden Fleece, but Jason dissuaded, fearing that her beauty would charm the Argonauts and excite discord among them.
In such attires, Jason was approaching the city, shining like a bright star. On his seeing the doors opened wide.
Iphinoe led him through a beautiful portico in the apartment of his mistress and made him sit in front of her on a richly decorated seat. The young queen looked down and blushed at first sight Hero:
“Stranger, she said, this town is not inhabited by men. They went cultivate the fertile plains of Thrace. When my father Thoas ruled our citizens, they sailed once more to go ravage Thrace. they returned laden with booty, bringing with them all the girls they could remove.
It was a trap Venus held out. Soon this treacherous goddess them plunged into such blindness that they abandoned their legitimate women to throw themselves into the arms of their captives. Traitors ! An infamous race began to grow, legitimate children were despised.
God finally inspired us the necessary courage. One day they went to a new incursion in Thrace, we closed them back to the gates of the city, they go settle elsewhere with their captives. They took the road to Thrace, where they live today.
Do not be afraid, O stranger! to mingle among us. I will say, if you want to fix your home here, the scepter of Thoas awaits. You will reign over a country that can not fail to please you, because our island is the most fertile of all those that bathes the Aegean Sea. Go and find your party, let them know of my offers and do not stay longer out of this city.” Thus spoke the queen of Lemnos, hiding with address they had massacred without mercy all men of the island.
Jason replied in these words: “Hypsipyle, we receive with gratitude the aid that you offer us so generously. As for the scepter, it remains in your hands. Fate leads me away from these shores, I fly to the fight that it prepared for me.”
adieux-jason-hypsipyle-200poSaying these words, he touched the hand of the Queen and went right away. A crowd of girls accompanied him to the gates of the city shouting their joy. Some time later, they rode on tanks which contained gifts of all kinds and reached the shore when Jason finished telling his companions the Hypsipyle speech.
The girls engaged the Argonauts to follow them, and the boys let themselves easily lead, as Venus -to please Vulcan who would soon see his beloved island populated with new inhabitants- had herself given rise to that sweet desire in Heroes hearts.
Jason returned nearly Hypsipyle, and each of his companions followed that gave him the chance to guide. However Hercules and others, spurning offers from Lemnian women, remained near the ship.” (Source)http://remacle.org/bloodwolf/poetes/falc/apollonius/livre1.htm
This Greek text is quite late – Apollonius of Rhodes -author- lived in the 3rd century BCE, while the events he depicts back, for their part, around the 10th millennium BCE. Do the math: Apollonius is 2,300 years older than us, while he is almost 8000 years younger than Hercules and Jason!
Therefore, unlike in older texts, such as Saiva and Hindu scriptures, will be sought in vain description of guns, flying machines and other signs of electrical or electronic technology. Do not see the result of a conspiracy. This is an oversight. Not just an author oversight: all humans, at that time, had completely forgotten the cutting-edge science of the former gods.
The law of oblivion is relentless, then and now, here as elsewhere, its work is done. I think the memory could not come back to us before we ourselves mastering these technologies. This is what allows us to recognize and identify these technologies when they are mentioned by the ancient authors.
My sagacious readers have already noted, behind the words of Apollonius, the evocation of a technological reality. The description of Jason coat keeps my attention. Zeus got his weapon made by the Cyclops, forges and electronics leading specialists. They mastered the laser technology, they could curb the power of thunder, so they were called Masters of Lightning.
Zetus and Amphion, to build Thebes, use their strength of giants, but also a sound technique to remove the gravity out of stones – this technique represented by the music of a flute. Why not ? Remember the trumpets of Jericho … A sound can break crystal and walls, other sounds have other effects. This is the subject of Sonology.
Go ahead, look for abnormalities in these old myths, track anachronisms. Soon the game will become reflex, and will open for you the Wonderland path.
Now. This page shows another hidden truth. Will you find that? Look around, the solution will be given shortly you in a new page.
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