Tomorrow’s Dwarves


July 21, 2200 — The Directory of the Two Hundred Nations has advanced the date of the Great Letting Go by three years. If the preparations for the GLP progress at the same pace, it is in two years that our humanity will leave its cradle to sail towards the Big Dipper. Our small successors will then be 2 million, male and female. A number deemed sufficient to start the new cycle. At first, the Land Guides will be there to help them, as planned.


Return in 2023

It will be the sixth of the name. Or seventh, the accounts are blurred in the depths of prehistory… Ours is not the first, far from it. There have been others before us. We are heirs, not pioneers. Dwarves on the shoulders of giants. The previous humanities were of high stature, even of very high stature: the Cyclops did not measure less than 50 meters! In the middle of their forehead, a third eye could launch healing, awakening or destructive rays. With this third eye, the cyclops could kill their opponents more than a kilometer away.

These giants with three eyes could well be the first human variety. Mastering thunder and lightning, they were gigantic superhumans. Then came other varieties of humanoid giants, including frankly inhuman reptilians. But we inherited some of their genes, as our reptilian brain attests. What they were, we have within us. Their memory is intact, encysted in the depths of the collective unconscious.



We are dwarves on the shoulders of giants. The Bible says it, that’s the truth. Dwarf you are, giant you will be. This word resonates in the deep body. Listen to this voice. It reveals your omnipotence. As long as it resonates, the societal ego goes mad. He is afraid. He feels his last hour coming and rebels, he struggles. He rushes into the stretchers with the energy of despair. Who watches him becomes Mat. And Mat, he reigns over the Self that incarnates in him. A Buddha detaches, loosens, unties, frees, disengages, dehumanizes. Free and frank, it goes straight ahead. All roads lead to Compostela.

Hold on to the tenuous thread of your hidden memory, which is that of our species. You pricks. But the pricks wake up. Is there still time? Can the absurd and derisory world that we have shaped, that we have soiled, that we have soiled still wake up? Will we survive it? Will we die of its beautiful death?

Jesus said, I am not your master because you have drunk. You have drunk at the bubbling spring where I have drunk with moderation. (Gospel of Thomas)

True sages are those who give what they have, without malice and without secrecy. (Heraclitus)

We will live, Uncle Vania. And in our old age, we will work for others. And when our time comes, we will die submissive. (Anton Chekhov)

… For life is a lost good when one has not lived as one would have liked. (Mihai Eminescu)

Blessed are the forgetful, for they will also overcome their stupidity. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

The only difference between a madman and me is that the madman does not know he is mad. (Lao Surlam)

As soon as the individual feels, the community is on a slippery floor. (Aldous Huxley)

Nice sky, true sky, look at me changing (Paul Valéry)

I don’t know what weapons will be used in the third world war, if any. But the fourth will be settled with clubs. (Albert Einstein)

Je ne sais pas quelles armes seront utilisées pour la troisième guerre mondiale, si elle a lieu. Mais la quatrième se règlera à coups de massues. (Albert Einstein)

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern. ― William Blake

You will only see clearly when you look inside. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. (Carl Gustav Jung)


The Later Dwarves

We can predict what will happen when this humanity passes its turn. It has happened several times in the past. For Hindus and Lamaists, this process is known: it is detailed in the Vedas. Our humanity is about to leave. Before then, it will create a new human variety of very small size. Why so small? So that the Earth is for them a very large playground. Mineral reserves too small for us will become sufficient on their tiny scale. For the same reasons, and despite the scarcity of arable land, they will feed easily.

Thus the newly created humanity will find an almost inexhaustible abundance of goods. The new golden age will begin. It has always been so since the first supermen, the gigantic cyclops. And each time, some specimens of the previous humanity stay with the new ones to transmit them a maximum. These great ones will become the gods of the little ones after.



It will be the same next time. Some of our children will stay to pass on. They will be far from their peers, their parents, their friends, but their task will be rather rewarding: the elves will adore these kind giants, and the clever little ones will understand that they owe us everything. These wise men will become the druids of a new religion, the worship of the great before. They will learn that we built their first houses. For our children on Terra, the worship they will be subjected to risks becoming a hard drug. The temptation will be great to pretend to be gods. To lie to them. To tell them that they created all the mess. It has happened in the past. Some of us are still suffering the consequences of their big lie…

Error is human. And the gods are humans like the others.


The Former Giants

Our children will have nothing divine. They are human, nothing else. Certainly much larger than the Little Ones After. But size does not matter. They will use their know-how, their machines and their enormous knowledge. But the technique does not matter. Nothing divine, I said. For grown-ups like us, it’s nothing to care for the little ones. Their dollhouses are easy to build. The guides will go even further. They will rehabilitate our old mines with passages adapted to their small size, digging new tiny tunnels to exploit the deposits we had neglected.

Our last descendants, giants among the dwarves, will accompany their growth and progress. They will draft the plans of the first mini-cities. They will build them with giant excavators, giant concrete mixers and everything else: backhoes, cranes, spinning trucks, dump trucks, crane trucks, tankers, etc. The giants will feel like they are working on models or theatre sets. The layout will be greatly facilitated.

Our children the giants will give everything, learn everything, explain everything to the newcomers. They will engrave in marble the ideal constitution of any grouping, party, province, country, state, continent, planet. They will show them stars and planets in telescopes of their size. And a million other things that I will spare you from enumerating.

ars and planets in telescopes of their size. And a million other things that I will spare you from enumerating.


The Word Was God

The little men will be more than amazed. Yes, terribly astonished, because these things seemed impossible, inconceivable and fully superhuman to them. They can’t believe to see giants like us come down from the sky in metal birds. They can’t believe that we could reveal so many mysteries, give them so many secrets & skills. A little sage said, In the beginning was the Word and the Word was god. The Word will be the holy creed of a single religion for all the little ones of the earth. Here is the creed: The former gods came from heaven and brought us everything.

A few thousand years later, when the little ones have forgotten where they came from and those who helped them, when the one and true religion has crumbled into a hundred antagonistic and distorted religions, when their leaders have become unjust, hateful and ignorant, their scholars will encounter a profound mystery. They’ll lock him up in dark books, the Holy Books of Before. No little one will ever get a clue.



Holy Books of Before

First Book
Those before shaped the earth for our needs, and when our nests were ready to receive us, they created us, we came out of their heads and they made us grow in jars. These vases were transparent, like those before them who were pure and without blemish. May they be blessed and each one praise them.

Second Book
Those before could fly in the sky and in the sky above the sky. They could cross the most impassable seas, they could sink into them without drowning. They had flying houses, swimming houses and diving houses. They could also go into other elements. Let us glorify these wonders.

Third Book
When a fire ravaged the plants and villages, those before arrived in the sky riding large roaring insects. These bugs made the noise of a billion bees, but they did not give honey. They just urinated on the fire and soon the flames became smoking debris. May their mighty masters be honored in the centuries of centuries.

Quarter Book
When we needed food, they brought us a huge amount, enough to feed our families, our children and our grandchildren. The delicious and rare victuals were distributed to us by abundant horns mounted on wheels. They had glass doors on the sides, through which we could see the delight they promised, and when these windows opened, a pleasant freshness enveloped us, even dissipating the heat waves. Let us give thanks to their holy name.

Quint Book
If thirst decimated our cattle, if our dehydrated children waved their cracked lips feebly, and desperately waved their parched hands, The gods before us sent trucks rivers and rainy insects so that this calamity moves away from us and our families. Thanks to their good care, our cattle no longer died, our children regained a smile, our skins regained their softness and their beautiful color. Praised be they for eternity.

Sixte Book
The Little Men are no less men than the Giants of Before. To help us believe this, they have created animal varieties on our scale. In the old days, only one of their cows could have easily drowned our greatest cities just by urinating, and his daily milk could have fed all the infants of the same cities.

Septime Book
The former gods have given us something to grow in strength and wisdom. They recommended we multiply, but we still did not understand how. We only learned to multiply the numbers but it makes us a good leg. Let us pray that they will give us the grace to reproduce ourselves, for it would be too sad for our world to stop for want of little ones. Our little ones are our little ones, amen!


Ultimate Book
The gods before us made in their image, except for the size because they were excessive, and except for the color, because they were of all the colors except ours, the blue skin which was that of a race disappeared at the very beginning of their time, a superior race that by the grace of the gods before became that of our protectors and models. Let us always strive to be worthy of the gift they have given us, illustrious and magnificent among all the gifts they have given us. Let us pray to my sisters, let us sing to my brothers, keep quiet, children.


Between the Septime Book and the Ultimate Book, there are seven thousand three hundred and forty eight Most Holy Books that I could not fit here for lack of space. They are on sale in all the good booksellers of the Petit Monde. To get them, go to planet Earth, from the year of grace 2233 of our era, date of the first edition.

2233 of our era? Yes, our little successors kept our date. To honor us. They believe that this date is the birth of a prophet! Their guides hid from them that it didn’t begin at the birth of the prophet Jesus, but at the foundation of Rome.


“We owe everything to our powerful masters the former giants. May they be blessed and may our Father Saint Peyo be glorified forever.” (Little Ones)


Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words.