Mountaintop Cities



Nestled along the Andes cordillera, on the Altiplano of Bolivia and Peru, stand seven ancient cities, built in giant stones, the Mountaintop Cities.

As their name suggests, they are located in high altitude: so they could ecape the Flood, they were only licked by the ridge of the tidal wave.

Even their names make us dream: Cuzco, Tiahuanaco, Quillabamba, Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, Urabamba, Macchu Pichu. Buth there are other ones.

We assume that the number seven has been chosen for its symbolic value. Or rather to evoke the legend of the 7 Cities of Cibola, the mythical Atlantean cities engulfed into South American jungle.

The official version claims these Mountaintop Cities are the work of the Incas, but official versions are often myopic. In the time of the Incas, they were already very old. 



Their distant builders have made them indestructible. Built with gigantic blocks inextricably paired, they have held against winds and tsunamis. These megalithic fortresses were the shelters and laboratories where the pre-flood elites have prepared the post-disaster revival… There, sheltered behind cyclopean walls, these supermen had carefully stored human genetic material, but also animal: it could be the hidden meaning of the myth of Noah’s Ark, which is universal: we could even find the trace of an Iceage Noah! The same precautions had been taken in other high places of the globe, also possessor of human and animal DNA, and seeds: iranian mountains, Mount Olympus, Mount Sinaï, Himalaya, etc …

Thanks to their construction techniques, the Cyclopean walls have been able to weather millenia and disasters without falling in ruins.

Their gigantic size made them safe from the demolition workers, always eager to cut stones. Even earthquakes have spared them.

The builders have used huge blocks carefully cut, polished, fitted together without mortar and secured by dovetail joints.

Some of these blocks outweigh a hundred tons and contain more than thirteen asymmetrical edges, forming a real 3D puzzle. 




Shelter from the Flood

What gigantic creatures were able to build those giant enigmas? What superhuman power has allowed this miracle? As archaeologists often noticed, but never explained, these huge blocks “fit together so closely that a blade cannot be slid into the gap.” 

And neither the scientists nor the guides could advance any explanation for this incomprehensible miracle. The solution, of course, is not easy to imagine.

“The dovetail assembly of these blocks moreover creates a mutual lock that makes them earthquake-proof.

And indeed the numerous earthquakes that devastated the Andes in recent centuries have not broken down the perfect fit of the blocks whereas they have destroyed twice the Spanish cathedral of Cuzco. 

Even more incredible, they are not made of local stones. Testimonials say the blocks come from quarries located in Ecuador, 1,500 miles away!” (source)David Childress, Technology of the Gods

The most stunning is the inconceivable fortress of Sacsayhuaman. New archeologist and author David Childress could not get over it. Nor did I.




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