Noah’s Rainbow



If a disaster should fall on us, it will not be a flood this time. At least if we believe Noah and his ark built by order of Yahveh-God.

That is what the Bible tells us, but the story seems to be universal. We will see later that the same legendary pattern is found, with some variations, through the five continents

When this flood happened, eight millenium have passed since the Great Flood in 125000 BP. For now, let us ask the biblical Noah. After fourty days and fourty nights of rain, after the waters’ rising and the episode of the Ark, Yahveh appeared in front of Noah and made him a promise: “No more disaster!” But he soon changed his mind: “Next time, it won’t be Water, you got my word! You’ll have Fire.” So, in order that Noah keeps a good impression anyway, and that the Humans remember his promise, Yahveh gave Noah a sign of light. The less He could do. 

This sign, which appears after each rain to announce the return of the sun, is a magnificent natural phenomenon: the rainbow.

A famous Negro spirituals sang this episode: “God gave Noah the rainbow sign, no more water but fire next time” The disasters are linked, but are never the same.

One time, it is water, another time fire, and then earthquakes and tsunamis, and then falling down stars, then locusts, then tourists, jellyfishes and pig influenza …

Seriously, Yahveh only said: “After water, it will be fire.” One thing is certain: the date of 4500 BP – that of the biblical flood – is often cited as a time of various cataclysms. Many floods have followed over the rising waters since the end of the ice age and the first flood.




Around 4500 BP, these local floods have increased. Immanuel Velikowski thinks a comet came close to the earth at that time, causing great troubles, and his thesis deserves our attention. The same causes produce the same effects : these disasters have occurred, they recur. 

In ancient times, the old Egyptian priest said about the same thing to Solon,  Plato’s ancestor, in Timaeus

Men are blockheads and have a short memory: cataclysms harass them and yet they forget them. How is amnesia doing its work? The phenomenon was already well known in ancient Egypt.

“While you and other nations are just beginning to be equipped with a culture and other elements required for a civilized life, after the usual interval, the stream from heaven, like a plague, pours and leaves only those of you deprived of culture and education; and you have to start again as children and know nothing of what happened in the past among usin Egypt or among youin Greece.” (source)Plato’s Timaeus. This is an Egyptian who speaks here to a Greek, Solon

Millenia have passed since Noah, but his ark sill fascinates people. Like this soaring Dutchman, who made a life-size replica of the Ark, according to the dimensions given by the Bible.

What immediately raises the question: how this huge thing was moving? Neither the masts nor the oars were included in Yahveh’s instructions. 

So? Was this a propulsion using mercury, MHD or Ark of the Covenant? This would explain this curious similarity of name. It seems that Noah has not revealed all his secrets… In the Bible, there are two “devices” which are carefully described by God, the dimensions are very precise, the materials and the assembling are detailed, lacking only the assembly plan Ikea. One of these devices is a boat, the other a magic chest. These two devices have the same name, arch. In French, at least. In English the spelling is different but the pronunciation is the same: Arch of Noah, Ark of the Covenant.

This can not be attributed to chance, because everyone knows that chance does not exist. Jews are fond of numerology and sacred calculations. Between Talmudists and Kabbalists, the dimensions of Noah’s Ark have been the subject of many studies, all definitive, all obsolete.




For me, the instructions have already revealed many things: if God does odd jobs, he has a physical body, therefore he is mortal. If God explains, he is therefore an engineer. This brave Noah would not have been able to build an ark that size without the instructions of a real naval architect: God himself. 

In addition to be an astronaut, a geneticist, a farmer, a makeup artist…  

The adventures of God are the adventures of Man. They are all here, in Eden Saga.

As for the Ark, some say it is nicely placed on the summit of Mount Ararat, Turkey. Amateurs archaeologists did not found much. Maybe they should try another mountain, where the ark awaits quietly in the pasture.


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Karl Marx – Friedrich Engel